The complete online business framework that teaches course creators how to create consistent, sustainable revenue (even if you’re feeling stuck, stalled out & overwhelmed).


It’s an apply-as-you-go, implementation course AND coaching program to give you the tools & skills you need to master your Marketing, Systems, and Confidence with the step-by-step process to build a thriving online course business so you can serve, create impact & make more while doing way less.

This is NOT a “stop & learn” course... 

Would you be willing to put on those blinders, go all in & prove once and for all that you. have. what. it takes to serve your students, live life on your terms & finally feel successful (even if your “success” looks different from someone else’s)?...

Would you be ready to finally run a business centered around simplicity, rest & freedom? Not overwhelm, anxiety & scarcity?

If there was a proven blueprint, created for you to learn-in-the-trenches with a mentor–willing to pull back the curtain, help you know what you don’t know, and give you the proven path to sustainable

For the online course creator with a serious case of Perfection Paralysis, endlessly distracted by shiny object syndrome, and struggling to gain traction...

Quick Q!

Because anything less than that is a sacrifice you (and your family) shouldn’t have to make.

$5k months that lead to 6-figure years...

But there is NOTHING passive about the way you’re working right now.

And my guess is, you did too.

But that’s not what happened, is it?

Somewhere along the line someone told you to “hustle” so you hustled...

Then, they told you to do more. So you did more... 

Then, they told you to buy more courses. So you bought more courses...

Then, they told you to launch, so you launched (to crickets)... 

And THEN, they told you, in the middle of the hustle, and the “more,” and the launching, that your income should be “passive…”

If I wanted to stay miserable, I could have gone back to corporate. I started my own business because I wanted FREEDOM & FUN.

Years ago, while I was elbow deep in anxiety, depression & workaholism (and a profitable business), I realized that my version of entrepreneurship was MISERABLE.

And if you know you should be able to serve & teach, while generating AT LEAST 6-figures in income for your family while working (yup, it’s still work) wherever, whenever, and however you want…

"burnt out & hiding it Rick"

Then keep reading, my friend, because the next few minutes could be the make or break moment between having your game-changing entrepreneur year & spinning your wheels for another 12 months only to end up right back where you are now.

No one quits their 9-5, abandoning security & stability for freedom & flexibility, to do something they hate.

There are few things worse than feeling deflated, defeated, and pummeled by the thing you (used to) love doing...

You took on this gut-wrenching, ambition-fueled journey up the mountain to work for something you LOVED…

And now it feels like you’re pushing a boulder up that mountain only to have it roll back and crush you under the weight of hamster-wheel burnout and exhaustion.

After all, if you don’t enjoy doing what you’re doing...then why are you doing it?

Of course, everyone has THE ONE RIGHT WAY TO LAUNCH. And it’s super easy & simple (as long as you invest in their program and also 495873 pieces of software to make everything work together)...

“Traction” isn’t just an awesome’s a real thing, and your business needs it to get you where you want to go.

No matter how good you are at creating courses that transform lives, no matter how unique, interesting, and impactful your knowledge is, no matter how hard you work through late nights and early mornings building out course after course…

You just can’t figure out how to actually SELL the damn thing (at least in a way that couldn’t be mistaken as your teenager’s allowance.)

It’s hard to stay passionate when nothing seems to work…

... if you don’t have the foundational sales & marketing strategies, systems & mindsets for a year-round sustainable business in place you’ll continue to struggle in feast or famine mode month in and month out…


Launching when you need money, barely able to catch your breath in between...

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

Grabbing at every shiny business-in-a-box-course that scrolls across your feed because it’s easier to believe that there’s something out there with THE answer...instead of admitting that what ya got ain’t working...

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

With chronic Perfection Paralysis, spinning like the rainbow wheel of death trying to get everything juuuuuust right before it sees the light of day...

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

Living in yoyo scarcity & uncertainty...

