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#146: How a Local Weight Loss Franchise Turned a $300 Facebook Ad Spend Into $15,000

July 19, 2017

I talk a lot here on the show about how if you want to be successful with Facebook ads or any paid traffic, you’ve gotta have the right mindset…  

The willingness to test things out and keep at it even if what you’re doing isn’t working.

That’s what we’re talking about on today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, where I welcome back one of my students, Mike Barnet.

Mike is super passionate about helping local restaurants and businesses grow with Facebook advertising and today he shares a case study of a recent FB ads campaign where he worked with a local weight loss franchise.

They spent $300 on Facebook ads and turned that into $15,000 in revenue.

Not too shabby!

As I mentioned, Mike’s been on the podcast before and if you haven’t heard my first episode with him, check out episode 122 where we talk about Creating Local Business Offers that Convert.

In my interview today with Mike…

What I really want you to take note of today is how the original Facebook ads campaign “failed” and then they changed strategy to try something new.

We also get into:

  • The different types of offers that convert for local businesses.
  • Setting expectations for the results of local business Facebook ad campaigns
  • How Mike and his client were able to revise the copy to make a better impact after Facebook rejected the initial copy on the first ad
  • Why he likes using a branding ad as the foundation of the campaign
  • How to set markers for success
  • And more…

This episode is packed with practical advice for how you can turn things around, and to keep experimenting until you find what works.

It might be said that Mike’s first campaign “failed,” but as you’ll hear he was able to pivot and change his strategy to something new in order to achieve amazing results.

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out Mike’s website: IHeartKitsap.biz

Case Study: Ideal Protein

#122: Case Study: Creating Local Business Offers that Convert with Mike Barnet

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot you’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wall in the process. All right let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] I talk a lot here in the show about if you want to be successful with Facebook ads or any pay traffic you’ve got to have the right mindset the willingness to test things out and keep at it even if what you’re doing isn’t working. And that’s what we’re going be talking about today where i welcome back one of my students to the show. Mike Barnett so we can talk about our recent Facebook ads campaign where he worked with a local Weight-Loss franchise. Get this. They spend $300 on Facebook ads and turn that into fifteen thousand dollars in revenue. How’s it going. Everybody welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast Rick Mulready here. Hope you’re doing great. Thanks a lot for coming to hang out me today. This is episode number one hundred and forty six and we’re going to dive into that local weight loss franchise. Facebook ads campaign. Today as I mentioned Mike’s been on the podcast before so if you’ve not yet heard that first episode with him definitely check out episode number one hundred and twenty two are we talk about creating local business offers that convert. You can find that at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 122. Mike is really passionate about helping local restaurants and businesses grow with Facebook advertising. So in my interview today with Mike but I really want you to take note of is how the original Facebook ads campaign that they ran failed quote unquote. And then they changed that strategy to try something new and that is what worked as you’re going to hear today.

[00:01:55] So we get into the different types of offers that convert for local businesses setting expectations for the results of local business Facebook ads campaigns how to set markers for success for your local Facebook ad campaigns and a whole lot more. Before we jump into it with Mike if you are local business I want to invite you to a free online training class. I’m going to be doing next week. I’m going to be doing three of them over two days Wednesday July 26 and then another one on Thursday July 27. It’s called how local businesses can increase leads and sales with Facebook ads while cutting your marketing budget. If your local business looking for a more cost effective way to consistently that’s a key word there attract qualified leads and customers to your business. This free online training is for you. I’m going to be teaching the exact four step formula for creating a consistent flow of leads in customers every week with Facebook ads. We’re going to talking about things like creating offers targeting and a lot more and I’ve also got lots of case studies for you that you can learn from and model for your own local business. Again going to be doing three live online classes starting on Wednesday July 26 and then I’m going to be doing two on that Wednesday and then one also on Thursday the twenty seven. So if you’d like to register for a day in time that works best for you. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash eth be ads local I’ll repeat that again Rick Mulready dot com forward slash F B ads local. Or if you’re in the U.S. You can text the word local training.

