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#126: (Encore Episode) How To Niche Down For Success As A Facebook Ads Manager

February 27, 2017

On the podcast today, I’m trying something I’ve not done yet on the show…

This is an encore of one of the most requested episodes we’ve done yet on the show.  

Episode 126 is an interview with my friend and former student, Robb Bailey, who has built a very successful Facebook ads agency for himself — an agency that specializes in managing Facebook ads in the fitness niche.  

And as you’ll hear during my talk with Robb, he works with niche businesses within the fitness niche.

Robb’s been in the online marketing world for over a decade and he spent nine of those years running, what he calls, a “jack-of-all-trades” marketing agency.

He and his team offered everything from SEO to blog writing to marketing automation — you name it.

But as you’ll hear Robb explain on the show, offering tons of services to tons of clients in tons of industries can lead to, well….a ton of stress.

This year, he finally decided to niche down and focus on solving a specific problem for businesses in a specific industry. Now, he runs a successful Facebook Ads agency that serves businesses in the health and fitness industries.

Whether you manage Facebook ads for clients or not, you’ve got to hear the smart strategies Robb used to optimize the profitability of his ads management business while prioritizing top-notch results for his clients.

It’s some seriously good stuff.

Still, the biggest reason I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode is because Robb talks a lot about how niching down in business has allowed him to level up his happiness in life.

It’s a show with the kind of value that, frankly, speaks for itself.

I hope you’ll agree.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • Robb’s initial client acquisition strategy when he started his Facebook ads agency
  • How Robb charged new clients for his Facebook Ads services
  • Why niching down is a game-changer for business owners today
  • What’s allowed Robb to actually interview potential clients and pick and choose who he wants to work with
  • How Robb is able to offer a money-back guarantee on his services
  • The value you can gain by looking at offers from similar businesses as you’re setting up Facebook ad campaigns
  • Why video can be the difference between a home run Facebook ads campaign and a complete strikeout
  • The importance of a follow up sales sequence and how to set one up so it works with your Facebook ads strategy
  • And a lot more…

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Check out Robb on Facebook: Facebook.com/RobbBailey

Want contact Robb? Text him at: 619-202-8441

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads in sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right. Let’s jump into it.

[00:00:29] Welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast everybody what’s going on. Rick I’m already here. This is episode number 126 Thanks a lot for coming to hang out today really appreciate it. Hope this finds you well whatever you’re up to today. Today on the podcast I want to try something I’m not done yet and that is to have an encore episode of one of the previous episodes that we’ve done here in the show. And the reason I’m doing that is I get a ton of feedback from you. How much you like this particular episode. And it’s actually made it one of the most popular episodes that we’ve done yet here in the show. Also we’ve got a ton of new listeners for the podcast here since the beginning of 2000. 17 So this is an interview with my friend and former student Rob Bailey who has built a very successful Facebook Ads agency for himself it’s kind of a boutique agency and it’s an agency that specialized in managing Facebook ads for the fitness niche or as you’re going to hear during this talk with Rob. He works with niche businesses within that overall fitness niche that will make him a whole lot more sense here as we get into it and the whole knitting thing is a big focus for today’s episode.

[00:01:36] How Radnich down to specialize in a very specific type of client and that is what not to spoil anything here but that’s what really allowed him to take off because it wasn’t always that way for him for several years Rob ran a kind of a jack of all trades on my marketing agency and he wasn’t happy because of it he was exhausted jumping back and forth with different clients in different specialties and so forth and he really just wasn’t happy. So today you’re going to learn a strategy that Rob used to get his first Facebook Ads clients how Rob charge those first Facebook Ads clients. Why notching down has now allowed Rob to interview potential clients himself not the other way around. Really cool concept that he shares there. We get into how he’s been able to offer a money back guarantee on his Facebook Ads management services by looking at other offers in your niche can be invaluable. Why video can be the difference between homerun ads and strikeouts. Why clients need to have a follow up system in place in order to have successful Facebook ads and a whole lot more as you can see here I’m kind of getting out of breath that we cover a lot here in this episode. Now before we dive in if you were somebody who’s interested in managing Facebook ads for other businesses maybe this is something that maybe you’re already doing Facebook ads and managing them and you want to scale maybe this is something you want to start as a side hustle while you’re building your own online business. Maybe you want to manage ads for a full time as your business maybe you already are really good at Facebook ads. Now you want to create a business out of it but you’re not quite sure how to start that business and get clients Well I want invite you to a brand new free online training that’s taking place this week.