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

FINALLY having a $5k month, but before the confetti even falls wondering...what the hell happens next month? And the month after that?...

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

Working 24 effing 7, knowing you can’t add anything else to your plate that already resembles an entire Chinese buffet on top of a tiny saucer–but those bills, and school clothes, and home repairs, and dance classes aren’t going anywhere.

Created by kareemovic1000from the Noun Project

You’re still here, begging for someone, anyone, to show you the next step so you don’t throw any more valuable resources out the window.

...Doing what you want to do, when you want it

...Closing up your MacBook in time for dinner (and not opening it again until 9 a.m. the next morning)

...Able to stop trading money for minutes 

...Spending entire days, heck even weekends, OFF & run a growing business that works when you don’t (and pads your bank account even when you’re clocked out)

...Taking real family vacations where you actually spend time with your family (instead of just working 9 hour days with a water front view)

...Crushing 6-figure launches leading to multi 6-figure years

...Outsourcing all of those painful admin, marketing, and content tasks

...Watching sales roll in while you’re busy vision-casting & big-picture-planning

After all the effort, all of the “learning a new skill every day hustle,” all the time & money you’ve invested in your business, you SHOULD be…

But, despite learning a new skill almost daily, becoming an honorary pro designer, ads manager, social media manager, tech support, not to mention professional coffee addict….

4 Course-Creator-Myths Keeping You Overwhelmed:

The truth is, I WAS you. And not very long ago, I realized that everything I thought I knew about running an online business...was oh, so very wrong.

Because what you think is the problem...isn’t.

But there certainly is no one right way. 

Which brings me to my next point...

There might be a wrong way...I’m looking at you Hair-Gel-Guy, bro-ing out in your private jet... 

You can fail your high school English can’t fail your business. Whether your efforts produce the outcome you wanted or not, all you’re doing is TESTING. Gathering valuable data that empowers you to make informed & strategic decisions about your next step forward.

The online course world is fluid, alive, and constantly changing. Which means, there is literally no right way to do it! 

Failing is failing.

You think...

myth #1

Your only job is to learn what metrics you need to know to make the decisions to change what’s not working & double down on the things that are.

This motto has become a rallying cry for perfectionists everywhere to let good enough be good enough and just get their stuff out there. The only problem creates the illusion that “perfect” is a thing.

There isn’t even a “perfect” for your specific business. There are simply the things that are working, and the things that are not.

“Done is better than perfect”

You think...

myth #2

Confidence comes from changing lives...both your family’s and your students’.

Confidence comes from doing something “wrong” and realizing that, no one died, you’re still ok, and so is your business. 

I hate to break it to you, but confidence–true, unshakeable, knowledge of how freaking amazing you are–comes from doing. 

Not doing everything. 

Not listening to every influencer and their great aunt until you have so much strategy whiplash you feel dizzy.

Confidence comes from letting just one star student define your success (not the troll who can’t seem to get off your YouTube channel). 

Confidence is the opposite of fear.

You think...

myth #3

“Success” doesn’t mean you have to white knuckle your way through work.

I’ve learned how to run a successful, sustainable business and still clock out at 4:00 p.m. every afternoon...and I think you should, too.

Sure, hustle is great...until you crash and burn and find yourself heading back to corporate. 

I used to think more was more, so I did more, and more, and MORE until my life was falling apart. 

When I simplified out of necessity (you know, so I didn’t destroy my family and my mental health in the process) something started to started growing AND I was happy.

In my entire life as a working adult, those two things had never coexisted before.

When simplification became strategy (instead of triage)...I learned how to OPTIMIZE–how to make every single area of my business effective, efficient, and productive.

And I stopped working so. damn. hard.

Income comes from hustle.

You think...

myth #4

You can quickly nail down profitable MARKETING & SALES systems that generate consistent income without consistent hustle.

Because when you focus on optimizing three and ONLY 3 core pillars of your business…

That comes with SIMPLICITY.

