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#85: How to Maximize Your ROI with a Segmented Sales Funnel

May 18, 2016

Today we’re talking about a topic that I know can make a big impact for anyone using paid traffic to build a long term, loyal customer base. This show is all about ‘Segmenting your sales funnels’.

Jeremy Reeves, Copywriter and CEO of Kaizen Marketing Inc., is joining me on the show today to share his expertise about how to optimize customer loyalty and profit centers in your business.

Whether you’re brand new to doing business online or you’re a seasoned marketer who is looking to take your sales to the next level, this episode has actionable advice you can apply to start seeing big results. Jeremy has mastered the art of building automated, strategic, reliable and highly-competitive sales funnels. And today he’s laying out some of the most successful strategies he’s used to help his clients generate tens of millions in additional profit.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Why understanding your customer is a MUST to creating a high converting sales funnel and 3 ways to understand your customer
  • What the Hot potato sequence is and how it can help you decide how often you should email people once they join your sales funnel
  • Email segmentation
  • How to find your 8 untapped profit centers in your business
  • Overcome a limited mindset to making more money each month
  • Which “old school” marketing method Jeremy still swears by when it comes to connecting with customers and gaining valuable feedback
  • Several case studies that showcase the 8 untapped profit centers many businesses miss while aiming to increase consistent cash flow
  • The best way to target Facebook ads depending on your business goals
  • How to segment your sales funnel so that you instantly add value and gain credibility with cold traffic
  • Jeremy’s simple strategy for adding audience segmentation seamlessly in your current sales funnels
  • The actions steps you should take to start speaking directly to customers’ specific frustrations so that your offerings become their go-to solutions

I put together a cheat sheet for today’s episode, which takes you through 3 Simple Strategies You Can do right now to more deeply understand your specific target customer so you can maximize your sales. To download this cheat sheet text AOPT85 to 44222.

You can also download the cheat sheet by clicking this box:

I took away pages worth of actionable insights during my interview with Jeremy. So, here’s a heads up that you’ll probably want to have a way to take notes while listening to this episode.  


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