Part 1 – Attract

Hey there!

Have you heard the story about the woman who bought a hamster for her kids, only to lose it in her car?

Seriously, somewhere between the pet store and her house, she lost it. Nowhere to be seen.

A day later, she climbed behind the wheel and realized her seat belts were torn to shreds.

The little thing stayed hidden in her car for another 5 days!

But ya wanna know something?

I love that little hamster.

That hamster represents the hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs looking to hop OFF the wheel and finally get behind it.


You see, if you’re running your online business full-time and still not seeing the success you want… then yeah. I’m comparing you to a hamster (no offense!)

Because most hamsters, like most online business owners…forget that there’s a big world out there beyond the cage.

They get stuck.

Because once you’ve reached that, oh, like $5k+/month level, life becomes comfortable.

So even though you’re…

Running fast but not making much headway.

Making money but have no way to scale aside from working more hours.

Sacrificing your lifestyle, freedom, and long-term happiness for something that’s paying the bills now.

You keep telling yourself that if you…




You’ll get to the finish line.

The same finish line that all the folks you’re following on Insta seem to have crossed loooong ago.

And on the other side of that elusive line lives sustainable revenue growth and the ability to generate leads and sales on autopilot.

What nobody tells you is…

  • To get to that place you have to hop OFF the wheel.


  • How to do that when you’re already running non-stop trying to keep your business from going up in flames.

I’ve seen coaches, consultants, and online experts struggle with this dilemma more times than there are hamsters in San Diego.

Heck, I’ve been there myself… (At one point I nearly gave up because of it, but I’ll save that story for tomorrow.)

I share all this with you because I’ve been there.  I’ve struggled BIG time.

It’s my own intimacy with this struggle that inspired me to create what I call…

the ‘Power A’ Formula.

The ‘Power A’ is the 3-phase foundation of ANY successful business

If you’re a hella busy full-time online business owner that still hasn’t hit 6-figures with ease — this formula is for you.

It’s a proven process that’s allowed my students to soar well beyond the $100k mark without saying farewell to freedom.

This is the foundation I wish someone had taught me sooner.

So I’m gonna pull out my inner woo-woo and be the change I wish to see.

Let’s dig into the first Pillar of the ‘Power A’ Formula:


Attract your dream customers with irresistible, transformational offers, without hustling harder or bordering anywhere near burnout.

Step 1: Align with Your Ideal Audience

You don’t have to work with every Ned or Nancy who emails you or you talk to. In fact, you shouldn’t.

This is about more than being selective — it’s about giving up the good to make room for the great.

Great customers are the ones that take action, that align with your vision and values, and that get results.

When you start working with these folks, they don’t mind paying top-dollar for your expertise AND they make your work more fulfilling.

So how do you find ‘em?

The truth is, it takes more than a well-thought-out customer avatar.

It takes asking pivotal questions like…

  • If I could work with *anyone* who would I work with and why?
  • If I could get that person life-altering results, what would they write in their testimonial? (Get specific!)
  • What would it take for this caliber of customer to gravitate toward me? If you don’t know, start finding those people and ASKING. ⇐ Because this is where your core offers and messaging mastery come in.

Step 2: Create Your Core Offer

Your core offer is your money maker.

In a perfect world, this is a leveraged offer that allows you to scale your impact and income without clocking more hours or doing more 1:1.

Easier said than done, right?

At first glance, yes.

But once you intimately understand what the audience you want to attract really needs (and what it’s worth to them), all you have to do is deliver and position yourself as the only option.

Now maybe you’re asking, ok Rick but how do I position myself as the only option when there are heaps of other online businesses doing what I do?

Step 3: Master Your Message

Your message is a key differentiating factor that has the power to help you stand out and attract your ideal customers in a way that nothing else can.

That might sound intimidating, but here’s what’s great about it → most online business owners don’t give much thought to their message. There’s not a whole lot of room for intention when you’re non-stop hustling.

This gives YOU an advantage. Simply stepping back and looking at…

  • What you stand for
  • What makes your business different
  • What commonly held limiting belief bubbles can you burst
  • And how your unique story can be tied in

… Is loads more effort than the average time-starved entrepreneur puts in.

Yes, I know this is all a lot to think about, but I wanna challenge you to just start.

This is how you pull an escape artist hamster move and get out of the time-for-money trap.

As I said, the ‘Power A’ Formula has 3-phases.

What I’ve just shared with you today is just the first — it ALL starts with the “Attract” phase.

Do your homework and start thinking about these key elements of Attracting the right customers.

I’ll be back in your inbox soon to talk about what happens during the 2nd phase of the ‘Power A’ Formula …

Get ready to accelerate (hint, hint!),

Appreciate you and talk soon —