Lowe's Brad Walters


ISM Episode 26: Lowe’s Home Improvement’s Brad Walters on Smart Social Media Strategy

Lowe's Brad Walters

Lowe’s Brad Walters

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s Brad Walters, Director of Social Media and Emerging Technologies, is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues.

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More About This Show

First off, I could have talked with Brad for hours because Lowe’s is one of those brands that just “gets” social media.  They’ve done an amazing job.

They win lots of awards for their work as they’re always doing cool things and trying new ideas out. Have you seen their Vine videos?  Really fun and creative stuff.

In my discussion with Brad, we dive deep into setting up a social media strategy for your business, whether large or small.

And, if there’s one common theme throughout today’s show, it’s choosing a social media channel that aligns best with your business and focusing on that one channel.

You’ll hear that we cover a lot of strategies and tactics that Lowe’s uses, but that are also super relevant to us small business owners.

These are strategies and tactics that you can go and implement for your business as soon as you’re done listening to the show.

That’s my challenge for you today.  Take one strategy you learn from the show and go and do it…today.

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In today’s show, you’ll learn:

  • Being a retail brand, how Lowe’s leverages social media to sell their products.
  • We learn about their use of Vine videos.  We go into how they do the videos, why they’ve created the ones they have and how we small businesses can do the same.
  • We dive into their Pinterest strategy, something we haven’t talked a whole lot about here on the podcast.  Lowe’s has over 3.5 million followers on Pinterest and they have a really smart strategy with it.  And you can take a similar approach for your business.
  • Brad gives a really cool real-life case study example of how a local pizza shop uses Facebook. (I loved this story.)
  • And we talk about a whole lot more, like I mentioned, I could have talked with Brad for hours.

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Real-life small business Facebook case study that Brad discussed : Salty Caper Pizza in Salisbury, NC

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Model Lowe’s Social Media Success 

  • By giving value to your customers, by inspiring them with your content, you’re going to be top of mind for your customer when they are ready to buy.
  • LinkedIn is a great place to stay on top of trends going on in digital marketing and social media.  Their news feed is very relevant to businesses.

On Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Business…

  • Starts with your goal, then you can figure out how social channels might be able to help you achieve that goal. (sound familiar??)  
  • Make sure you leverage the right social media platform for the message you’re trying to get across.
  • What platform is most appropriate to your type of business?  Are you visual?  Are you a cooking school that might want to share recipes?  Use what you do in your business to make decisions on which social channel(s) you should use.

On Creating Great Content…

  • Inspire, empower, promote conversation between you and your customers.
  • Tell a story, provide value to your customer

On Using Pinterest for Your Business…

  • Since it’s a visual platform, they use it to drive inspiration rather than using it as a product catalog.
  • Use rich, appealing images.  The image should tell the story of what you’re trying to get across.
  • Great platform for allowing people to discover different aspects of your business.  When you inspire your customers, it pulls them closer to your brand.

On Using Vine Videos to Market Your Business…

  • Think about the kind of tips you could give that are relevant to your business.  Could you create fun 6-second videos to distribute those tips?
  • If you think Vine might be a platform you want to use, and you’ve already been putting out other forms of content, start by looking at what gets the most engagement from people.  Could you amplify what has already worked well for you?  
  • Be timely and relevant with your content.
  • Lowe’s stripped screw vine video link

On Where Small Businesses Get Social Media Wrong…

  • Many businesses feel they HAVE to be on a certain platform, like Facebook.
  • Take a step back and really think through the platform.  Which one can you spend some time on that’s most appropriate to your business.
  • Maximize that one platform for your business.

On Using Social Media to Generate Awareness and Retain Customers…

  • Share your business’ unique attributes on your social media platform.
  • Utilize it to push information out about your business.  
  • What do you have as a small business that people want to hear about?  Be consistent in how you tell the story of your business?
  • Which of your products do people like the most?  Talk about them!