[00:03:29] That’s one word text local training. 2 4 4 2 2 2 and you can register right there over your phone. All right let’s go hang out with Mike Barnett. Mike welcome back to the art of patriotic How’s it going man.

[00:03:43] Well I am so stoked to be here again good again.

[00:03:47] This is round number two you are a previous guest on opposite number one 22.

[00:03:52] And I’m really sad to have you back on because we’ve been talking to you but sharing some details about a local Facebook ads campaign that you recently ran. And I said you know what. After talking through it and everything I was like I’ve got to have you back on the show for you to share this because I was really really impressed on how you handled it. But before we do if anybody has not yet listened to episode number one hundred and twenty two by the way that’s Rick Mulready dot com forward slash one too to let everybody know who you are and what you do in your business.

[00:04:23] Yeah. Well I’m Mike Brown and I am a local videographer slash Facebook Ads guy up in Washington State just outside of Seattle and I joined your local lads last year I had to do all of the Facebook access and just took the people that you taught me and started working with local restaurants and on the last. I was still pretty parameterless But you’re talking about some success that the pizza industry or restaurant industry and it was just fun to share. Isn’t it cool to see me go from having no knowledge to knowledge be able to help out my community as far as advertising which I love to do.

[00:05:04] Yeah that’s a really big focus for you you know. You know helping these local businesses grow and you know be improve the communities and so forth. You started out with restaurants you’re also serving other local businesses as well and a campaign we’re really talking about today is very different from the one that you ran for the pizza restaurant. So just to kind of quickly recap what we talked about in Episode 122 you were running some Facebook ads for a couple of pizza was it one pizza restaurant or two pizza restaurant that you were doing.

[00:05:32] It was actually one pizza restaurant but I have two different cab different.

[00:05:36] That’s right too. OK so you read a couple of different offers for them and they just had amazing results. I think it was the best results that they’d ever that they’d gotten outside of being or maybe is right up there with being featured in the local newspaper and they hadn’t spent a lot of money to get those those types of results since. And when we did that you mentioned you were pretty brand new to running and I think you’re only a couple of months in at that point. You’ve kind of developed sort of this process for working with local businesses in running their Facebook ads and like you mentioned there.

[00:06:10] I always give you a hard time because you’re very very humble in talking about who you are and what you do but you are the man when it comes to doing doing video and doing it and using video for local businesses to tell their story and then leveraging that video with Facebook.

[00:06:27] And so what’s Take us through kind of this process that you developed here when you are starting out working with a local business yeah.

[00:06:37] Yeah. First thanks for all the kind words. I’m trying very hard. I enjoy being humbled. So I’m not trying to you know downplay what I do. But I you know I just enjoy being humble and helping I appreciate how far I’ve gotten and I’m going. So let me say so. But to the process to profit Julie what to do when I first meet with a local business. I want to know what are why is and what they’re trying to accomplish is to bring in more leads or more customers to the physical location. Are they trying to get people to take advantage of special et etc.. So once we kind of map out what we want then it’s a matter of creating the video to showcase our message or that offer that callbacks and we’re trying to do. And generally when I make a video I want to make certain that there’s one particular thing that they want to call that action to b that’s like something obvious. So generally like with a restaurant I want them to showcase the most popular item for a discounted rate which is something so they can see. Yeah we did this and we got this result. So that’s really the process overall. Would you like to more detail about what I do particularly.

[00:07:55] Yeah let’s do that you know let’s see that because I want to kind of take this into this ideal protein campaign that you started running so yeah what does that process look like when you kind of get get into it.

