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ISM 044: Pat Flynn on Using Transparency and Social Media to Dramatically Scale Your Business

February 17, 2014

Pat Flynn

In this episode of Inside Social Media, I’m honored to welcome online entrepreneur Pat Flynn from

I wanted to have Pat on the show because he has a built a massively successful brand through focusing on helping people first while being completely transparent about his business.

Specifically, he’s very open about how he has built his business, where his revenue comes from each month and how much revenue he actually generates from the different areas of his business.

He also learns from what others are doing and models and applies those learnings to his own business (sound familiar?).

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More About This Show

Pat’s transparency about his business lends itself really well to social media so it’s no surprise that Pat is really effective with his social efforts.  Social media is all about connecting with people on a human level, right?  Pat’s social strategy of weaving his personal and business lives together is something we can all learn from.

In this episode, we talk about his recently being named to’s “10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should be Following” along with likes of Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hsieh from Zappos, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and other big hitters.  And, we get into his specific strategies that make his Twitter efforts so effective.

We also dive into Pat’s Facebook strategies and why it’s his #1 referring site to his website, where he earns his passive income.

One of my favorite quotes from the interview is “If you don’t share things on social media that show you’re a “real” person, people will go to someone else.” TWEET THIS

You’ll Also Specifically Learn Things Like:

  • The role social media plays in Pat’s online business that generates mid-5 figures.
  • His successful Twitter strategy that landed him on’s list of 10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following with Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hsieh from Zappos
  • Pat’s secret to creating viral Facebook posts.  Wait until you hear about a recent post he put up on his Facebook page!
  • How Pat specifically uses social media to give behind-the-scenes access of his business.
  • And a whole lot more here with Pat today!

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Insider Show Notes with Pat Flynn

On the effects of social media on small businesses…

  • Social media allows you to connect much more deeply with your audience than any other marketing medium.

  • By showing a more personal side of yourself, you let your customers know that you’re actually human.

On showing the personal side of your brand…

  • Being able to show your personal side is an inherent advantage that small businesses have over the bigger brands – so utilise it.

  • People want to connect with other people.

  • By simply communicating with your audience you can make a hugely positive impression on them.

On staying involved with your Twitter followers…

  • You may not be able to respond to everybody, but just making an effort to will go a long way.

  • When you’re just starting out you should be able to get back to most tweets.

  • Put every day questions and comments out there to initiate conversation with your followers.

  • The power of Twitter is the ability to learn from your customers. Use it to test and experiment.

On building momentum on Facebook…

  • Images are a powerful way of sharing a message through Facebook.

  • Targeting a post to a specific audience encourages shares and tags to like-minded users

  • Spending a little money to boost your post can increase your exposure significantly.

  • Effective Facebook promotion will boost your efforts on other social media platforms.

  • Paying for Facebook promotion should be done for content which has some momentum built up already.

On using tools to increase social media productivity…

  • Although automation tools for social media are great for keeping your accounts active, they’re no substitution for real interaction.

  • Tools like Tweriod allow you to see what times your audience is active so you know when you should be around.

  • Using Tweetdeck will organize and track your Twitter account and ultimately help you really engage with your audience. 

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