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Marketing Assistant

Wicked Awesome Media is looking to add its next rockstar to our team!

We are looking for a Marketing Assistant with some seriously strong social media management skills.

Wicked Awesome Media (WAM) is looking to add its next rockstar to our team!

We are looking for a Marketing Assistant who also has an arsenal of social media management skills.

This is an employed hourly position. Expectation is for 30-35 hours over five days a week and must be available between 9a-4p PST Monday-Friday. This does not mean you’re working these hours necessarily, but you are available if necessary during these hours.

An applicant must be familiar with the online marketing space, strong in time management, project management, and marketing in order to drive brand, offer, and podcast awareness and maximize lead generation and sales.

Additionally, you’ll be the glue that holds our marketing system together, ensuring they’re set up correctly while contributing to improve flow and process overtime.

We’re looking for someone with strong experience in managing and growing social media accounts with thousands of followers as well as creating on-brand social media content and compelling copy to go along with that, and who knows their analytics so well they could do them in their sleep.

During promotional periods (typically a maximum of two weeks at a time), the whole team goes into the all-hands-on-deck mode. This means evenings and weekends until the job is done, and it may even mean doing tasks that aren’t normally contained within the job description of this role. For many, this can be some of the most challenging and rewarding work that we do. We have a tight team and you will be an integral part of it.

At WAM, we don’t hold you accountable for simply doing the work, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know exactly if you’re winning or not.

What this role looks like:

● List-building and community building metrics met by week and by month

● Number of monthly and launch leads met

● Increase in podcast listenership each month

● Launch sales results

● Earnings Per Lead (EPL) increase from launch to launch

● All tasks are completed on time

● Number of Accelerator applications

● Number of Offer to Optimized applications

● Number of podcasts Rick is on

● Increase in quality followers and engagement on Instagram

● Increase in quality leads to our Facebook group

Responsibilities Include:

● Strategize, plan, and execute all social media content and growth strategies in alignment with the brand, podcast, and current offerings in conjunction with the CEO and team.

● Innovatively suggest on-brand, drool-worthy podcast topics, PDF resource topics and more with minimal supervision.

● Create and implement strategies for re-purposing all existing content including podcasts, FB/IG videos, free classes, etc.

● Setup and testing/tweaking of all funnel steps (creating landing pages, connect CRM, write and map emails)

● Listen to The Art of Online Business Podcast weekly, review all our offers, and develop a deep understanding of our current and prospective students.
● Analytics: Constantly tracking and reporting to the CEO and/or project manager on marketing analytics and metrics, making suggestions for improvement based on your findings in these reports.

● Weekly email marketing - newsletter, offer emails, etc.

● Co-direct content for all launches and other conversion events.
Assist social sellers in the Facebook group and work with them on Facebook marketing.

● Own the development of the content plan, create posts, produce images, and publish all social media while collaborating with the team.

● Work closely with the project manager to ensure content is batched, scheduled, and reviewed each month.

Metrics/Success Measured By:

When you come in with the skills listed here, we’ll show you & help you apply them on our team to set you up for success. 

It’s pretty damn cool that we get to work from wherever on our laptops while helping people grow their business and improve their lives. So, finding the fun in everything we’re doing, even when things might seem tough, is our default. And, we don’t take it personally and get upset if someone jumps in to help us out with a project.

Fun/Team Player

We realize that without our customers, we don’t have a business. We realize that our customers are helping us create a bigger impact in the world. We work hard to make our customers feel valued, respected and appreciated.

Service to Our Customers

Our business is one that moves quickly and stuff just, well, can come up that we don’t expect. So we adjust, adapt and move on while laughing about the lessons we’re learning. We believe that everything is possible.

Ability to Adjust + Adapt

We are creative problem solvers and thinkers and aren’t afraid to take initiative when we have ideas we think will help the business. We are resourceful, willing to make suggestions, seek out new ideas while coming to the table with new ideas and are outside-the-box thinkers.

creative problem solver

If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We follow-through on what we say and are doing, we keep to deadlines and see things through to completion. We take 100% responsibility for your actions and aren’t into blaming others.  


You will be in line with our values:

If you’d like to be considered for this role please submit the below, with your assessment results from #2 via email to

(Please include the word “coffee” in the subject line of your email so we know you’re paying attention!)

1. PDF of your resume

2. Take the DISC assessment here 

3. A short video telling us why you think you’d be a good fit for this role (we will not review videos longer than 3 minutes).

4. Responses missing any of the above will be immediately disqualified.

Application Instructions

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