[00:03:17] This is going to be Wednesday and Thursday Wednesday March 1st and Thursday March 2nd is the five steps to creating a profitable Facebook ads business go for making $165 a month per client over $2000 a month per client like Kerry and others. Again I’m going be doing three live trainings this week starting on Wednesday March 1st at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Also going to do one at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday the first and then another one live the next day Thursday March 2nd at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time. These are all going to be the same trainings with different live Q&A of course. So choose a day and time that works best for you. You don’t have to attend all three unless of course you want to come hang out at me which would be awesome in live training you going to learn this simple formula for attracting and closing a consistent stream of ideal clients with budget to spend and they aren’t going to drain the life out of you. How to Have Your Facebook ads business up and running and profitable within 30 days or massively scaling your current business. Discover how one Facebook Ads manager went from a monthly retainer of one hundred sixty five dollars over $2000 per client per month within a year while raising three kids. And we also get into how one Facebook Ads manager got his first client before even learning Facebook ads and he’s now generated over a million and a half dollars in revenue for his clients so to reserve your spot on one of these free trainings. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business.

[00:04:54] Also be sure and link that up in the show notes for today’s episode. You can choose a day in time that works best for you right there.

[00:05:00] So without further ado let’s jump into it. Here is the encore interview with Rob Bailey Rob Bailey Welcome to the art of paid traffic how is it going my friend.

[00:05:10] Oh thank you sir for having me.

[00:05:12] Absolutely. I am so pumped to have you on here we we were catching up last week and you were filling me in on everything we’ve been doing this year. I mean we’re recording this. Early early part in November so you’ve had most of the year to be working on stuff and you would give me a lot that I like when I was so excited for you. Like I got to have you on the podcast and to share what I’ve been doing because we have a background. We’ve been working together. Or I should say we were working together a little over a year ago and write about a year and a half ago so we’re on the That’s right.

[00:05:42] Yeah I think it’s easier today.

[00:05:45] I mean to you just like just took off this year and what’s going to come up during our conversation here is what I’m most happy about is I can tell in your voice how happy you are and that like that just means a ton to me. So why don’t we before we get before we kind of dive into things here why don’t you give a sort of a quick background about who you are and what your background is.

[00:06:07] Yes. So yes I have a you know I’m from San Diego but I wish it was my business story as I was flailing for years. All of this is from a six years ago as Agency and agency secretly started to like it or you know Jack of all trades. You know we are a nation of social media most of the sea. And so although we had you know a lot of revenue I was I was making a lot of money not a whole lot of money so I’m sure that that agency that we least our offices this last go to something else I kind of had to hit the reset button. That was two years ago now. So you had it in your sights you know for a while that’s when I met you I saw your workshop. And really this guy is a serious serious business. You know so you got to see that you very very very extreme moments. Well was a lot happier all of that. And so that’s sort of the short history.

[00:07:18] Yeah when we started working together you were you were doing that agency thing and you were like i’m glad you brought that up because you were a jack of all trades you were doing a little bit of everything you were doing as CEO writing articles content marketing you’re doing.

[00:07:32] You’re doing some Facebook ads you’re doing all kinds of everything. And that was one of the conversations that we had was all right. Are you ready to kind of niche down from there.

[00:07:41] Because that was one of the first things that I was able to see when we started working together was that you were unhappy and you know yeah the agency was successful but you know like you mentioned the revenue coming into your pocket wasn’t that much compared to what the agency was doing. So we you kind of don’t know how long it took you so I want to hear about that. But when did you finally because now that you’re here in 2016 you have been focusing on Facebook ads only. Is that is that correct.

[00:08:11] Correct. Yeah and it took me forever to figure this out like I do it online because like 11 years. I know a lot about it. But that still doesn’t mean that I was good at making it profitable this is like those are two very different things as you well know. And so yes so essentially about a year ago I you were charging you remember I remember you asking me why I hadn’t considered just doing Facebook ads as a service to clients. You know they have got to wait and see. And I was like you know I was like it’s crazy. I do work for our sakes here and today as soon as you see doing this class already.

[00:08:57] And the reason I brought that up is because you had somebody on your team who was doing Facebook ads you were learning Facebook ads and the clients that you were working with. And also if I remember correctly new conversations that you were having with other businesses were centering on Facebook ads. But you were you were very like you just didn’t want to go there which I totally respect that’s totally fine. But at what point did you make that shift so you go from what you were doing sort of jack of all trades into the agency that you are right now.