But scaling, 6-figure launches, consistent revenue, time off (like all the way off), a team for admin, sales/marketing & content support…

Raised cortisol, heart palpitations, 2 am nights followed by 5 am mornings, the financial seesaw that is the feast or famine cycle...that all comes from hustle.

Develop and implement time-saving automation, SYSTEMS, and outsourcing so you can finally FINALLY breathe (and maybe even take a 2-week vacation!)

Create the MINDSET shifts you need to develop consistent focus, discipline, confidence, and resilience so you can get out of your own way, take focus action (even when you’re so scared you could pee your pants.)

Which is exactly why I created:

And it all came down to my Marketing, Systems, and Mindset.

It took me 7 years to realize that I could make a million dollars working 130 hours a week, or I could make a million dollars working 35 hours a week...

The learn-in-the-trenches implementation & coaching program, designed to guide & support online course creators step-by-step through a complete business blueprint for:

→ Launching     → Selling     → Visibility      → List Growth     → Funnels      → Facebook & Instagram Ads

→ And every single sales, systems & mindset hurdle you need to jump over to get from where you are to where you want to be.

So you can go from Overwhelmed Freelancer to the Optimized CEO with consistent $5k months your business needs.

- amy wine

“I was looking for a one-stop shop from someone who knows all the moving pieces of online courses, webinars and Facebook ads… Rick makes it easy, step-by-step, keeps you on track and takes the overwhelm out of it”

“I was looking for a one-stop shop... Rick makes it easy."

- kerry Egeler 

Rick has helped me with mindset, tactics, and strategies and all the different things you need as an entrepreneur to succeed. I've made more money and impact than I ever thought was possible."

"I can confidently say this has been the single best investment I've ever made in myself as a business owner and even personally."


My whole career I’ve been breaking down complex marketing systems into clear, simple actions.

I did it as an employee at small tech startups (like AOL and YAHOO!) back in the Wild West days of the internet...

And as an entrepreneur with cool people, like Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo, and John Lee Dumas, to demystify the ever changing puzzle that is Facebook ads.

Now after 7 years in business, a top-rated marketing podcast, and lots of trial and error I’ve created a sustainable 7-figure business that works even when I’m not. 

And I’ve coached hundreds of online course creators to do the same by becoming an Optimized CEO. 

Because “success” is not synonymous with the burn-out-inducing “hustle.”


A trained support team dedicated to helping you develop your discipline muscle, work towards your unique & specific goals, and guide you through the overwhelm to cold, hard freedom.


Dedicated success & accountability group coaching to help you tackle fear, eliminate “failure,” and take focused action. One next-right-step at a time.


Stupid simple step-by-step trainings and resouces to help you confidently conquer every back-end detail of a sustainable online course creation business (even when it gets a little techy).


When you’re feeling overwhelmed, teetering on burn out, and struggling to gain traction you need:

And that’s exactly what I want to offer you in this 12 month training & coaching implementation program! 


Here's what you'll learn:

OPTIMIZED SALES & marketing:

You’re already good at what you do: Helping people through your online course, taking them on a journey, guiding them towards transformation...that’s your 6th sense, the impact you’re meant to make on this world...

But finding those people... 

Well, that’s a different story. 

Getting the right eyeballs on the right offer can feel crazy complicated (and sometimes downright impossible) because no one has time to keep up with 57 social accounts a day (spoiler alert: you don’t need to).

Whether you’re live launching, testing an evergreen funnel, or offering a high-ticket program...if you’re putting food on your table by packaging your brilliance into online need a sustainable marketing plan. Inside OTO, you’ll receive detailed & actionable training so you can:

- Trish Taylor

"The way that I communicate with my clients is so much more clear. The way that I market to them makes so much more sense.”

“The work that Rick’s helped me do with my mindset, messaging and positioning has been life-changing.

Confidently tackle tech. Even if you’re still using an AOL email address.

