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ISM 033: Developing a Social Business Strategy for Your Business with Michael Brito, Author & Digital Agency Expert

October 27, 2013

Michael BritoMichael Brito, Edelman’s former SVP, Social Business Strategy and current Group Director of Media & Engagement at the W2O Group, is my guest this week on the Inside Social Media podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues.

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More About This Show

Michael came as a recommendation by Taco Bell’s Tressie Lieberman, who was my guest back on episode 27.

She praised Michael for being really smart, someone who knows the social space well and is very well respected.

When I reached out to him, he was the Senior Vice President, Social Business Strategy at Edelman Digital. At the time we recorded this interview, though, he’s about to become the Group Director of Media & Engagement at the W2O Group, which Michael will talk about in the interview.

Michael’s expertise is in social business strategy and he takes us through how small businesses should be implementing such a strategy into their business.

He also has a new book out, which you can find below, that is a must read for big brands and small businesses alike.

On today’s show you’ll learn…

  • The type of content, long form or short form, that’s best for allowing your customers to find you.
  • Michael takes us through, step-by-step, the development of a social business strategy for a business.  You’ll learn the “why” and the “how”.
  • Why it’s easier for small businesses, than it is big brands, to create brand advocates and raving fans for your business.  And Michael gives a great strategy for how to mobilize these advocates so they go out and evangelize your business for you.
  • Why businesses need to think like media companies and the 5 characteristics that make up a media company.
  • Why brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs need to change their thinking when it comes to content marketing.
  • And you’ll learn about his book “Your Brand, The Next Media Company: How a Social Business Strategy Enables Better Content, Smarter Marketing, and Deeper Customer Relationships” and why it’s critical for both large brands and small businesses alike.

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Michael Brito’s Social Business Strategies

On Social Media vs. Social Business…

  • Don’t just jump in to social media without communicating internally about operational elements like building workflow, analytics, customer service management, etc.
  • Having a social business strategy helps a brand effectively communicate externally with their customers.
  • Reach and engage with your customers by having a very relevant and targeted message.
  • Thinking strategically about the content you are sharing, where you’re sharing it, and how you’re sharing it requires strategic thinking internally.
  • Social media cannot be ignored.
  • For creating content, use Contently to hire journalists and influencers to write long-form content for your business.
  • Having an effective strategy is just a matter of finding the right investment.

On Long-form vs. Short-form Content…

  • Short-form storytelling like tweets, Vine videos, etc. is a form of interruption-marketing. These are great for capturing your customers’ attention.
  • The problem with short-form content is that they don’t show up in search. That’s where long-form content comes in.
  • The only way to make sure that your content shows up in search is through long-form content.

On How Social Media’s Affects SEO…

  • The shareability of content affects search.
  • Bing and Facebook have a partnership, so content on Facebook that gets liked and shared a lot shows up higher in Bing.
  • Improve your search rank in Google by sharing your content in Google+.
  • The more platforms you’re in, the better for your content’s search rank.
  • Content should be ubiquitous. Be everywhere and reach as many people as possible.
  • Understand consumer search behavior when creating your content.

On Succeeding with Social Media…

  • If you don’t have a lot of resources – Prioritize. Start with critical mass platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Branch off as your brand grows.
  • Manage your content every day and respond to customer questions.
  • Understand the kind of community and how users are using a particular platform and create content specifically for them. Don’t recycle content across different channels.

On the 5-Ws of Social Media…

  • WHY do you want to use social media?
  • WHAT is the story you want to tell?
  • HOW/WHEN do you want to tell your story?
  • WHERE is your audience?
  • WHO is your audience?

On Turning Followers in to Advocates…

  • Focus on turning friends, fans, and followers in to advocates of your brand. Build relationships with your customers.
  • Use tools to find out how your fans engage with your content and build your advocates from there.
  • Invest in technology like Influitive or Zuberance that allow you mobilize your advocates to talk about your brand through incentives and rewards.
  • Invite your advocates to an exclusive community and converse with them converse with them in an individual level.

On Becoming Media Companies…

  • Be an extremely good storyteller.
  • Push out a lot of content. Media companies push new content every day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.
  • Create relevant content.
  • Be ubiquitous. Be everywhere. Content from media companies dominate the search results.
  • Be agile. Have a content supply chain.

On Being a Storyteller…

  • For organizations to have effective external conversations with customers, they need to first have effective internal conversations.
  • Understand what your business is all about in order to communicate that externally.
  • You can hire anyone to make content for you, but you wouldn’t be telling a consistent story across your channels if you’re not communicating internally.
  • If you don’t evolve in to a content organization, it’s never going to be easy for you to create content.

On Social Media Trends…

  • Visual storytelling – create a clever, interesting story that’s relevant to the brand message.
  • Real-time – create content quickly that’s relevant, recent, and resonates with your target audience. Don’t sit around idle waiting for the news cycle. Create compelling content every day.

On Marketing Your Business…

  • Understand your target audience. Know who they are, what they care about, and what they’re interested in.
  • Understand your competitors. Know what your competitors are doing in the space and find out how you can do it better.
  • Understand what you want to say. Figure out what your story/narrative is.

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