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Membership Sales Secrets, with Jason Brown (Replay)

September 29, 2021

Are you undervaluing your services? Do you price them lower than you want to because you’re scared people won’t pay more? 

Jason Brown used to feel the exact same way. Now he’s close to making seven figures, and really only working two hours a week. And today he’s here on the podcast to tell us how. 

Jason Brown is a stock market coach and options trader and runs Power Trades University where he coaches an online community of stock and options traders. 

Not only is Jason sharing his number one secret for selling your membership, but he’s also talking about the growth of his business, how he has navigated increasing prices, and how he has actively shaped it to be a business that he loves. 

Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction

10:16 How Jason’s membership has evolved 

18:02 What the creation of a new offer looks like 

21:16 The importance of charging what you’re worth

24:35 Why Jason decided to stop offering refunds 

30:39 Focus on smaller numbers but more personalized 

32:47 What does their marketing look like

38:56 Show up where your customers are

40:15 Ways to prevent resenting your business 

44:03 Best way to maximize your team without overworking them

48:00 The value of having work-life balance

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