Build, test, and optimize your own custom sales funnels–using my strategy.

Validate, create, position and SELL your flagship offer (and launch it again and again and again with a proven launch plan).

Master your messaging. Get crystal clear on exactly who you serve, how you serve them, and how to tell them so they’ll hear it.

I’m going to show you how to erase the fear of Facebook Ads for good by breaking down the not-so-basic basics so you can create, strategize, and optimize a successful campaign to gain some serious ROI.

Straight up dominate Facebook & Instagram Ads. You can’t break Facebook ads...but they sure feel like they can break you. Fear Of Ads is a very real thing (FOA for short), and I get it. There is a TON to know, it’s always changing, and Ads Manager looks like it was written by an AI robot.

Write some darn good copy. You’ll get Copywriting 101 (although it’s really more like 201 because we’re giving you alllllll the persuasion secrets) so you can write THE words your audience needs to hear to know, without a doubt, that your offer is the solution they need...while still sounding like yourself.

Scale the optimized way. So you can work fewer non-scaleable hours and simply start doubling down on the things you know work.

Conquer email marketing. We’re covering all the basics and the not-so-basics when it comes to strategic segmentation, list building, and nurturing your list so you can maximize the potential of the easiest, and more effective, online marketing tool out there.

Create drool-worthy social proof that does the selling for you. 


Even before you’ve made your first hire, if you’re not outsourcing to systems you’re going to crash & burn...hard. Your ability to stay sane, energetic, and profitable is directly related to your ability to manage your time.

There are 3 core systems we’ve mastered in our team that allow the business to grow bigger than ourselves AND keep us clocking out at 4:00 pm every day. (And no, it doesn’t include spending next year’s Europe vacation savings on all. the. software.)

You'll Learn:

- jamie sears

Before [working with Rick], my business was profitable but I didn’t have the balance or the freedom I thought I’d have when I became an entrepreneur... I spend more of my time on the things that are really growing the revenue and impact of my business.”

"Now I work 20 hours per week and my team take ownership of more of the tasks in my business."

A complete Content Repurposing Workflow so you can cut your content creation process in half, while posting 5x as much content.

What to automate and what to outsource. How to make delegating decisions based on your business model, priorities, skill sets, and goals.

How to bring on your first hire (even with a teensie-tiny budget) so you can find, hire, and onboard a, tomorrow.

The Business Tool Box. The essential tools you need to streamline your business (and a lot of them are FREE).

The 3 key elements you should always be working on in your business (so that you don’t have to always be working).

How to create an emergency-proof business. With SOPs so detailed & clear a toddler could step in and do the job.

And probably, the most important system of all...a set plan to schedule true OFF time and how to keep your brain from “working” even after you’ve stepped away.


An overwhelmed entrepreneur counts themselves out before they’ve even started. But an optimized CEO moves forward as if they’ve already won. 

Through success coaching, training, and support we’re going to help you get out of your own way so you can tell that mind drama to shut the h. E. 🏒🏒 up.

This isn’t some “believe to achieve” fluffy strategy. Feel free to bring your crystals (I’m bringing mine) but we’re breaking down the ACTIONABLE mindset work you need to do so that you can step out of the role of freelancer, and into the role of CEO.

You'll Learn:

- Brandi Mowles

“Rick gets to know you, he helps you, he knows your business inside out… he makes us believe we can do anything.”

The Money Mindset that takes emotion out of the numbers and empowers you to make clear, confident, ROI-based decisions for your business instead of being frozen in fear & indecision.

Becoming a value-driven, effective leader (even before you have a team).

How to define success on your terms. Clarifying goals, and taking focused, forward action towards them.

 How to eliminate “failure” from your vocabulary, and instead embrace the valuable skill of TESTING.

How to THINK like a 6-figure CEO. So you can become one.

How to love selling (even if you hate “selling”).