[00:09:29] Yeah for sure. So what ended up happening was you’re right I was getting tons of people asking me to ask for that. Still at that moment the problem was that I did not specialize even further down from there so I even asked how would search to get it where it was. You know it was just waking up every day and trying to figure everything out for you all the time all over again you know because that’s what it really is previous three four or five years of my life looks like you know I was constantly just how kids are you know. Is it possible. Something that is stressful it’s tiring. It it’s your best creative energy out of you all that is largely appreciated. Think of the day you know. So. So essentially what was happening was I wish I had had a couple of pretty good relationships which is why I said it again I that was the because what I did was I shout to my friends family and business contacts and just said hey listen you know I’m concerned sorry gas agency and teachers know if you or you get cut off in the middle class they go oh my god I was just looking for something just like you the other day. Right. And it was like almost every single hole that day that was happening.

[00:10:52] And these were these were people you already knew. Yeah.

[00:10:56] People were never so literally like just friends of friends. Right. Well my good good friends. She was a district manager restaurants like you know what do you think of that she’s like. Well it’s possible it’s easier for a restaurant to be connected like six other people already. That’s right. You. So what are they doing. I I lots of opportunity so maybe I should do is start off focusing in like her or two. And it turned out that I had a ton of not only acquaintances and friends or the real estate industry but I also was in real estate before I started on my marketing. So I knew the average I knew this also I said OK let me just reach out to a few realtors and see how this goes. You know it’s now being religious so I literally had and I had a couple of other you know Facebook as clients that were really stalwart just in all different types of articles but I wanted to try to figure out and narrow this down. Right. So I literally it was also the second I decided that I started getting all kinds of people who are close friends of mine acquaintances of people who I didn’t really know that well just it was me you know got in touch my face and said Richard will say you know. And also not seeing all these I was with you today. Well they’re probably still there. I just sort of pay attention to them.

[00:12:24] But you know I really started to understand an hour ago because I read for a while and I said hey you know I kind of knew how they were saying but it had some success. Eliot you and my other clients were I just read a little bit good for you for free. So really release in exchange for a case study. He said Why would I say no to that. Yeah. So they just happened to turn out that this guy is you know pretty well connected and stuff. And so I created what I think is like a home run campaign for good house promotion. And then I use as a case study to go out for realtors and I sold them the exact same campaign over and over and over and over again.

[00:13:07] So you know my campaign was he used an open house campaign. Yeah.

[00:13:12] OK so when did that kind of look like so you would you or you did it the first time in so it’s more like the setup would be you’re basically just targeting locally and you get an image of the Homer. I’m assuming just like very simplistically. But for me it’s pretty good perspective and how you’re pitching that to other realtors at that time. What did that conversation look like.

[00:13:32] So what I just told him was I said we can forgive people. And he’s like they really have this page. He’s my agent was with them. He was like kind of like just getting into a real estate like he was in the home remodeling business. And then he’s he’s getting into being a full Agent talking to him. Right. So he does have like his huge budget does this. But will you have a Facebook page. Let me show you what the ads can do so he can target people like Tubridy is income level. There are a whole lot of married not all these things. What I can do is make it so that like 10 to 30 thousand people in your neighborhood or circle around the house no literal House is out today. You know so if I show them and announcing what you would announce like a direct mail postcard or something. It’s only the people who you could afford to buy a house or buy a current homeowner like me that would sell their house of course. But I used to do it for a fraction of the cost. It’s like yeah yeah. So I convinced them just to put a few hundred bucks and spend. And I mean it was dead and all that it was dead all just down saying Open House. And we’ve heard of people who could afford to buy and sell our house because. That’s all fine.

[00:14:58] But the beautiful thing about it was all we did was ask people to deliver toward video and open house photos to it is a form your name email address and phone number in here if you like your brochure and the videos for Diller’s area box the order for them immediately. And that was it. It was the only thing that it was that elaborate We said that was the following email just saying the same thing and a link to a link to the video. And that is the only thing that we did and this thing just worked like gangbusters. It was crazy hours.

[00:15:37] So we’re getting about 100 leads for 500 bucks which is us.

[00:15:48] And she also got it so you know on the same page we’re also just like you know hey here’s my phone or text me or call me if you want to schedule a showing or if you have any questions at all. Just reach out to me with a picture of him with his license number and all that good stuff. So it’s very personal. So when the wind is really yeah. And phone calls and stuff over the house he will offer a house and had a few offers for that saying you can read. So he was just like that’s crazy. First of all I believe it has happened. There was so many people that he cannot even talk to other people that’s open house. So I could probably had going for it that definitely helped. I got a lot to say like you know we did for church property because at the same time this guy was like What did you do. You know this is this is crazy. So there’s plenty of work out there to giving the momentum to go you know good business and have the confidence to tell people that and get them results because that’s what I was doing. That line will sell their souls and it just a lot easier to talk about it after that it’s Subra.

