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Major Changes to How You Set Up Your Facebook Ads!

There have been some important developments in our world of Facebook advertising recently.

Just when you may have been getting comfortable with Facebook’s Ads Manager, they’ve made some major changes to how you set up your ads.

Some of you may have noticed that within the past week or so Facebook started rolling out a new version of the Ads Manager, called Ads Creator.

Facebook Ads Creator is now set up as a “work flow” and is broken down into four sections that are centered around the objective of your campaign:

– Set-Up
– Targeting
– Objective
– Pricing and Scheduling

You’ll need to have an understanding of each of these sections to set up your ads.

I’m creating a video mini-series that breaks down each of these changes for you.

These videos will be short so you can take in each change and not be overwhelmed with everything all at once.

In Part I, I take you through the first section of Ads Creator where you begin to set up your ad.

Here’s the link to Part I:


From what I can tell, not everyone has the new Ads Creator yet.

Personally, I have this new version in my personal account, but not yet in my business account. So, if you’ve not yet seen the new version, you will shortly.

Big Differences

The first section is where you set up your ad.

It’s very different in that you first choose what external website, Facebook Page, App, Game, etc. you want your ad to be for.

Here’s a screenshot of the first field you’ll see:

The next prompts you see depend on the destination you’ve chosen.

If you’ve chosen an external website, you’ll go right into creating your headline, ad copy and choosing your image.

If you’ve chosen to promote your Page, App, etc. you’ll get a different set of prompts.

You’ll be able to choose what exactly you want to promote (your whole Page, a specific Page post, etc.) and then how you want to promote it (standard Facebook ad, Sponsored Story ad).

Don’t worry, I take you through this initial set-up in the Part I video:


In Part II of this mini-series, I’ll take you through the exciting new targeting capabilities that were only previously available to big brands like Starbucks or Coca-Cola.

So, be on the lookout for Part II coming very soon!

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the Comments below and I’ll help you as much as possible.

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