#92: Case Study: How Owen Video Increased His Facebook Video Ad Results By Over 3X. - Rick Mulready

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#92: Case Study: How Owen Video Increased His Facebook Video Ad Results By Over 3X.

July 6, 2016

I met Owen Video at Social Media Day San Diego last week.

He walked up to me and told me he attended my Facebook video ads presentation at Social Media Marketing World a few months ago and he said, “man, I gotta be honest with you…

…during that presentation, when you told us to just use our smartphone to record videos for our Facebook ads, I thought you were crazy.

I’m a video marketing consultant and I’m ALL about using a high quality camera and equipment to create great videos.”

He went on to say, “BUT, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and try what you suggested — I ditched the fancy camera and used my iPhone to record some Facebook video ads.

And you know what?  The results were amazing!”

He told me his click-through-rate on his videos went from 3% to over 10%.

Ha!  I love it…

He also shared that his results weren’t JUST due to his using his iPhone to shoot the videos.

And for me, this is where it’s gets really interesting…

He also got really strategic in split testing a variety of thumbnail images for the videos.

Yep, thumbnails — something I don’t normally put a lot of stock into when running Facebook video ads.

But after hearing about Owen’s results, I may change my tune.

He tested 7 different images and found one thumbnail that was a clear winner that drove big time results.

After hearing all this, I told Owen I had to have him on the podcast this week to explain everything he did to get such great results with his Facebook video ad campaign.

In the episode, you’ll also learn:

  • Owen shares how he increased the results of a Facebook video ads campaign from 3% CTR to over 10% by changing a couple of simple things — how the video was shot and the thumbnail image.
  • Owen shares his thought process behind split-testing the specific thumbnails he did.
  • The content of the Facebook video ad and the goal behind it.
  • We break down the sales funnel of the campaign and the strategy behind it
  • What Owen is doing now to increase the conversion rate on the landing page
  • And a whole lot more…

We created a bonus for AOPT listeners: a case study of the Facebook ads video thumbnails Owen used!

Download the case study by clicking the image below:


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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Check out Owen Video’s site: thevideospot.net

Owen’s Facebook page: facebook.com/owen.videox

Owen’s YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/simplebusinessvideo

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