[00:17:03] So you use that as a case study. I’m sure gave your testimonial to take it to other realtors at that point. And what I love about are you do and here is you didn’t go to them and say they you could do X Y and Z. You said look I will do this campaign this type of campaign for you. And so you just pretty much replicating everything you’ve done for her that guy there. Now I have to ask you this and I’m sure that we’ll talk more about this as we go because I get this question pretty much on a daily basis. How did you start charging. I know that you did it. You did that. That was a free campaign for your buddy there. But as he went to other realtors How do you start charging at that point or what were you offering now.

[00:17:42] So what we’re doing is what we quickly figured out was that this isn’t just open houses as a business model. We’re acquired so much starting and stopping. So I started charging about $1000 as a service fee to run the whole campaign for them. And then I sent an additional $500 for the ads that just went directly to Facebook. And the reason why we did it was because you know most agents were getting like between 50 and 100 people for their open house and about 100 tweets. But it was how they like it was turned out to be not about. It was actually an opportunity to get good clients. In other words it wasn’t particularly serving that particular time. They were the open house for. It was more like introducing new opportunities. And the old house was just the event that was the conduit to make that happen you know. So we were selling it it was housing bust broken houses. There was just one had one or things like that so.

[00:18:41] So was that hasn’t. Was it a thousand for one like for one open house or because. Because realtors have I’m assuming they have multiple open houses let’s say during a month maybe you have me four during the month. Would that be. Were you charging per open house per month or how would that work.

[00:18:58] So yes we a a certain size. So I decided to focus solely on top producers of brokers because those are the people that you just like we had some brokers that were doing like video houses. You want to set a floor for 20 500 or so. We had some brokers or some months plus you know as much as is required to do all you know listen campaigns advise campaigns over the house so I know it was sort of a case scenario perhaps tell you that we stops focusing on that goal because what was happening was that Asians are getting so many of these areas that most of them are overweight loaded up basically.

[00:19:44] And like I said three months. Sure. It didn’t work out so they were built for growth. I can think of. Yes. Yes I mean those super super small businesses actually a for pensions as they all have the automation or leverage or the you know training to handle growing that fast you know it’s just it’s almost like you know I think you’ve probably spent hours but it seems to me like most small businesses that are tried before that for the purposes of scaling up you know. And that’s what I figured out so we quickly changed to a vertical that could handle more scale just from the business model itself which is health and fitness industry and that’s helped out with that problem a lot. So since like the beginning of this year we began focusing on just the health of this industry and that’s worked out a lot better. They can handle this scale was much easier. That makes sense.

[00:20:42] Why did you shift to. I mean I understand why you shifted but why did you go to the health and fitness niche.

[00:20:47] So one of our earlier clients was our service OK. And here he has this is he who owns a small studio and wanted out of this industry is like if GM or the studio require studio or any of that has group classes it’s a lot easier for them to fill out those classes. Just yesterday had to do to fill up the classes than they would have to do otherwise. They did have one person in class for all the people out there. Their operational cost like everything basically the same the only difference is like if people are you know they’re not where. Whereas like in Asia for example is someone sort of one on one right. So the juniors as house businesses typically have some sort of while some may follow or improve basic model built into them. And so we could sell our slots our classes. I mean we can have a whole new universe to GM and we’re going to love it and they can handle it. You know it it leads to almost any professional services provider 80 staff. So things are in place.

[00:22:05] Yeah actually you know what’s really smart.

[00:22:08] So you’ve you really honed and you really niche down on the into the health and fitness niche this year. How many clients are you working on. Like have you kind of experimented with and found to your group as far as the number of clients that you can work with at a time and really service them well.

[00:22:25] Yeah I mean it’s becoming more and more picky which is a good thing right it allows me to search for sites who I can really help to solve. And it sounds like you know most people who are a small business they’ve experienced this before the more diluted their messaging gets the more of a generalist or jock culture they get the less they’re able to actually saw one specific problem. Right. So you got to do is just help somebody that can take a little bit of a higher learning. So we start working with tiny yoga studios that just have like one room to fill. And that’s the only thing they offer. Most of our guys are on franchises. We have a pretty high capacity say that since November is a month with ease. And they really serve them while there’s a lot of different types of things that they can and members can do so Zulma SAS platies yoga class training. Crossfit classes strength training or training. So these are all different by class things that you can do it again of a certain size. And so we must see how does that look like that. So what we’re hoping is that we have received a couple of those in class that we turned it down to like we 18. We’re helping those a much more than we were doing when we have that kind of science in my list of people you know I mean so you really niched down within the niche.