The repeatable life skills you need to quiet your inner critic (if it’s anything like mine, it’s a real jerk), and push past Imposter Syndrome whenever it rears its ugly head...and it will.

The tangible steps you can take when your business hits it’s next plateau.


Planning and goal setting are vital parts of moving forward, but you also have to be able to evaluate and adjust based on your world, in real-time.

Your weekly live group coaching calls with your success & support coach will give you the tools you need to push through the mindset blocks and unpredictable sticking spots that only show up when you learn by doing.

You’ll also get a monthly group coaching call with me. I’ll help you troubleshoot the roadblocks so you can get a clear view of the big picture, and the path to get you where you want to go.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this’s that our businesses, industries & economies are about as predictable as a toddler with low blood sugar. 

Whether it’s your funnel, your ads, your workflows, your schedule, your new favorite Netflix binge...I’m here for it all!

You’ll also have access to additional training with the industry's top marketing, systems, and mindset experts to help you solve your right-now, in the moment problems with clear, innovative, and industry-leading strategies.

(And don’t worry...we’ve hired these experts to bring you their best paid content–so you don’t have to.)

our monthly coaching calls!

Kwadwo is a language guy. He’s fluent in Mandarin Chinese and in his free time runs a successful business teaching people all over the world how to learn Chinese. After living in China for 11 years, he now resides in Mexico with his wife and two kids. In addition to Chinese and Spanish, Kwadwo speaks fluent YouTube and Instagram.


Meet Your Coaches:

Lisa is a Business Strategy & Online Marketing Lover, Funnel Optimizer, and Life Coach to Entrepreneurs. She helps online experts create the impact & income they want and claim the life they’ve always imagined. Lisa is a pro at consulting on funnel and launch strategy and coaching on overcoming our brains' sneaky and subtle ways of holding us back from making magic.


Jess is a self-proclaimed tech geek, Mum of two girls, and ‘true-crime’ junkie - has worked in marketing for online businesses since 2008, specializing in Facebook and Instagram Ads in 2018 after joining Rick’s FBAdmanager program. 
Since then she has been working with clients across the globe in a variety of niches, both online and local businesses, building funnels, strategizing, and running ads for 5, 6 and 7 figure launch clients.


→ A monthly group coaching call with me

→ Weekly group coaching calls with your Support & Success coach

→ Twice a month Ad Strategy Calls

→ And support for any dang thing you need throughout the program (except your kid’s math homework, we’re just as lost as you are)

you'll get:



Not only will you be able to connect with your peers, but you’ll be supported by trained coaches and ambassadors who will help you troubleshoot through challenges so that no one gets left behind.

You’ll have access to an exclusive community full of experienced online course creators who are where you are AND where you want to be. Where you can show up to problem-solve in real-time, receive customized support and feedback, and become a part of something bigger than yourself.

→ A private Facebook group full of your peers & the industry's leading course creators

→ Trained coaches & ambassadors just waiting to help you every single time you get stuck

→ A wide range of experience & perspective to help you get creative, try new things, and find the right path for YOU

you'll get:


bonus #1

My signature program that takes you from your first click in Business Manager to your first successful campaign with simple, broken-down steps to take the fear out of Facebook Ads & give you the confidence to start growing your audience (and your bottom line) on automation. Good byeeeeee daily Instagram Engagement Hour.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Training

bonus #2

A quiz training with copywriter & launch expert, Brittany McBean to teach you the fastest way to list growth with strategic segmentation (did someone say higher conversion rates??) She'll teach you how to create a fun and engaging signature quiz for your brand with results that will leave your readers asking "did my therapist tell you this?!" (no degree in psychology required).
And then, she's gonna give you the funnel strategy to take those new hot leads and nurture them with a highly personalized funnel to help them become your next student.