[00:08:07] First we have a meeting and again it’s we’re just mapping out certainly what are we trying to accomplish here. And then I also ask so that we understand what results are going to look like afterwards how we can measure success. Say OK so what would be a failure like how many people reading this particular offer. What would be something that would be considered a success and then what would be results would you like over the moon. And so we map those out so maybe a failure would be one to three people come in and ask me about this pizza or order the pizza you know success will be 10 to 25 people come in for the deal. And over the moon maybe you know 40 to infinity that’s over them. So I just want to know the numbers and things right upfront so we can definitely say as we’re progressing through the campaign are we getting markers to be successful. And it’s definitely this particular ad after we set up all that like we know what we’re doing and we know what the offer is. We have been markers of success that it goes to the point where I’m writing the video at. And generally there’s one or two options that they can have when it comes to the videos. You can either just do one straight media where is the offer and come and get it and then that’s it. Or we can do some retargeting pain. So what I’ll do is say okay hey here’s the main message that we want to present invidia and I will make a group of people who watched the video.

[00:09:39] So retargeting groups and I generally view people who are 50 percent people who are saying Clarkson and people who watch 95 percent kind of a group and depending on the amount of those people the viewer falls in the group I will send them corresponding videos and generally what I found are working with local businesses. If a viewer Waqt is 50 percent of the video they’re going to need a little more information. And so I will tend to send them like a either about us video so like about the pizza place this is where we’re awesome at this is we’re local and just north things like that. And if it’s like 75 percent or 95 percent I tend to send them a like hey you should come in because this offer is limited and I’ll do customer reviews in those videos. So like maybe a few seconds of three or four different people say the this pizza so great because of this kind of thing. And then I’ll reinforce the opera in the video. So those are generally the routes we can go. I like to push toward the retargeting and I want to get the message in front of the potential customer as much as possible. And I found that having the retargeting as well it’s way better than just doing the one time offer.

[00:10:52] Yeah and that’s what you did with this idea writing campaign right. You use the ritard you Jaquith. OK. Can you take us through take us through from the start on this ideal protein campaign because I know that you made a real pivotal change in strategy sort of halfway through because you weren’t getting the results in this change that you made in strategy really helps you out with the results of kind of take us through. Give us some background this campaign what type of business local business is in what they are trying to achieve and sort of what you set up for them.

[00:11:22] Oh yeah. So this one was really great because I’ve failed going into the ad like the first one I did first like just from the get go. It was an awful start. And it was kind of a little bit different from what I had been normally working in restaurants. This was a weight loss program. OK. And I was frantic because I was like oh no what ever I was doing. Is it working at all. But I’ll tell you how it went down. The company is called Ideal protein and it was a local franchise. It is a local franchise. And what the customer wanted my client she wanted to bring in new leads new customers. And so we went through the entire process that I had mentioned earlier about like setting markers for success. And now her target audience is the one that she that she wanted to bring in absolutely new people. And so we set the parameters and what it was it was a group of women. She later reached out to. That was 20 to 65 plus year old women who live 15 miles radius around the physical location of where her building was. OK. So I think it was kind of doomed to fail from the get go but I was still optimistic when I went in so I learned some things here. But because the audience was so so small like I’m in a smaller town outside of Seattle. And so the reach of people was like twelve hundred to 2500 people.

[00:12:47] Is that how you say it was doomed to fail from beginning.

[00:12:51] Well that’s one of the many reasons but I think the first in my mind when I was going into set up the ad the first time when the reach was only that small there was the first little thing in an office in a word. But I kept going. So the idea was to go to you cold traffic that small group and I think the copy was really too because I worked with the Dions who was the coach for ideal person and she wanted to kind of sound a little more I think more corporate which she presented to me where the copy was. And again it was just a little too generic. So anyway I uploaded the video and it wasn’t going to be retargeting. It just got to be a straight video that it was a short testimonial video with 30 seconds and it had the word weight loss in it. And so we were in the ad and I read the first day it wasn’t doing great. Second they wasn’t doing great. The third day it ended up getting called by Facebook and disapproved that because of the words weight loss.

[00:13:50] So the fans want to kind of back up really quick and then to come back to that so you started this video. What was the strategy she’s getting. She’s looking for new leads and new customers. What is the objective of the campaign. And where were you sending this video where is it to an opt in pager or resetting it to.

[00:14:11] Right. The objective was to get people to watch the video. OK so a video and video of yours correct. Got it. And I did set up a landing page for her but she wanted people to actually call her.

