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Online Operations Manager

Wicked Awesome Media is looking to add its next rockstar to our team!

Position: Online Operations Manager
Company: Wicked Awesome Media
Reports to: Rick Mulready, CEO
Job Type: Full-Time, W2, Salaried Employee

Wicked Awesome Media is hiring a full time virtual (work from home) Online Operations Manager.

We are an online coaching and training business for online entrepreneurs and we’re looking for a full time (35+ hours per week), salaried team member to help further the growth of our business and our team.

If you...

Love online business

Love making things happen

Love helping people reach their goals

Have a knack for forecasting what people need (and want) and acting on it before they even realize they needed it

Geek out on all things online marketing

Aren’t afraid to get in the weeds and execute a plan

Love to learn new things and jump in as a master of all things

Are the person who has everything (and maybe everyone) organized like a boss

Then keep reading, because this position is for you!

The right candidate will:

- Align with our company values and be hungry to be part of something bigger than themselves
- Embrace a positive, high-energy attitude and get-it-done mindset that searches for solutions instead of focusing on struggles is essential. (You think about your work in terms of outcomes and results, not hours worked.)
- Be adaptable and ready to pivot or change course at anytime - you don’t get down in the dumps when a project you are working on gets delayed
- Understand the importances of business metrics and looking at the numbers
- Have no problem getting in the weeds and execute to get things done
- Have a passion for online business and leadership development
- Have the ability to learn independently by using the google, watching videos, etc.
- Be a rockstar at communicating with a team and organizing a team around specific tasks and goals
- Be highly adept at learning online technology fast - Bonus if you have experience with tools like Kajabi, ConvertKit, FG Funnels, Wordpress, Showit, setting up landing pages, creating online marketing funnels, creating images, photoshop, etc. and then train others by creating screencasts. Extra bonus if you have fun and are good at writing emails!

Success in this role is a two part formula:

1. Being able to see the overall vision for the business, align all of the moving parts, and execute and be willing to get in the weeds and “do” is one part.

2. In addition, there will be specific projects you will own and drive to completion independently.

At WAM, you won’t be held accountable for simply doing the work, but rather for the results you create. You’ll always know exactly if you’re winning or not.

What this role looks like:

● ConvertKit

● FG Funnels

● Kajabi

● Canva

● SamCart

● Google Suite

● ClickUp

● Slack

● WordPress +ShowIt

● Airtable

● Planoly

● Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Clubhouse

Tools and tech we’d like you to be experienced with (or an equivalent!):

● This is a work from home/anywhere position - yes... Anywhere! As long as you have high speed internet, you can take this job anywhere. (Some in-person events may be held in San Diego, CA)

● Salary range is from $45,000 - $65,000 depending on experience and expertise

● Working hours are flexible, but core hours are based on Pacific time (the business is based in San Diego) and will be defined and mutually agreed upon

● Bonus plan based on achievement of business goals 

● Flexible time off

● FUN and awesome team to work with

● A company MacBook Pro will be sent to you


● Manage all active projects we have open and work with the team to drive and execute them to completion

● Taking ownership of new projects, in partnership with the CEO, and driving them to completion

● Execute new growth strategies for the business, in conjunction with our CEO — podcast, email marketing, sales funnels, etc. 

● Coordinating with vendors and contractors to make sure projects are moving forward (podcast, copywriting, design, new marketing campaigns, etc.)

● Coordinate with team to execute on activities that improve client experience - ensuring our clients are being taken care of in the best ways possible and that we don’t drop the ball when it comes to serving

● Execution on all launch activities in partnership with business lead to ensure successful launch (includes setting up landing pages, managing team, sending emails, etc.)
● Track key business and marketing metrics and manage team scorecard. Make suggestions to the CEO and team for improvements, based on data.

● Make recommendations on how we can operate more efficiently as a team and implement said recommendations

● Maintain, manage, and make updates in various systems that we use in the business

Note: During “launch” periods (typically a maximum of two weeks at a time), the whole team goes into an all-hands-on-deck mode. This means evenings and weekends until the job is done, and it may even mean doing tasks that aren’t normally contained within the job description of this role.

For many, this can be some of the most challenging and rewarding work that we do.

The day to day looks like:

When you come in with the skills listed here, we’ll help you apply them on our team to set you up for success. 

It’s pretty damn cool that we get to work from wherever on our laptops while helping people grow their business and improve their lives. So, finding the fun in everything we’re doing, even when things might seem tough, is our default. And, we don’t take it personally and get upset if someone jumps in to help us out with a project.

Fun/Team Player

We realize that without our customers, we don’t have a business. We realize that our customers are helping us create a bigger impact in the world. We work hard to make our customers feel valued, respected and appreciated.

Service to Our Customers

Our business is one that moves quickly and stuff just, well, can come up that we don’t expect. So we adjust, adapt and move on while laughing about the lessons we’re learning. We believe that everything is possible.

Ability to Adjust + Adapt

We are creative problem solvers and thinkers and aren’t afraid to take initiative when we have ideas we think will help the business. We are resourceful, willing to make suggestions, seek out new ideas while coming to the table with new ideas and are outside-the-box thinkers.

creative problem solver

If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. We follow-through on what we say and are doing, we keep to deadlines and see things through to completion. We take 100% responsibility for your actions and aren’t into blaming others.  


You will be in line with our values:

If you’d like to be considered for this role, please 

Anyone applying outside of the form will be disqualified. Please do not email or DM us to apply for this position.

We thank all interested candidates, however we will only be reaching out to selected candidates. Thank you for understanding.

If you have any questions, please email

Application Instructions


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