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ISM Episode 2: Rick Wion, McDonald’s US Director of Social Media

March 27, 2013

Inside Social Media PodcastRick Wion, McDonald’s US Director of Social Media is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media podcast.

Rick’s job is unique because not only is he representing the overall McDonald’s brand, but 85-90% of McDonald’s are owned by franchises.  So, that means over 90 different local Twitter handles.

In the interview you’re going to hear about how McDonald’s leverages Twitter to connect with new and existing customers, including clear insights on how you can model their success.

Here are the top tips and strategies that Rick and I discuss, that you can take and put into action immediately for your own business:

  • Take the extensive reach of Twitter and apply a small filter (using keywords, hashtags, etc.) to it to find people within a particular area.
  • Developing your “voice” on Twitter takes time.  There’s no right or wrong.  Stick with it and use it to network with people in your area.
  • Unsure of how often you should be posting content?  Experiment.  Try different types of content and then with different frequencies.  You’ll find your sweet spot for how well people respond to you.
  • Regardless of what social media platform you’re using, always be listening to your customers.  Use that feedback to make you smarter as both a marketer and company.
  • Be thoughtful in terms of how you’re building your following on Twitter.  It’s about the quality of the followers and the quality of the relationships that you’re able to build on Twitter more than anything.
  • When considering a marketing campaign where you’ll be leveraging Twitter, the goal shouldn’t be about getting tweets or followers.  Numbers alone don’t move the business,  Rather, look at strategic elements that actually help build your business.
  • Don’t over think Twitter.  It’s 140 characters.  Try and make time for it every day.  When you find your voice and you’re building a network, you’ll figure out where your pay off is in terms of using it as a business tool.

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