“Best Of": [Case Study] How to OWN a Niche Slow & Steady w/ Kate Dillon

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“Best Of”: [Case Study] How to OWN a Niche Slow & Steady w/ Kate Dillon

December 2, 2020


Today’s episode is going to be a “best of” replay of one of the most highly downloaded episodes in 2020.  

My guest on this episode is Kate Dillon.  Kate is in a very niche market.  In fact, she’s known as the “Girl Who Sells Race Car Parts” and she has an e-commerce business that at the time of this recording was projected to break 7-figures in 2020. 

In this episode, we cover her journey in starting and growing her online training business in 2019, and all the lessons that she’s learned along the way. 

Kate initially created an online course for race car drivers, which she turned into a membership site in the latter part of last year. You’ll hear about the first webinars she did to promote her offering, and what happened when she got intentional with her Facebook ads marketing (and stopped just boosting posts)! 

She admits that running ads in the beginning was “freaky and scary”, but as you will hear, Kate has done an amazing job on them!  

Kate uses a ton of videos in her business and is super effective at using Facebook groups in her overall marketing strategy.  She knows her target audience very well, which allows her to drive all of her messaging and marketing to an audience that isn’t used to purchasing online course offerings. 

Kate knows how to own a niche. I gained so much insight from what she had to say in this conversation so I am excited to bring it back in case you missed this episode the first time!  Stay tuned because I am excited to have her back on for an update in 2021!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Kate got into the race car business after getting her degree in interior decorating 
  • What really opened her eyes to the amazing opportunities available in the online space
  • The lessons Kate took from a previous “failure” and the ultimate dream she has for her online business
  • What the process of launching her first course looked like, and why she says that creating it was the “easy part”
  • The way she pivoted to offering a membership program, what her first webinar experience was like, and the way she upped her Facebook ads game for the second one
  • All the stats from her webinar, including ad spend, cost per lead and her insane conversion rate
  • What to consider when determining what audiences to target and messages to use with them
  • The challenges Kate faced in her marketing to her own niche
  • How Kate is continuing to build her email list 


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