Let's Get Quizzical: Creating a Viral Worthy Quiz for Your Business

bonus #3

Wondering how this sales page converted? Which Facebooks ads worked (and which ones tanked)? What numbers I look at to determine the success of a launch (and what to change next time)? How many emails we sent out, when, and to what segments of people? How we grew our leads list? When pre-launch started? What went wrong behind the scenes? What I’d do differently next time?

Well, my friend, those are EXCELLENT questions. And that makes you one smart course-creator-cookie, because you know that learning from someone else’s mistakes, and wins, is the shortest path to stress-free success.

Which is why I’m peeling back the curtain in a bonus launch debrief! I’ll lay out our entire launch strategy, share our numbers, and answer all your launch Qs so you can launch like a pro.

The Launch Debrief

bonus #4

A training taught by MY coach, Master Life Coach Neill Williams, that will help you optimize your time and own your CEO status. Designed to teach you the step-by-step process for getting the right things done in your business — while maximizing revenue and minimizing the amount of hours you have to work in your business.

This training is specifically created to give you time BACK so you can run towards your big goals without burning yourself out this year...jump on in! We’re waiting for you inside.

How to Avoid Overwhelm & Create Your Perfect Schedule

- Madison Doubroff

“I was getting inconsistent leads and now, 6 months later, I’ve had my two biggest months ever with a scalable funnel. I know if I put a certain amount of money into it, I’m going to get a certain amount of leads out of it.”

"I’ve had my two biggest months ever with a scalable funnel."


While this is no “beta” offer (I’ve been coaching online course creators to optimize their business to 6, and then 7, figures for YEARS)...

 This is the FIRST time we’ve packaged everything up into a 12 month program so you can get mastermind-level support without the mastermind price.

Choose the program plan that works best for you!



12 payments of

--- THE MOST flexible ---

(save $667)



1 payment of


— Ashley Shaw

The difference we’ve seen working with Rick is actually a little indescribable."

"The difference we’ve seen working with Rick is actually a little indescribable. It’s the difference between going from amateur and really crossing our fingers that this online business thing would stick to actually going pro. And seeing month after month improvements, and not just a one hit wonder month…

The growth we’ve seen is that we can determine what we make per hour and it’s not based on anyone else...not going overtime, or taking a night shift, or working in an office…

We’re in control of our destiny and how we raise our daughter, and how we live our lives, and how we spend our time.

I couldn’t be more grateful for what I’ve learned from Rick and how it’s transformed our lives."

I have watched hundreds of course creators add zeros (1, 2...sometimes 3) to their bottom line with The Optimized CEO Method. 

(no really, my middle name is James...thanks Mom.)



This program has been created specifically to guide you from desperately praying to the algorithm gods for a funnel-mastering, Facebook-Ad-code cracking, healthy, balanced, and confident 6-figure CEO.

We’re confident that if you show up, do the work, stay hungry, and coachable–you’ll have the business of your dreams 12 months from now. And we stand behind that with our risk-free guarantee.

Test drive Offer To Optimized for the first 90 days. Dig into the trainings, use the resources and downloads, connect with your peers, show up to your coaching calls, try new things...and if you don’t feel like this program is THE thing that will get your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be–simply email our support team, submit your work, and we’ll buy the program back.

We’re committed to showing up fully and consistently for you, all we ask is that you do the same thing. 

- William Shaw 

"We chose Rick because we believe in the same values as he does. It's all about family, freedom, and success."

- Nicole Burke

“The biggest growth has been in the way I perceive my business… I’ve added 15,000 people to my list and I’ve had my second big successful launch. I’ve grown in so many ways… I’m well on the path to becoming more of the owner of my business instead of the person who’s operating all the little pieces.”

When you enroll today you’ll get:

CURRICULUM: Stupid simple step-by-step trainings and resources to help you confidently conquer every back-end detail of a sustainable online course creation business (even when it gets a little techy).

COACHING: Dedicated success & accountability coaching to help you tackle fear, eliminate “failure,” and take focused action. One next-right-step at a time.

