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My Exact Plan for Growing My Account On TikTok

October 14, 2022

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been putting off getting on TikTok and growing your brand, community, or your following. I’m here to tell you that we can’t ignore this platform anymore. 

I’m not someone who jumps on every new platform. I’m all about doubling down on what’s working. However, the attention is on TikTok right now. It has over a billion active users and it is growing every day. Short-form video is where it’s at. 

In this quick tip episode of Art of Online Business, I’m sharing my exact plan to grow my account on TikTok. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and I came up with a strategy that I plan to put into place in the near future.

You don’t have to dance around and point at things on the screen to be successful on TikTok. There are ways that you can use the platform to elevate your business and grow your community in a fun and entertaining way. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • Why you should be over the top on Tiktok
  • Why you should be intentional about your TikTok videos
  • How to get ideas for content
  • Tips for grabbing attention quickly in your videos
  • What length your videos should be


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Hey, my friends. If you. Are looking for. A faster, a better way to. Grow and scale your online. Business, you very. Likely do not need another. Course or to be reading more books about how to grow your business. What you need instead. Is a personalized, cohesive growth strategy for your. Business, along with. One. On one coaching and. Group. Coaching, support and accountability. To help you every step of the way. Well, that’s exactly what my accelerator coaching. Program delivers. For you. Accelerator is an intimate. 12. Month rolling open enrollment, so it’s ongoing open enrollment, personalized coaching program and mastermind experience. For established. Online course creators and. Coaches who want to take the guesswork out of. Optimizing and. Grow towards a profitable. Seven figure. Plus business without. More. Anxiety, without. More stress and hours spent in front. Of. The computer. Accelerator is about. Thinking differently and. Bigger, about your business, about your. Team, your funnels, your. Ads, your. Vision. Etc. so that you can create more profit. More impact. With less hustle. So accelerators, application only. And again, this is rolling ongoing open enrollment. So if you want to learn more and. Apply, just. Go to rick Mul forward. Slash accelerator. So if you’re. Anything like me, you’ve been. Putting off. Tick tock. You’ve been putting off building a following and a brand and a community. Over. On. Tick tock and my friend, we can’t ignore this platform anymore. I’m somebody. Who. Doesn’t tend to jump right onto a new platform. You know. I’m all about, Hey, this is what’s. Been. Working. Let’s keep. Doubling down on this until it. Doesn’t work. And that’s not. The case here, where it’s like. Something’s not working. So I’m going to go try. Tick tock. No, the attention. Is with tick tock. I mean, it’s very clear at this point. There’s over. A billion. Active users. On. Tick Tock. And this was at the end of Q1 2022. 

So that was a stat from several months ago. You know, I saw a stat also the. Number was going to be closer to 1.8 billion by the end of 2022. I don’t know what it’s at right now. Suffice to say, it’s a lot of people. On on tick tock. And if you heard the last episode here on the show with. Hannah Kelly. She’s one of our accelerator. Coaching members and she’s. Also an expert. In. Tick Tock. She’s got close to a. Half a million. Followers. On the platform. We talk all about how to make money, how to build community on tick tock. And it’s it’s where it’s at, obviously. Short form video. That’s no that’s no surprise. But what I want to do on today’s Quick Tip episode is kind of share with you what. I’m doing on Tick. Tock or what I’m preparing. To. Do is a better way to say it. Because I’m recording this. What’s today? It is Thursday, October 6th. This episode. Is coming out on. Friday, October. 14th, and. I very. Likely will not. Have the first videos up yet, but. Depending on when you’re listening to. This, of. Course. But what I want to do on. Today’s episode is, is share with you the strategy that. I’m going to be taking, because I’ve been. Doing a lot of research. On this and and I’ve been watching a lot. Of tick tock to try to get get a sense of the platform because it is very. Different than. Instagram, obviously very. Different than than Facebook. Not to say the. Obvious, but so what I want to do with you, share the strategy, share with you. Some of the things that I have found in my research and talking to a. Lot of people. Having a lot of conversations with Kenya and so forth. So the first. Thing. That a lot of people try to do with their Tik Tok that. I’ve seen. Is, you know. People in especially in the online marketing space. 

They go over to to Tik Tok. And one thing I love. About Tik Tok is that a lot of the. Quote unquote well known online marketing. People are. Not the same over on Tik. Tok. Right. I love it. You go like I’m. Learning about. Brand new people over on. Tik Tok and they have these massive followings on Tik Tok and they’re teaching this amazing stuff and they’re not in the quote unquote same. Circles of the of. The online marketing space That sounds super clicky. And terrible, but. That’s like one thing I. Love about it. It’s different. It’s a. Different audience. And I. Just I love that about. It. And so one thing that has been recommended to me when, you know putting. Like the. Type of content that you’re going to. Create and what you. Put in your bio and what. Your. You know. Basically your Tik Tok. Profile and your channel, if you will, is going to be all. About that. You want to kind of be. Over the top about it. And that’s going. To allow. You to stand out. And that’s. Really where I’m struggling right now. Is like, what exactly is the. Direction, the. Feel, etc.. Now the feel is going. To be. Me, right? And you know, and. Always. Through the lens. Of our values. But as far as you know, do we be aspirational? Are we. Speaking directly. To my audience? Are we speaking. To people who are. Earlier in their business and trying to. Get up to the level of business where I help all of you? That’s really where I hope. That makes sense. That’s really where I’m kind of like, I don’t know, I’m just going to kind of. Start. And see. Where this goes. And, you know, something that is niche down. That grazes the. Main pillars of content. That I teach. On and talk. About, which is ethical. Marketing. Which is leadership.