[00:23:55] Yes.

[00:23:56] Now it’s just one of the kind of dive into that little bit more because I think that’s so important. And you know I think you and I were talking about this last week when we were chatting on the phone and this is a conversation I have with a lot of my students who are managing ads for other businesses. And if they’re just starting out it’s a conversation I’m not laughing. I’m just I just I’m laughing because there’s so much opportunity out there yet what I often see happening is they’re picking sort of the hardest businesses to start off with. You know it’s like set yourself up for success rate from the beginning. Meaning like pick something that you know that you know that you can help them right away and then start to build that momentum from there and you start up. That’s what you did you turn up with the realtors because you understood that market you got some experience there you got to you know and then figured out that you know what this is not a really a niche that that is really working for me. I don’t really want to focus on this. We’re going to pivot this way. And now you’ve niched down to within the health and fitness niche what really has that allowed you guys to do outside of knowing exactly what works for them.

[00:25:03] So all that first of all I can understand how hard it you just touch on it’s like shoes Here’s where the level of confidence that I’m out with I are a money back guarantee from working with somebody I get results and that’s what I care about most.

[00:25:20] I think the thing that you talk about like this part of my frustration with my previous agency clients for that I cared more about the results that they did you know to me I had a fundamental problem with having a business relationship was not like that because at some point down the line they’re going to go well this is all worked out for me and I’m going to have to say yes because you don’t want to pick up the phone and make these changes or soulless piece of software or find the person that’s holding you back or something like that.

[00:25:49] You know I don’t feel good at doing that you know going home being business owners but also someone has got that attitude is unappreciated by the help that I’m bringing into that. And so you know when I get into a relationship with a client now I’m a trusted adviser I’m a growth adviser I’m helping them grow in a way that is good for their businesses. This Groupon type thing where they get blasted one day was you know cheap tire kickers that can’t handle the business anyway it’s a strain on them the next day it’s all gone. You know a lot of back to square one. Yeah I guess that’s not the type of help that we’re delivering or elevator profitably acquiring kind of service members patients you know where is the very steady pace week in week out month after month. You know we’re doing it for profits a strain on their business financially and we’re doing it in a way where it’s free to plan you know make a promotional calendar you know plan or offer for the year. Yeah I’d really like to know their customer to figure out what their customers wants and needs are and help them craft that message that they can be their missed to you know. So what is this. It’s a lot of search results you know so. Sure. These are two important results here. But you know I think what it does mostly is you know we’re able to get those kinds of results for people like us with Facebook ads.

[00:27:13] Sometimes we each I sometimes just really fast but once they start to go Oh this works you know oh there’s money in thank you for your efforts. Oh I can certainly try that at all. It’s just a conversation completely changes. They are able to relax or sleep or appears that live happily. They’re able to do things that they know they should be doing longer term things instead of just you know struggling day to day wondering what kind of crap they’re put out there in the marketplace just out of time. So increase sales income for income for the most small business is crazy frankly. You know it allows us to do our best work with that I just can’t explain how valuable that is. I know that you know that Rick is for somebody who has never failed as hard as I was frustrated with not being able to help our clients in the way that we’ve seen what if we could we should it’s just night and day different than this.

[00:28:14] Explain how this highly DPN to that. My next question there about what you’re talking about as far as you know when you’re so niched down into these types of clients within the health and fitness space it becomes a snowball effect because when you need a new client if you do you can just use like the case studies and the results that you’re getting from your previous clients that are just like these new ones that you might be approaching and use that as leverage to get these new clients. Now when you went into I’m so glad you went into that as far as like they’re able to figure out exactly you know what the return is on the spend that they’re that they’re spending on Facebook ads and audio on you guys to run this for them so they’re able to see an immediate return maybe in immediate return but they’re able to very clearly calculate this out and able to as you said like you know plan and content calendar promotional calendar and all this other stuff. How do you track that. You know coming in from the cost of a lead from Facebook ads all the way through to you know this and this person sign up for whatever it is a free class or a free week’s worth of classes and then that person signed up or you know converted into a longer term paying customer.

