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How Scaling Back Actually Grew Her FB Ads Business with Rachel McMichael

Today’s guest on the podcast is Rachel McMichael, someone who is also a member of James Wedmore’s Inner Circle Mastermind with me and a former student of my Facebook Ads Manager Program.

In this episode, Rachel really opens up about the evolution of her business, and I can say that I haven’t seen her happier than she is right now. Not to mention, her and I have something in common as she just found out she’s pregnant, this time with her second child!

You’re going to hear how she started her first online business in the fitness space 6 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter. Back then Rachel knew she wanted to create something fast online, and she was so successful running her own Facebook ads for her bootcamp that other fitness trainers started approaching her for help growing their businesses.

Rachel now has an online web design and Facebook ads agency serving coaches and online course creators that has really taken off. In fact, Rachel is fully booked and has a waiting list of at least 6 months at the moment, but getting to this point wasn’t without some struggles, which she talks about today. Rachel really had the tech and ads part down, but she joined my course looking for tips and strategies for growing the business side of things while getting overwhelmed in the process.

Rachel’s been able to build an amazing business working with the right clients, and she now just works with clients launching.  In this episode, Rachel is going to share how she has actually been able to grow more quickly by keeping things small, and by “scaling back.” The most exciting takeaway for listeners of this episode is hearing that there will never be a shortage of work for good Facebook ads managers!

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On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • What Rachel learned as she progressed through my course and how she started attracting her ideal clients
  • The significant shift she made in her business earlier this year and why she says it was so necessary
  • What valuable lessons she’s learned around pricing her services and charging what she’s worth
  • What happens when you don’t set boundaries with clients – plus the two words Rachel says has changed everything for her business
  • How she’s refined her interview process with potential clients and what type of person she will not work with
  • The insights Rachel has gained around outsourcing, including the single biggest mistake she’s made around hiring
  • The ways she’s embraced the leadership role and what 3 roles she would hire for first if she were to start all over again
  • Rachel’s biggest insights around having a successful mindset and the best thing a new ad manager can do right now
  • What her business will look like after baby #2

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