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New Facebook Ads Feature That Could Improve Your Conversions

June 6, 2017

Facebook is gradually rolling out a brand new feature to improve the performance of your “Conversion” campaigns…

You know how when you launch a Facebook ad campaign with the ‘Conversions’ Objective and you’ve selected the conversion you want to optimize for at the Ad Set level?

Well, if your Ad Set isn’t getting many conversions right after it starts running, delivery of that ad might be limited.

The reason for that is because your pixel isn’t getting enough data to learn who is converting on your ads.  Remember, when you’re Objective is conversions, the pixel needs 15-25 conversions per week — enough data to begin “learning” who is converting.

Now, with this new feature, you’re going to have the option to improve delivery.

You’ll be able to allow an Ad Set to temporarily “fall back” to optimizing for clicks (remember our Objective here is ‘Conversions’ and thus we’re optimizing for a specific conversion like opt-ins or registrations), IF Facebook doesn’t have enough conversion data to optimize for the conversion on the Facebook pixel that the Ad Set is being optimized for.

Delivery will then be boosted by optimizing for link clicks in the initial stages of the Ad Set IF the Ad Set is under-delivering.

With this new feature, you’ll have two options to choose from:


This option sets a strict end point for when Facebook will stop optimizing for link clicks — after 15-25 conversions, 1,000 link clicks or 7 days (whichever comes first).

From then on, the Facebook will only optimize for conversions – even if that means Facebook can’t find enough conversions for you and the Ad Set stops delivering before the budget is spent.



This option optimizes for link clicks and conversions until the Ad Set captures 15-25 conversions or the budget is spent.

If the Ad Set doesn’t capture 15-25 conversions, the full budget may be spent on many link clicks and few conversions.

Soooo, be on the lookout in your Power Editor and Ads Manager.  

This is pretty cool stuff and I’m excited about this new feature!

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