[00:29:23] That’s the question. So this is that we provide on a present for you meaning we run a self-contained campaign for that. In other words they know that every dollar that they send our Cercy and the gas is resulting in a lead that could only have come from one place. Got it. So who’s right I’ll just explain it for sure.

[00:29:44] But it’s a simple got a direct response for a group on site offers the way to describe it because people sort of know what it is like for example you could offer a free trial for a week or two weeks months whatever you want to do but to craft it Director slots offer that’s actually so stingy in cold and corporate. And so we get something that they want and they click with me to do the page that we’ve built through them that’s usually got a video that says it just reiterates the direct response offer and tells them why they should take action now where the person is in their name email address and phone number that lead gets shot off to our clients so that they can pick up the phone call them and follow up with an additional waste but what also happens is that they get sent to a Google feed that we shared between us and our client so we know exactly we have really tested all of the leads that came from that campaign and both sides know exactly what’s happening.

[00:30:46] So Philidor king more catch all news coming in that day. For us our client and type they hold that person are docilely know they’re actually like picking it up with the sales to close the person and things like that. The entire campaign. You know it is just it’s very simple but it’s like that quote It’s like we said if we had 10 hours to get out the tree we spent eight hours sharpening the axe two hours executing on chopping a tree down right. Yeah. So that’s that works. And our clients you know it’s funny because usually what happens is the story gets started and those happen is the exposure gets added sales like declines are starting to report back to us that only moderately in you know 20 years he’s trying to get new members because they can just look at the database that he writes to them every day. But they’re saying that people are just walking on the street going oh I saw your Facebook and just decided to stop. So they were reporting additional sales on top of what came through that fall which is amazing and awesome. Yeah.

[00:31:51] Now you share with me and and if you don’t want to share. That’s totally cool but you here with me last week sort of a case study of a gene that you’re that you’re either working with right now or have recently worked with can you kind of get some loose details on what that campaign look like.

[00:32:04] Yeah sure. This is a good example of what’s what’s possible. I’ll give you guys you know basically that the homebred what I think is a home run campaign but we’re doing this on the regular on a smaller scale without a single double triple sort of scale with all of our citizens in health class. So I would hate to say these results are typical but they just because it sounds like I’m about to be asked my way it I have documentation at all it’s real. I have even got the of cells saying this stuff on video so I can assure you all this drill. But so that outcome that we achieved with this right after working for three months with us this is just a local Javitz Assata corporate jet is not a franchise or anything it’s a single other single location. Was just about 21 ish hundred dollars in ads spread over a three month period. We were able to had over $200000 in yearly revenue to their job. And I think it’s like over $60000 in upfront fees over this three months.

[00:33:05] So yeah that number is life changing. Yeah the guy who shelled out his life savings is what he is now is a span of twenty one dollar he said. Over three months. Yeah.

[00:33:17] What was he what was he offered that that you guys use.

[00:33:21] So what we did was this gym that has a cart is sort of like that. You know we ask all kinds of places we’re focusing. Yeah. It’s actually pretty darn big. Spin studio yoga studio across Syria. Gospel Choir is going to open up open workout areas so you can push sleds or you know there’s just stuff out that you can use in the open area. And it just got to normal like you know treadmills free weights all the machines. It’s got tons of showers. So it’s a nicer place. You know it’s not cheap to go there. I pay five bucks a month. So essentially this place has a lot of capacity to add to fill up. You know it’s not the size of the growth in this infrastructure it to grow. So what we ended up doing was saying let’s look at all the other tools like this GM who offer something similar right. You can compare apples to apples. And we took inventory of sort of when the market was offering us an introductory offer that we just made it better. It was very simple. We didn’t try to reinvent the offer or get super fancy or bright people. So the offer from now on was pretty limited. So you know it’s certainly like if you’re the yogurt or something you’re you understand that it’s 100 to 200 hours a month so you know the membership for I loved it you know. Right. The typical studio.

[00:34:45] So it is free SUPERVALU what you want to go to the same class every day same thing 650 bus monitor think for at least like crazy since studios you know so the line is really high over that child care. I mean it’s just it’s a really nice place to go and Ted is created by you that’s enough time for them to get to get to like it just that one day is just out enough for people to you know go there for whole life or learn what they like about the place etc.. A free pass what’s the offer. Way 12 people. People was you know just go to the front desk for your house. They climbed a little bit more information about you the nurses really you know actual indoctrination that the person gets somebody who was in charge of making sure that they get a tour. They know what the lockers are. They know it’s a facility they’re comfortable everything they can set the free personal training session if they are going out with hard training session. So they really rule the red carpet for that which is part of the reason why this works. Sure.