[00:14:23] So watch the video call.

[00:14:24] I mean so did you put the phone number in in the in the ad copy itself or got on the landing page I put the phone number in the ad copy itself and also in the ad as well.

[00:14:35] OK. And end video ad to sell like it was seen as a display graphic in the video.

[00:14:41] And then also in the copy got it was do you include on the landing page as well or I did.

[00:14:46] OK. Good did. There isn’t really any page and I’ve had a few times that people could you know push the button to make the call directly. And I was really trying to focus on mobile because I figured people are going to you know when they landed on that land to pay someone to call they they’re going to want to call instantly. So it buttons that he created just made it a phone call.

[00:15:06] OK cool cool. OK so this event is run for three days and then Facebook disapproves it because of the words weight loss in the video.

[00:15:14] Yeah. And I was trying to be very well yeah in the video and in the coffee itself. So and I had thought I had a good enough job with not you know with a hearing to what Facebook regulations or about that kind of stuff. And I apparently had so and even so like before they shut down the road.

[00:15:37] See I never said I would be relevant. See the score was like five. OK. And that was the lowest I’d ever had. So it was just it was just bad. Yeah.

[00:15:48] So the thought was I turned it off since it got shut off or went back to Dion and I said hey I think there’s a few things going on here. Here’s what we’ve got show off my Facebook. But I think this ad is not going to do well and here’s why. And what I did is I Pistor her. The idea that people aren’t going to be my thinking people weren’t going to be ready to see an ad like you need to lose weight and then call it right away. That’s personal and you got to have a thing about a little bit and you’ve got to be encouraged even more so even if you’re already thinking and lose weight. So.

[00:16:21] So there is a weight loss program that you’re marketing here that she wants to sell. And it was called actually here was you know he basically watched his video and then call to call to do what I call to learn more about the program or call the sign up for the program.

[00:16:36] Yeah he says a call to schedule a free consultation and there she was going to give them the information about what to expect and then would hopefully that they would sign up you know.

[00:16:48] Gotcha. And this is called traffic. That’s what it was called traffic. OK.

[00:16:52] All right and then you sir you saw this and we’re like OK we need to change direction here.

[00:16:57] Yeah. Exactly. So what it said to her Dionte I think what we need to do is we need to do these retargeting campaigns. And I had said with the video like I did a longer cut of the video or longer edit the video and it’s featuring a woman named militia and really shows a popular a local teacher in my town and she’s one of the more popular teachers in town. And so I said we should probably make a video that features her story a little better. And then at the end of that video we can do a an offer like a really good offer to get them in and we came up with you know $50 off the first week plus three coaching throughout your whole you know your whole session of the number of weeks that you’re trying to lose weight. She got it was a great idea. And then on top of it said hey OK so we will make this cut longer. But I think we’re going to have to educate people about what’s going to happen once they do join. And that’s essentially just kind of what she does.

[00:17:59] If you had called and scheduled the consultation that she was trying to get you originally spent like an hour going through that and I was like well we can then sit down for like a minute something just get an idea of what to expect. And then you could just reiterate when they come in. And so she agreed to do that. And once that happened I was far more. It felt like things had lifted. And as I go past it we have a strong strategy. So the first thing I did was to I was like why don’t we just post this video the longer video on your page and just posted. See what happens. You want to make sure that we’re on the right track.

[00:18:34] And she had an her on her Facebook page.

[00:18:36] Roughly it wasn’t. I mean this is a local as many as maybe like a thousand. OK. OK. But I put it on there and it and then I just did it you know goes to her page and people friends other people have like the page. And instantly my insta started getting engagement shares and like OK.

[00:18:56] And I realized we were like OK this is cool. So from that I asked her if we were going to approach doing the ad if we could do the thing. So I said why don’t we use this post as the ad after it runs its course. So it ran and its course and man what did you spend on that list.

