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ISM 045: Why Businesses Can’t Afford NOT to Do Social Media with Michael Hyatt

March 10, 2014

Michael Hyatt

In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, I talk with NY Times Bestselling Author and host of the top-rated podcast “This is Your Life,” Michael Hyatt.

Michael is also the former Chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, one of the largest publishing companies in the US, he was recently named one of the Top 10 Online Marketing Experts To Follow In 2014 by Forbes magazine, and he was also one of Forbes‘ Top 50 Social Media Influencers of 2013.

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More About This Show

I invited Michael on to the show because he brings a unique perspective being that he was the Chairman and CEO of a large company while now running his own small business.

He started blogging and creating content back in 2004 while at Thomas Nelson, long before content marketing was “cool” like it is today, and encouraged his employees also to blog and use social media.

In his current business, Michael focuses a lot on how to build a platform for your business which is also the topic of his bestselling book “Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World.” In this episode we talk a lot about platform building, the role that social media plays in it and best practices for getting the word about your business out.

We also get into time-saving strategies for social media so that it’s not consuming hours of your day.

You’ll also specifically learn things like:

  • Why as a business owner, you can’t afford NOT to be active in social media.
  • The one element that needs to be in place if you’re going to market your business online – even before you do any social media.
  • The steps to take to build an online platform for your business.
  • The best social media tools that you can start using today to help simplify and save time with your social media efforts. The ones we discuss are totally free and really easy to use.
  • Michael’s top 3 things he would do to start out in social media if he was a small business owner with little budget to work with.

Episode Resources

Follow Michael Hyatt on:

Michael’s book (affiliate): The Virtual Assistant Solution: Come up for Air, Offload the Work You Hate, and Focus on What You Do Best 

Michael’s book: Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Social Media Tools We Discussed:

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Insider Show Notes: Michael Hyatt Social Media Strategies

On getting noticed when starting a business from scratch…

  • You have to build your business a home base – somewhere on the internet you own and control.
  • Use this as a place to refer your audience to and where you can create your authority.
  • Deliver dynamic content, rather than just a static homepage like many businesses do.
  • Content is the new marketing – use it to establish your authority and build trust.

On social media’s role in your business…

  • Social media provides an opportunity to let people inside your business, building authenticity and trust.
  • Social media is a great way to simply bring people back to your website.
  • The various social media channels are quickly becoming the new networking opportunities for businesses.

On making time for social media marketing…

  • Rather than treating social media as a something to do on the side, re-frame it as a more effective way of marketing your business.
  • Spending as little as 20 minutes a day can make a huge difference.
  • Choose a time of the week to sit down and get a few blog posts out, allowing you to let out some of your creativity while also benefiting your company.

On sharing other people’s content…

  • Sharing relevant articles to your audience establishes yourself as a trusted authority on a subject.
  • While you’re doing your daily reading, tag articles you’d like to share using something like Buffer App.
  • Schedule your posts over a longer time frame to avoid flooding your listeners with too much information.

On getting started on Twitter and Facebook…

  • You’ll learn much faster just getting involved rather than reading about Twitter or Facebook strategies.
  • With all the free tools out there today, it’s never been easier to get into these platforms.
  • Once you have the fundamentals down, treat this time as a crucial element of your business.

On leveraging outsourcing in the online marketing of your business…

  • There’s been an explosion of qualified virtual assistants in various roles which you can take advantage of.
  • Find the tasks that only you as a small business owner can do, then begin outsourcing the tasks that are left over.
  • By spending money on outsourcing the little things, you will ultimately save money once you factor in the cost of your time.

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