[00:35:48] So they have that system in place to be ready for a possible influx of new leads coming in.

[00:35:54] Exactly yeah. OK. Now that’s actually 50 percent of this from where I feel now that I can send them. And believe me it’s how good system for students to sit around and it’s worked out well for them.

[00:36:10] Now you said that you are doing so you create the ads obviously you said all that the campaign up to the landing page. Are you creating the images and the ad copy yourself for how how’s that working.

[00:36:20] Yes 100 percent for sure. So that’s really for us. Yeah we get pushback from clients all the time and we always have to basically just say look we split the heck out of this by the hour. And you know according to media they’ve also tested the heck out of this stuff. Yeah. And so why would you start with something that you knew didn’t work as well as this. Right. You know why. I mean we have good reason to believe it. I haven’t heard one yet so we always start with that.

[00:36:48] And that means danger after results. I want to get back results also get fancier after getting results but let’s get let’s get results first survey of our class.

[00:37:00] And you’ve also also position yourself gotten to a point now where if you like the client is not somebody that’s like you know lining up to that. You think it’s going to be good to work with. You don’t have to work with them.

[00:37:13] No. No and in fact I interview my clients. I know that I don’t get it. This is not the same or better than anybody else. I honestly believe that is is a good bet that we’re both doing ourselves a disservice. I mean at this point in my career I’ve got kids I’ve got a family you know I’m happy to connect people with somebody who’s a better sense that it’s better. It’s not about me saying I’m so cold like I’ve got some train business away. I just buy you that relationship at that time in my life from the time of their life. That must just be like look I can’t help a very specific person with a very specific problem. And if that’s not you that’s OK. But this is what I need to know if you you know we don’t consider doing this together or just start asking questions.

[00:38:00] I love it. You are interviewing your potential clients now.

[00:38:04] Yeah. Third reason too because they don’t know what they want and they don’t pay. Yes. Yes. They don’t know what to ask for. They don’t know what you know what what is the criteria for being a good fit for this kind of traffic. I mean none of the people that I’ve done business with know those questions. You know they don’t know the criteria.

[00:38:24] You’re the expert. Yeah. Yeah. I love it.

[00:38:27] I love it. Rob I can just see my listeners here. Both those people in the health and wellness are the health and fitness I should say niche. Just be like look just tell me how to get in touch with Rob and see so we can start talking to them. Is there anything else I haven’t asked you about. Because I feel like we’ve covered a lot here today and even really gracious in sharing actual results from some of your clients. That we didn’t talk about today that you think we should.

[00:38:54] Yeah honestly I do. I think so. Here’s the thing is that your health status you know business is business and you know there’s a couple things. So this is this is a good one and this could also be applied to a lot of other verticals although I haven’t tested it as extensively as I don’t work everything anymore. But these are the two biggest things I think that small business owners are behind on constantly. Right. This is just something way can take away but especially for the whole that I socialize it.

[00:39:30] Right. The two things that I think are big missing piece out of almost every business are I talk to and I talk to a lot of them every month is the number one video video. I cannot explain to you how much of a difference it makes. And not only versus business overall but in these types of campaigns from a conversion perspective if there’s good video versus not it’s very hard for us to work with a business who either does not have a good video or who is willing to go make the video and we have some resources for making really good video for low or no cost. So it’s not about budget all the time but it’s more about willing to embrace the fact that we’re living in a society where you know catfish and what it takes to get them interested are what you have to sell at a very short period of time. They’re add on to the next thing. The reality that we’re living in. You know and so we do have they all have video and that’s a very a very specific reason. Some of them come to us with good videos some of them don’t. But that’s one of my questions is are you willing to go create video according to our instruction of using tools or resources. Well you know clearly help us yes or no because the answer is No then there’s a better fish out there and we can just call shore you know. And I’ve gotten that stranger with it because the client airplanes that are home runs the trolls are they. They are.

[00:40:56] They can get ads that are straight out for singles. They don’t have a really good idea you know meaning clarity or good messaging. And so I think you know if any of your listeners follow Gary Vaynerchuk or you talk about old time but you know like you see there enough especially local businesses there’s a small timeframe to capture folks attention. The deal is clear concise most compelling most engaging way to get that done. Period end of story goodbye. You know so that’s one. Number two I think most small businesses are also way worse at sales and I think they are way worse.

