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ISM Episode 23: Lee Aase, Head of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media

August 18, 2013

Lee Aase PhotoLee Aase, head of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues.

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More About This Show

The theme of this show with Lee centers on doing more with less.  Specifically, effectively marketing your business with social media while using little budget.

We discuss tactics and strategies for creating a social media strategy for your business that is less complicated, simple to implement, and doesn’t cost much money.

Lee has done an amazing job in building the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media and shares with us how they smartly use the social media tools that we all have available to us to help people through healthcare education.

I first learned about Lee from Scott Monty, Ford’s global head of social media, and my very first guest on the podcast.  Scott gave a glowing recommendation of Lee and said he was someone we could all learn a ton from.  

I’m honored to finally have him on the show today.

In today’s show with Lee, you will learn: 

  • The mindset it takes to know that you CAN be successful in social media without a huge budget.
  • Lee shares tactics for helping small businesses make content marketing easier.
  • We talk about Twitter chats, something we haven’t covered a whole lot here on the show.  What they are, why they’re beneficial and how you can use them for your own business.
  • Lee dives into Facebook and tells us why he thinks most business should absolutely have a presence there and he gives smart simple strategies for how to get the most out of Facebook.
  • And of course, a whole lot more!

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Lee’s Mayo Clinic Social Media Strategy Tips

  • Think of the social media tools that we have available to us as opportunities for us to communicate with our customers better.
  • If you keep your financial investment in your social media small, your return on your investment is much easier to keep positive.
  • Don’t be afraid to have social media-specific offers for your business.
  • If LinkedIn is a platform where your customers hangout, it might be a good place to share your knowledge and help people. 

On Content Marketing…

  • If you are already doing a printed monthly newsletter, repurpose the content in the form of blog posts or simple videos done with a smartphone or flip cam.
  • Create a YouTube channel to host your videos.  The videos don’t have to be super high quality.  If you’re using a simple flip cam or your smartphone, the low cost to entry means you don’t need a lot of views in order for it to be a success.  
  • Video can be a great way to enhance a personal connection with your customers.  How could you use video in your own business to answer frequently asked questions and thus begin to build a rapport with your customers?
  • Enrich your content by creating written, audio and video versions of it. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process.  Keep it simple.
  • Focus on creating good content.  It demonstrates your expertise and showcases your products and/or services.

On Figuring Out if Social Media is Right for Your Business…

  • Something to consider…43% of senior citizens who are using the Internet are on social media.
  • Run Yellow Pages ads for your business in the past?  You can do so much more with a free Facebook page for your business.
  • Facebook is like the new Yellow Pages for businesses. 

How Might a Small Business Take Advantage of Facebook to Market Their Business…

  • Great opportunity to cultivate the personal relationships with your customers.  it allows you to personalize your business.
  • Be fun, be interesting, talk about other things outside of yourself, curate content that you think your customers will find helpful

On Using Twitter Chats…

  • Chat are organized around a specific topic and are a great way for people interested in that topic to connect.
  • You can Google “Twitter Chats” and find all kinds of chats that are scheduled on Twitter.  Find them on Twitter using the “#” hashtag that’s associate with the chat.
  • Great way to network with other people in your niche, as well.  Review best practices and share stories, successes, failures so everyone can learn from each other.

On Where Brands Get Social Media Wrong…

  • You must be conversational.  Stop selling all the time and engage with people.
  • Just get started with social media.  Spend time listening at first to see how things work.

On the Top 3 Things Lee Would Do to Start Out With Social Media…

  1. Scope out where your customers are currently congregating online.  Do some listening, do some experimenting to see where some conversations are currently happening.
  2. Set up a Facebook page for your business.
  3. Explore YouTube.  Learn to share your viewpoint on video.  It enables connection with your customers and doesn’t cost much money to do.


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