[00:19:14] My next goal and it was good enough to get over 4000 views. Most of that was organic and then a ton of shares and then a lot of engagement likes and comments. OK. So that was that was great. So we made that an ad and I also asked her as we were approaching for targeting if we could do instead of just women if we could make it men and women and also could I get your email list. So she had a list of about probably like up for people on the list. OK. So what I did is I ran the ad two people on her e-mail list and I also read the ad to call traffic. That was the same parameters just men and women got it and yeah it was instantly changed over and expressly adding the retargeting in so like the people who watch 50 percent of the video they were retargeted with you know another longer version of releases video or even gave more detail about her journey to weight loss.

[00:20:14] Like here I was like before. And then here is what it was like working with me on Twitter last year how much lost that is what life looked like afterwards. And for people who had watched a little more 75 percent to 95 percent I sent them that video with just talking about hey here’s what you can expect what you join. And by far the campaign just turned around. It was. Whereas before the first time I was spending like 11 cents on the campaign that failed. I’d been like 11 since view. And for me that’s that’s really bad for video views. But for this one it was like point 0 0 4 since you fell for you at the highest.

[00:20:55] It was two sets you know. And so I ran the ad for two weeks maybe a little longer in two weeks but not much research. I think it was in May 28 that it ended like two in 11 maybe but not you know about a little more than two. And so afterwards the results were incredible. She ended up getting the markers of success was if you didn’t get four to five dieters I would be ecstatic. And we ended up getting 11 writers and the great thing was that some of the people on our e-mail list who had already worked with her they react really OK.

[00:21:35] So. So we’ve got new directors that’s got people who are re-upping and we realized as well for the future that now we have another audience to target to advertise to those people in the program but left you know and are looking to maybe get back in shape again.

[00:21:52] So you’re you are trying to get your metric of success the way where you would have been happy with was four to five. You actually almost triple that. I mean almost tripled before with Levan new members. Does the celebrity members include the people who are the real people. Or was that in addition.

[00:22:09] No it included the reality. OK. So of those 11 I think four of them were re-ups.

[00:22:15] Got it. Ok cool. So you have 11 new members. Your original goal was four to five new members. Amazing results. And you did the retargeting strategy as far as depending on how long they watched the video you retargeted them with with with a video you know based on how long they watched what was the what was the call the action. Or was it because this is this is an expensive program right. This is a this is how long was the weight loss program.

[00:22:42] It really depends on how much you need to lose. Right. Generally people are in the program for two to three months two to three months.

[00:22:50] OK. And how much is it like a monthly cost or is it a program cost or how does that work.

[00:22:56] It’s like a one time up fee. And then there’s a monthly cost for you know the program the product itself. Go.

[00:23:06] OK.

[00:23:06] So like we definitely are we talking like a couple of thousand dollars a couple hundred dollars a couple of dollars is the lifetime of each client.

[00:23:15] Got it. OK. And so with these 11 new member. How much did you spend on the ads.

[00:23:19] I spent the time that I have it up. I just got to pull it up. Yeah. In total we spent this is bad math because I’m looking at it all but in total including the one that way. Up three hundred dollars 300 an $389 389.

[00:23:39] OK. And then what was the 11 new members what was the what was the revenue brought in from that.

[00:23:45] Fifteen thousand fifteen. OK. So you spent three or eight hours to make the $15000. That’s awesome.

[00:23:53] Yeah that’s awesome. So what was the I want to kind of go back to what was the call to action on this revised campaign. So when you change directions here you came up with the new videos you boosted engagement on the page and then you use that ad with all the social proof on it to run to not only the email list but also to the cold traffic and then you use that retargeting strategies. What was that was the call the action to get people to sign up for the you know for the information session or was it to actually decide it was great into signing up for the program.

[00:24:27] The same call to action would you call on to set up the consultation. OK. But in addition if you joined if you could get $50 off of the first week and then the benefits of having free coaching for your entire time you and as you’re working through your weight loss.

[00:24:44] Got it. That was the offer through like that. That was the special offer to this thread through the Facebook campaign.

[00:24:51] Correct. Got it. Got it. Ok cool.