[00:41:38] And I’ll tell you why there’s a Santa there and that is that if you don’t call a lead with that in 15 minutes your chances of actually getting a hold of them again go down by like 90 90 times something crazy like that. And if you can get us out of that in five minutes are like four or five times higher that if you don’t so the hours that you’re paying for traffic. But it was really all around there and for almost every single business I get on the phone with when we’re talking they don’t have somebody to either pick up the phone or return a call or take care of that person or just get their money and eat there so that they can extend that relationship to the customer patient whatever it is. Those are the two key fundamentals for LIJ getting some of this. You can get a chance to give you money. So is that what is that part of the question that you ask in your in the interview that you have fokin potential clients to first ask and there are those who are seeing the process as difficult as first two questions. I had the call. I just wish them luck and you know some other way. But it is as they go back and think about it or come back later in a call about how a whole like when too many to get that done you know and I’ll tell them I know how to help people. But those are the two things are listed for this to work literally.

[00:43:01] So you know those are going to take 100 opportunities and the person out of I mean like 100 leads or process. And I really don’t see the video and don’t get caught up quickly on the right way. I can guarantee you’re looking at really really I mean you might see a handful of if you have video and you do have good cells and process it can be as high as 50 percent. It took all day for the run example to grab one. They got both of those diamonds. And you know with our whole day there’s a 50 percent conversion rate page which is just like insane. So it means for every every two clicks is entering one. So everybody with everybody should be jumping up and down say that’s all it is. So I mean just those two takeaways and you know you don’t have to do any of that with me. I’m not saying that I’m the best at that. There are definitely lots of good people who understand these concepts but those are by far the two biggest things that I see that either improve with small business owners or video.

[00:44:11] And to make sure that you have a really good follow up sale system in place when they do click on your ad and they do give you their lead information their name and your e-mail and phone number you have a system in place where you can follow up with them very quickly. Exactly.

[00:44:25] Yeah. I love it. Rob this is been all amazing and we can talk about this. We can do it for hours here and I’m sure going to have it back on the show don’t have to. I would love to have you back on the show to continue this conversation here where can people like I said before I know that people are clamoring right now to find out how to get in touch with you where can people find you and connect with you.

[00:44:47] Absolutely so a little bit old school isn’t it. I. I’m super super direct. So I’ll give two. I’ll give you my Facebook page I’ll give you my phone number. You can tax my business. So here’s a fun number. If you do that.

[00:45:02] Yes. Well the place you season 6 1 9 6 1 2 0 2 8 4 4 1.

[00:45:13] Is it ever.

[00:45:14] So let me repeat that 6 1 9 2 0 2 8 4 4 1. That’s Rob’s business phones so you can text him to reach out to him and start a conversation. I’ll have that on the show notes page also. And then what was your Facebook page.

[00:45:29] Yeah. OK this is the last straw mainly for me since so. B b l y l t you to my personal Facebook page just to make sure lessons stream as you say your every show. No sir.

[00:45:48] You got freebies in there for your four years. I got to be at work as you can only be in the message. This is quite a bonus point. That’s the hidden carrot. Awesome. Rob thank you so much for coming on here.

[00:46:03] This has been amazing and I’m sure that a lot of people are going be reaching out to you here. Again guys I will make sure to post Rob’s information on the show page. Rob thanks again. And look forward to having you back on the show sometime soon.

[00:46:17] All right. Hope you got a lot out of this encore interview with Rob Bailey here today as I mentioned the top of the show if you’re interested in managing Facebook ads for other businesses much like we talked about here with Rob today. Maybe this is something that you’re starting as a side hustle while you’re building your own online business. Maybe you already have a Facebook ads business and you want to scale maybe you do this you know as full time something as a full time business. Maybe you’re already really good at Facebook ads and you want to create a business out of it but you’re not quite sure how to start that business and get clients Well I want to invite you to a brand new free online trend it’s taking place this week this Wednesday March 1st and Thursday March 2nd. It’s the five steps to creating a profitable Facebook ads business again 4:57 trainings starting on Wednesday March 1st the first one is going to be at 9:00 a.m. Pacific. Also 5:00 p.m. Pacific that same Wednesday the first and then another one another live one the next day Thursday March 2nd and that one’s going to be at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time. So if you’d like to reserve a spot on one of these free trainings just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business Rick Mulready dot com forward slash ads business you can choose a date and time that works best for you right there. Also be sure and link that link up in the show notes for the episode here today.

[00:47:33] Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 1:26. So thank you so much. It’s in today’s episode. Really appreciate it. Got a lot more great stuff coming your way in the coming weeks so until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you in your business and then do more of what is working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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