Becoming the CEO. Of your business, which is. Systems and. People, your team. And so again, this is going to take me some time. To nail, but it’s. Not going to stop me from. Creating. So that’s the. First thing that I’m kind of thinking about. As I get ticktock. Going and posting. And with that, the second. Thing is I’m not going to throw up just random videos. I’m going to be very intentional. With 

what. I’m. Creating. So let me give you an example of this. So I know that. Series work really well. On Tick. Tock and of course. These things come and. Go. Right? And I don’t I don’t want to. It’s not. A trend. It’s just something that tends to. Work really well. So I’m going to do episodes of TikTok videos, so it would be like episode one. So for example, I. Could do a series. On. Why. Launching. Is. Doing you and your potential customers more harm than. Good, right? I’ve done an episode all about that here on the podcast. And so, for. Example, episode. One might. Be about the. Dangers. Of. Live launching and only launching once. Or twice per year. Episode two. And. Again, I say episode this is. Like one video. A Tik Tok. Length video. And granted there’s different lengths of video that you can do, which I’ll talk about more in a second. But that would be like episode one and I would call it episode. One in the description, which. By the way, at. The time recording this. They just. Increase the length of the description that you. Can write, which is. Exciting. You can put more content in that description there. You know, in episode two might be about three ways that. Live launching is harming. Your potential. Customers or something like that and so on. And this might be. Like a seven episode series, but the idea there. Is number one, it’s intentional. 

Number two is that it’s people. Want to consume the entire. Series and if they’re like, Wait, this. I see this as episode four, but I haven’t I haven’t watched. I’ve missed episodes one, two and three. They’re going to go back and watch it as long as the episode that or. As long as the. Video that you created for episode four. Is something that catches their attention and keeps them watching. Or I could do a series. On like the. Key takeaways from the. 642. Podcast episodes that I’ve published. Here in The Art of Online Business. Or something like that. And I could do again. I could do whatever six. Seven, eight, nine, ten. Episodes, videos, all about that. So I could. Do different. Series. And and one of the thing that I’ve learned is if I want to continue getting. Ideas. On. The types of videos that are. Working. Really well. On Tik Tok. You go to. In. Tiktok. You can check. Which videos Tik Tok. Is pushing out the. Most. And so this is going to give you again. Give you other ideas for videos that you could do. And this is something that that I’m starting to do too. So you can go to creator tools, analytics. Content, and then you can scroll down to trending. Videos. And there’s going to be. A few there. And you can you can start looking at those and noticing. Are there any similarities between these videos? What’s similar? Why are these. Trending so. Highly? What types of videos. And sort of start to analyze them and study them a little bit? And then you can create, take what you learn and pull that into the types of. Videos that that you’re creating. So again, on TikTok. It’s creator tools, analytics. Content, and then you scroll down to the Trending videos section. So those are as far as like. Being intentional with the. Types of. Videos I’m going to be putting up on TikTok. And then here are some other things that I’m really going to start focusing on right out of the gates. 

And then then. Really for this. First one here. Throughout. And not surprisingly, it’s. Just. Like any piece of content that you put out. Whether it’s whether it’s a podcast episode, whether it’s a YouTube video, whether it’s a. You know, an Instagram reel or what. Have you. But the hook. Is the most important. The very. First. Thing of. The video. Is the most important. And on Tik. Tok, it’s like the first 3 seconds. If you don’t catch. Their attention and make them want to. Watch more of the video, they’re. Just going to. Keep swiping. And part. Of Tiktok’s algorithm is how. Long are people watching your. Your videos? So you’ve got to hook. Them in. Like right off the bat. And on TikTok. It’s really within about about 3 seconds. You know, it’s a little. Bit longer, for example, on a. Podcast or on a YouTube video. But, you know, in this in the attention span that we all. Have, it’s first. 3 seconds. Got to. Hook them and. Really start to test. That play around with that, you know, am I going to have the. Greatest hooks right. Off the bat? No, I’m not. It’s learning a new. Skill for that specific platform. You know, I have a pretty good idea. And so. Here’s. One example that I’m going to be doing a video on and I’ve talked about it here on the podcast. Is so I could. Come on and. Right off the bat I can say and, and I would put the copy right. On the screen. Sort of at the top above my head. For example, if. You want. To be a guest on other podcasts, you’re. Probably doing it wrong. Like right off the bat, that’s like literally in the first second of. 2 seconds, somebody is thinking like, Yes, number one, Oh yeah, I want to be another. Podcast. Wait, I’m doing it wrong. What? What are this like? What should I be doing instead? 