[00:24:54] So I just want to kind of recap this here so you started off the campaign. You had a video you created this video for them. They were you went straight to cold traffic and it was the call the action was to set up this consultation with no other additional offer as far as you know additional coaching or anything like that your audiences were pretty small and not getting results after a few days and then Facebook even you know even disapproved your ad after it was running for a few days. Speaking of that what was the change that you made that then Facebook approved after that.

[00:25:29] Oh yeah that’s a good point. So Cryer it was very generic and like hey wait lost I can’t remember what copy was but it was like Cure’s way last if you’re ready to make I think I said it become the ideal you because I was trying to do a play on you know I go poking. Yeah. But like all this generic already and it had weight loss in it. So the new approach was to I was talking you know like how would you say this in a way that sounds like you. So to use the words awesome. And so then I decided what if we went out of explaining how we lost weight without saying weight loss. So the copy became I tried to make it myself. But it was Alisha is awesome discipline and maybe I can find exactly what I said. She’s awesome. She’s going to ideal protein in January with discipline and determination and always looks for some ideal protein. She is successfully becoming her ideal So watch her story it’s inspiring. Call your protein Coachy on yourself. Just give your free consultation to start your journey to become a ideal you today. When I was there.

[00:26:40] I think a big thing to take notice of what you did there was in the original one. I feel like Facebook maybe was seeing that as insinuating that you’re not ideal but yet in the revised one you were saying she became her ideal self. And so that’s that’s a very very subtle but it’s a very critical shift in how you said that. And so I think for everybody listening that’s a really important thing to pick up on is just the sort of this shift even though it’s just it’s subtle but when it comes to these things especially in the weight loss next year you know you’ve got to be really careful with the language for Facebook to do you know to approve or disapprove stuff so that they’re not disapproving stuff. Can we. Can you send me an example of the ads so we can put in the show notes for people to see.

[00:27:29] Yeah totally. I’ve already made the link. Would you like a shirt.

[00:27:32] Oh cool yeah for sure. This is a this is only for people to check out kind of an overview of the campaign. Yeah for sure.

[00:27:39] And then I can and then I can just send it to here. But it’s on my web site. So it’s I heart kidnap kids out of the town I live in so it’s hard. And then kids hey I T S A T that Beenz Ford slash ideal results.

[00:27:56] Awesomes that’s I Heart kids tappets I H E A R T K I T S A P dot biz slash ideal results. Now be sure and link that up in the shots for the episode here today.

[00:28:09] Mike I love the fact that you know you shifted you didn’t you know you kind of started off you kind of had a gut feeling you know that there were some things going off here like maybe this was not going to work. You let it run for a few days and yeah Facebook helped you by disapproving. And so it kind of forced you to kind of kind of take a step back and and change some things up but that you didn’t let that stop you.

[00:28:32] And you made some shifts they weren’t really big shifts I don’t think. But just a little bit of a change in strategy here where you know you use the video use you used her e-mail e-mail list to target you still target the cold leads you added men to that audience as well to increase the size a little bit. Still talking a pretty small audience here because you know we’re talking a smaller town outside of Seattle Washington and then you leverage retargeting for bait for people based on how long they watched the video. Your goal was four to five new members. You actually got 11 new members you spent $389 on ads total including the ad campaign that the original one that didn’t that that that flopped. And then you the total revenue from the campaign was over was fifteen thousand dollars. What am I missing here. Yes. Anything else.

[00:29:24] No. The ad spend was $300 an 83 Oh 300 300 dollars.

[00:29:29] Ok cool. An 83 cents. Ok cool. Even better. So you spent $300. You made 15000. I’ll take that all day long. What kind of final question for you Mike what would you say to a local business that you know what I what I see a lot in talking to local business owners is they don’t always know what type of offer to make. You know they’re like why I don’t know what to offer. You know I don’t know what to offer in a Facebook campaigner or something like that what would you say to that person that local business owner who isn’t quite sure what to be offering in an ad campaign.