SUPPORT: A trained support team dedicated to helping you develop your discipline muscle, work towards your unique & specific goals, and guide you through the overwhelm to cold, hard freedom.

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff, need a recap?

✓ Goal Setting Worksheets
✓ Time Optimization Worksheets
... And more!

optimized Mind

✓ Email Templates
✓ Launch Funnel Templates
✓ Facebook & Instagram Ads Checklists
✓ Ads Success and Budget Calculators
✓ Downloadable Optimization Worksheets
✓ Perfect Customer Research Templates
✓ Sales Scripts
... And more!

optimized sales & marketing

✓ Process Maps
✓ DFY Project Management Boards
✓ Hiring Processes and Templates
✓ Copy and Paste SOPs
✓ Collections Email Templates
... And more!

Optimized Systems & Processes

✓ Foundations Facebook & Instagram Ads Training
✓ Let's Get Quizzical: Creating a Viral Worthy Quiz for Your Business
✓ The Launch Debrief
✓ How to Avoid Overwhelm & Create Your Perfect Schedule

4 amazing bonuses:


as for your qs

In short, yes.

In long, definitely. 

There’s a ton of great info out there to help you create and launch your first course. And if you’re the scrappy, determined, ambitious person that I think you are, then you already know how to Google your way through online course marketing 101.

This program is for the intermediate course creator, who knows what they bring to the table, knows how to show up and serve their students, has their course....and is struggling to gain the traction they need to create consistent $5k, even $10k, months in a sustainable and life-giving (not soul-sucking) way.

I’m past the beginner stage... I don’t need to know how to create a course, I need to market & sell my course so I can bring home the bacon and stop hustling, is this for me?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

You’ll have access to live trainings from me, success & support coaches, and the hive mind of the 2021 OTO class for 12 full months.

It will be a year of implementation, growth, and elephant-sized wins. And you’ll get to do it all with the support of me and my team.

You will have access to all of the content for the entire 12 months so you don’t have to overload your hard drive with downloads, you can leave everything right where it is and revisit it when you’re ready!

How long does it last?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

Great question. The coaching in Offer to Optimized is the difference between having information to learn and actionable strategies to implement. In OTO...

→ You'll have your own OTO Support & Success Coach trained by me for group "office hours" every week. They're there to support you, answer any questions, work through roadblocks, and hold you accountable as you implement the information you’re learning.

You’ll get their eyes on your unique business, funnels, ads, strategies, and offers and get their expert advice during both the Office Hours AND in the private Facebook Group where your coaches show up for you every day.

Support & Success Coach office hours are held:

Lisa: Wednesdays, 10-11am PST
Kwadwo: Tuesdays, 1:30-2:30pm PST
(coaching office hours are subject to change)

→ You'll have a monthly Group Coaching call with me to work through the more complex challenges in your business. Whether it’s breaking down your launch numbers, moving past imposter syndrome, learning how to start growing your team, we get to the real heart of the issue and you’ll walk away with confidence and action steps. (Days/times vary)

→ You'll have twice a month Office Hours with our Team Mulready Facebook/IG ads expert and access to her inside your students-only Facebook Group. (Days/times vary)

The Support and Success Coaching is the critical you need to apply your growing knowledge and fast tracking your growth!

What does the coaching aspect of OTO look like?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

While I’m not in the business of making income promises (and if someone is, you should run I can share the kinds of success my students have had with The Optimized CEO Method over the last few years.

Unless you have about as much in common with them as I have with Betty White, chances are, you’ll see this ROI too. And you won’t have to wait months. 

My goal is to help you double your monthly investment within the first 30 days...And in a year? Well let’s just say, $5k months are gonna be in a spec in your rear-view mirror as you race towards an inevitable 6-figure year..

What kind of ROI should I expect?

Created by ProSymbolsfrom the Noun Project

OTO is NOT right for you if:


not for you if...