So that’s going to keep them watching. And so then I can go into. The exact steps like. And then I. Can say, if you want to be a guest on another podcast, you’re probably doing. It wrong. Here are three ways to give yourself the best chance to be on other people’s. Shows and then just go one, two, three. You talk a little bit. About each one. And so again, the. Hook. The most important thing. First. 3 seconds, grab their attention. The second thing within this that I’m really going to be focusing on. At least to start, is I’m going to start out with really short videos like. Between seven and 15. Seconds. Really try to get the. Point condensed down now on a on a on a one leg that I just mentioned. As far as getting on other. Podcasts. That would be longer. But the goal here is to. Get in the practice. Of. Creating. Really quick video like value based. Fun, entertaining. I think I can be entertaining. You know, videos that are. 7 to 15 seconds, and that’s what I’m. Kind of going to start with. With that said Tik Tok, the update the. Algorithm every single month. You know, they are. Favoring at the time recording this. They are favoring the longer form. Video. But longer form to. To Tik Tok is like 45 seconds plus, which. Is really not that long. I mean. It is if you really think. About it from an attention attention span perspective. But yeah, I’m going to start starting with those. Shorter videos. And start mixing in the longer ones. The next thing I’m going to be focusing on is starting with one video per day. I’m not going to try. To do three videos a day, at least at first. And within that the intention is. To. Mix in super. Helpful clips of this podcast here. So if you’re. Listening to this right now, if you don’t know. I also. Record this on video and it goes on the art of online business YouTube channel.

And so. We would take the video of this episode. For just as an example. And I would. Have an. Editor just cut it up. Essentially, and. Create a. Native. Tik Tok style video of this episode. I don’t mean the length of this episode. I mean taking. Pieces of this episode here. And creating a Tik Tok. Style video of it. And I would be mixing. Those pieces. Of content into. The types of. Videos I’m posting on on Tik Tok. And, and. So that’s. Kind of how I’m looking at. This. I’m going to see where this goes. The ultimate. Goal is to. Increase brand awareness and increase. Quality. Applications. For. My. Accelerator. Coaching, which. Is. Like there’s a lot. Of demand for. But it’s I. Work with I’m very specific on who. We work. With, you know, not only on a revenue level. But also values. And and that sort of thing. And like I mentioned. Before. When this episode. Comes out. I’m going to be straight with you. Like I most likely. Will not. Have started posting. The. Videos yet, but it will be very shortly thereafter if. I haven’t. But you now have my plan and. This is. Happening. And yeah, I’d love to have you. Come over and follow me on on Tik-tok and it’s going to be a lot of fun. And will I be dancing? I have no. Idea. Maybe like a lot of opposed to it, but it’s not like, Oh. I’m going to do all the dancing trends and voiceover trends and pointing at. Weird places. On the screen. Not going to be doing that primarily, right? Like. One thing I’ve noticed. About Tik Tok is. You can come on there and have fun and be entertaining. While you are educating people. And that’s. Really what it’s all about. And so yeah. I’m just like. Where I am on Instagram and. Everywhere else. 

At Rick Moretti. So yeah. Come over and give me a follow on Tik. Tok. I’d love your feedback as I start. Posting. Videos, but you’ve got my strategy. This is exactly. What I’ve been researching, talking to a lot of. People. Watching a ton. Of Tik Tok videos. Learning what works. What. Doesn’t, and this. Is how at. Least I’m starting with this and then we’ll. Reevaluate as we go, as with anything that 

we do. So come over. Give me a follow. On Tik Tok. I’d appreciate. It at Rick Moretti, and I hope. This was helpful for you to hear. What I’ve been doing. It’s going into this platform and types of things I’m going to be testing out and kind of seeing. Where we go, right? So I mentioned. Accelerator. I’ve incorporated. A lot more one on one. Weekly. One on one coaching. With me. So if you’d like my eyes on your business, if you want me. To help you. Grow and scale your business and do. So. While working no more than 25. Hours a week, that’s what we’re all about. This is not. About. You know, growing your business while working. 18 hours a day or anything like that. We’re building your business around your life, not the. Other way. Around. And so you heard the four pillars at the. Very beginning of. This episode here. You know, I’m all about. Helping. You. Optimize your marketing. So we’re all about. Ethical marketing, your. Leadership. Stepping into the. Ceo role, that’s the. Biggest thing that I. See are accelerators. Doing is transitioning from what I call the day to day entrepreneur into the. Ceo. Role. I’m helping you optimize your systems and your. Processes and your. Team. Etc. So if. You if you’d. Like my help with that. You know. I work with established. Online course creators. Maybe you’ve got a membership or online coaches, so you can either shoot me an email. 

Rick. At Rick Moretti and tell me a little bit about your business, or you can go. Over to our accelerator page. And learn more about the program right there. And you can fill out this short application. Rick Mul, Sports accelerator. All right, my friend. Tick tock. Let’s do this. Thank you, as always, for listening. Super appreciate you. Until the next episode next. Week as organic October. Continues on here. Be well and I’ll. Chat with you soon.

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