[00:30:06] Yeah generally I have like three kind of approaches I want to take. And the first one is right off to maybe try to get them to make money quickly. And that’s with an a like a limited time offer. And I generally encourage them to say is there would you have one particular product. Or menu item that people rave about and come in specifically for it. If so then that’s the offer. Like make it a great offer that they want to come in with. So like you know a good two percent off or you know two hours or whatever whatever that thing’s going to be that’s not going to kill you. But you can take it as a loss leader to get people to comment. And then I encourage people now when they come in and they’re coming in for those deals try to get those people contact them so you can by contact if they want to if they can get phone number. Cool but mostly e-mail and name if he can get that. And then you can we can make a list of people to target later for ads. Sure. And so that so that second ad is going to be I tend to like the ones like this about our branding play video just to remind people hey here’s who here’s how we affect the community. We’re doing what we’re doing. So. And then finally the other one I approach is like maybe you maybe want to do a birthday special or like a holiday themed ad but those three things work really well in the local market here that I found.

[00:31:42] Sure. And I think those are you know I mean yeah they’re working in your market. Those are. Those are great different types of strategies that you could use in any local market. And this is you know guys even though Mike mentioned you know a menu item or you know the best selling thing on your on your on your menu this could be anything in your business that you know maybe it’s the best service and maybe it’s the best program that you offer maybe a yoga studio or whatever it’s you know kind of taking your best selling offer your best program your best whatever it is and then putting some sort of special offer behind that maybe a limited time offer. And then Mike made a really key key strategy there key note there about having that branding play sort of playing out sort of as a foundation of your campaign as well. And the cool thing is about that you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to do that. This is like keeping people informed about you and in your business and the story behind it and the types of things that you offer your community. So so the three different ways there that Mike is is getting success with with with local businesses. Mike this has been really really good. I really think that you took us through this campaign. I know that you and I are talking about it over the weekend here and kind of going back to what I said.

[00:32:59] You didn’t let the initial quote unquote failure you learn from that and made some changes and then you had amazing results for this campaign. Were they running any other ads at all. Have they ever run any ads.

[00:33:14] The ideal protein franchise I’m not sure I like the overall idea of putting a national company or a program but at least for this local franchise. No they haven’t. I think they maybe boosted a poster or two but never seen the one that got it.

[00:33:33] So there are now believers in Facebook ads.

[00:33:36] Oh yes. They are working on things in the pipe line for other golfers they believe.

[00:33:42] I love it. So I’m going to repeat that link again but I also want to make sure that people can connect with you Mike if they want to learn more about what you’re doing and if there’s any opportunities to work together because in addition to restaurants you’re also working with local local businesses. The case study link that you gave out was I heart kit SAP dot biz forward slash ideal results and again I’ll link that up in the show notes for today’s episode. Where else can people connect with you and find out more about what you’re doing.

[00:34:09] I think the best way to connect with say is just via the website. OK. And that’s I Heart kids set is ok. I

[00:34:16] heart kids sap. BIZ Mike thank you so much for coming back on the show. Really really appreciate it as always.

[00:34:24] And it was so wonderful and being a two timer is even better. So thank you Rick right.

[00:34:32] Hope you got a lot out of the hold might today as I mentioned at the top of the show. I’m going to be doing three live online training classes starting next week and Wednesday July 26 Some will be doing two on that Wednesday July 26 and then one also on Thursday the 27 July 27 that I’m going be talking about how local businesses can increase leads and sales with Facebook ads while cutting your marketing budget. So if you’re a local business and you’re looking for a more cost effective way to market your business and consistently attract qualified leads and customers to your business this free online training is going to be for you to register for a day and time that works best for you. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash be ads local Rick Mulready dot com forward slash FBA ads local or if you’re here in the U.S. You can text the word local training techs one word local training 2 4 4 2 2 2 and you can register right there over your phone for all the links that we talked about here today including a case study overview that might put together for you.

[00:35:36] Head over to the show notes page which you’ll find at Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1:46. All right. Well that is all my friends thank you so much for listening today really appreciate it until next week. Keep testing your pay traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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