If you’re still working on your first course, I would really encourage you to start testing the waters and just get that baby launched. This might be right for you in a few months, after you’ve tested out your first offer...but now may not be the best time.

You have yet to create your first course and make money online.

not for you if...

...then this isn’t the program for you. If you have no intention of building a profitable, sustainable ONLINE COURSE OR MEMBERSHIP business, you can go ahead and click on out, this isn’t for you.

You own a brick and mortar business or you offer a done-for-you service...

not for you if...

You’re consistently making $5k-$10k a month with ads, funnels, and courses that convert. This program is designed to get entrepreneurs to where you are right now. So high-five, you, you’re already doing it!

You're consistently making $5-$10k a month already...

not for you if...

If being coachable sounds about as exciting to you as getting chickenpox...then keep on keeping on, I don’t think you’ll love it inside OTO.

You want to get mind-blowingly new results while doing the same thing.

not for you if...

Around here, we own our stuff, even if we mess up big. So if finger pointing is your favorite sport, you might have a hard time in our community.

When something goes wrong, your first instinct is to play the blame game. 

OTO is PERFECT for you if:

Honestly, who cares if OTO is right for you, I want it to be PERFECT for you!

perfect for you if...

Sure there’s valuable online business training that will literally save you years, and you’ve got that inside OTO. But what you really need is expert eyes on your business helping you make profitable decisions based on your audience and your goals.

You don’t need more INFO, you need more IMPLEMENTATION (with a heaping side of coaching).

perfect for you if...

You’ve walked through the drying concrete of tech set up, you’ve built out your course, you know how to connect your Stripe account to your sales just don’t know how to get more people to buy.

You’re passed the beginner, “How do I collect payment, and also, what’s a lead magnet?” stage. 

perfect for you if...

You’re so freaking close you can taste it. You KNOW you have a good product and you know you have what it takes...but you cannot seem to gain traction no matter what you do.

You’re just plain old hair-pulling, tear-inducing, I-don’t-know- what- else-to-try-to-make-this- work STUCK. 

perfect for you if...

Sure, accountability is great (and you’ll get that, don’t worry)...but sometimes you just need to know that it’s not just you, you’re not the missing link, because suddenly you’re in a smaller pool with other people winning and struggling right alongside of you. And you have experts laying out a clear path forward, and then kicking your booty to help you get there.

You’re so ready to stop doing this alone. 

perfect for you if...

When something doesn’t work, you don’t throw in the towel. You pick yourself up, absorb the lesson, and keep moving forward.

You’re resilient and persistent. 

perfect for you if...

Your work is original, and even though it’s hard not to let Imposter Syndrome tell you it’s no good, you’re not willing to give up and rip off someone else’s work just to get in the game.

Even when doubt and fear creep their way into your thoughts you know, without a doubt, that you have an offer that truly serves, teaches, and changes lives. 

perfect for you if...

You know a lot, that’s what got you where you are. But the truth is, everyone needs a coach. I have a coach. My coach has a coach. You know you need a second pair of expert eyes on your business to help you uncover your blindspots and creatively problem solve to get you where you want to be.

You know that you don’t know it all. 

Sound like you?



12 payments of

--- THE MOST flexible ---

(save $667)



1 payment of


If that’s the life you want, I can give you the step-by-step path to get you there.

I bet, even without OTO, you’ll be able to get yourself some growth in the next 12 months all on your own, you made it this far after all! But at what cost? (and I don’t mean $$) Will it cost you family movie nights, vacations, sleep, anxiety?...

OR will you be on the couch snuggling your kids, binging Netflix, and eating popcorn with the heart-slowing peace of mind that comes with knowing your bills are paid, your debt is gone, your next launch is scheduled, and the last one brought in enough revenue to sustain you and your family for 6 months?

So take a quick minute to close your eyes and think about where you want to be this time next year…

I’ll see you inside!

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