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Membership Case Study: How Hallie Sherman Added $10K/mo With a New Membership

September 22, 2021

Whether you’re considering adding a membership program to your business or already have one and want to grow it, this episode is for you. 

On the show today, I want to share with you a case study of how Hallie Sherman, one of my Accelerator students, added a  membership to her business and knocked it out of the park in her first launch.

Hallie welcomed  almost 500 members in the first 45 days and she did primarily by  listening and taking note of what her existing audiences were asking for.

When you listen to the episode, there are a few key takeaways I want you to listen for that led to such a successful release of the program… 

  1. Research what your customers want and find the gap that’s in your industry.
  2. Take advantage of resources you already have.
  3. Keep listening to feedback and create content based on it.

Hallie’s success didn’t involve any elaborate plan or fancy tools. It was simply asking and constantly creating content based on the needs of the clients (many things we discuss inside of Accelerator)


Check out the timestamps below if you want to jump to a specific area of the conversation as we deep dive into the super successful launch of her brand new membership…

Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction 

1:31 About Hallie Sherman

6:14 What drives her to be an online business owner and speech language pathologist

8:45 How spending less time on your business helps it grow

11:03 Giving a different kind of value to customers

14:52 Ask your team what they need to create your new resource

17:53 The importance of listening to your audience

20:54 Benefits of building your trust

24:48 The system in place

27:01 What did the launch look like?

30:35 If people buy when you go live, keep doing that

34:26 What made the membership special?

35:57 Custom platforms aren’t always necessary

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