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#163: Creating Your Ideal Facebook Ads Business from Scratch with Salome Schillack

I’m excited today to welcome one of my students to the podcast. Her name is Salome Schillack and her website and business is called Salome lives down in Australia and she’s quickly created an awesome Facebook ads business for herself, while being one of the most positive and passionate people I know who’s trying to help female online business owners.

In this episode Salome talks about the ways she’s been able to grow her Facebook ads business, the mindset you need to have if you are going to do this too and what it’s like to move on from a client that’s draining you (even if you really want the income from that client)!

She also shares her strategy for getting clients when she was first starting out and you might be surprised to hear the number of free campaigns she had to run at first. Salome reveals the real reason why she’s doing what she’s doing, and we look at the “Ripple Effect” that this sort of work can have in the world.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Her first experience using Facebook ads to grow her own business (and why she initially thought 5x’ing her investment was a “terrible failure”)
  • How she came to realize there’s a daily budget requirement needed for Facebook ads and that working with a client for one-month isn’t a long enough to really see results…
  • The systems she put in place so she didn’t have to “re-invent the wheel” when going through the onboarding process
  • Ways she’s using video, Instagram and more to optimize her clients’ Facebook ads, instead of just images
  • How her pricing structure has evolved since starting her business
  • Why she feels so strongly that Facebook ads need to be the cornerstone of a marketing campaign and the part of my Facebook Ads Manager course that has helped her the most

My next episode is a favorite of mine to date, as I talk with Tiffany Cavegn from She’s going to reveal how she, as a person brand new to Facebook ads, is using them to grow her business. You’re going to love her story!

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:00] I need to get back to my original why that I had of making a difference and making a bigger impact in using my passions and my talents to do something. And I went OK what am I what ticks all those boxes for me. And it was Facebook at.

[00:00:23] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so they get more leads in sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right. Let’s jump into it.

[00:00:45] What’s up everyone welcome back to the art of paid traffic podcast or really appreciate you. Forgive me your time today. Hope all is going well with you and whatever you’re up to today I am your host. Rick Mulready and this is episode number one hundred and sixty three. And today I I’m really excited to welcome one of my students to the podcast. Her name is Salome’s Shellback and her website in business is called Shine and succeed at Salame lives down in Australia and she is quickly created an awesome Facebook as a business for herself. She is one of the most positive and passionate people that I know in trying to help female online business owners grow their business. And in my talk with Salumi Today she shares how how she has quickly grown her Facebook ads business. We talk about the mindset that you need to have if you want to have a successful Facebook ads business what it’s like to move on from a client that’s draining your energy. Even though you’re really wanting that income from that client we talk about when she was first starting out her business how she got testimonials and case studies and the number of free campaigns that she had to run to get them I couldn’t believe I actually didn’t know this when she started talking about it. It’s it’s kind of crazy. You’ll hear that in a second. So let me share how and why she Neech down she talks about her pricing structure how she has systematize her onboarding process. And we also dive into this whole concept of the ripple effect quote unquote.

[00:02:10] And we also talk about a whole lot more. This is one of my more favorite interviews that I’ve done here on the podcast complete with as you’re going to hear in a second. Birds chirping in the background because Salome was on a little trip for her day job. And you’re going to know what I’m talking about. As soon as we jump into a bubble before we do jump into it with Salome if you are interested in creating a business around managing Facebook ads for other businesses then I want to invite you to one of my free Live Online trainings that I’ve got coming up where you’re going to learn the five steps to creating an awesome Facebook ads business or me talking about what it takes to build a successful Facebook business from scratch. We’re going to be getting into things like the simple formula for attracting and closing a consistent stream of ideal clients with budget to spend and that won’t drain the life out of you that’s super important. How to Have Your Facebook ads business up and running with clients fast or massively scaling it. I’m also going to be sharing a bunch of case studies during this training like for example how one Facebook Ads manager went from a monthly retainer of just one hundred sixty five dollars per month to over $2000 per month per client within a year. While raising three kids. That and a whole lot more. As I mentioned I won’t be doing three live training Times on November 13th and 14 that’s next Monday and Tuesday. So to reserve. Reserve your spot for a day and time that works best for you.

[00:03:41] Go over to Rick Mulready dotcom Ford slash Ad Manager three that’s the number three. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Ad Manager that’s A.D and the age and age are three the number three.

[00:03:57] All right without further ado let’s go hang out with Solove So let me welcome to the podcast How are you.

[00:04:03] I’m really good. Thank you so much for having me on. It’s such an honor.

[00:04:07] Absolutely. I I hear birds chirping in the background it’s like you’re you’re you’re Donna Australia. I feel like you’re in the middle of like trees around you. I think it’s super calm and zoned out and talking to you.

[00:04:21] Well I am sort of in the middle of nowhere at the moment I’m traveling and I’m in this tiny little mining town and I’m sitting in a hotel room looking at a mass of trees and birds. It is gorgeous.

[00:04:32] Nice. Well thank you for taking taking a few minutes to chat with us here. I’m excited because I’ve been I’ve been following you all. You’re a member of my adventure program and I’ve been following your progress for the last I was here for the past year or so. Yeah it’s been really fun to watch the progress and where you’ve come and where you’re at right now. And you know we talked a lot about some of the experiences that you’ve had and I just thought that having you on the show here would be a really great learning opportunity for people who are getting into running ads for other businesses or think about doing it or even people who are already doing it. And you know finding some different ways to maybe look at some things differently and how they’re doing things so why don’t we. What’s your background like how long you’ve been running Facebook ads and you know what got you into it and we’ll start there.

[00:05:26] OK. So what got me into it was Amy Porterfield. So I know you know you guys are great friends so she introduced me to you but how it really started was when my second child was full and she’s 4 now just after I was born I said to my husband look I feel there’s more to life than day jobs and being a mom. I would love to have some more flexibility and start creating something that has meaning that has more meaning than just showing up and making money for someone else.


[00:05:58] And so I enrolled in a coaching program because I felt being a coach would allow me to have a bigger impact and leave a legacy and do something that’s really meaningful with my passions and with my time and with my talents and make money along the way as well. You know because that’s important too. Sure.

[00:06:16] So I started networking. I started networking in Perth where I live and I networked my heart out. I’m an introvert. I quickly became really incredibly exhausted from all of that and the business didn’t really take off. So I heard Amy Porterfield program webinars that convert about that program about 18 months ago and decided I’m going to do an online program that was going to be my thing. And so I learned everything about webinars and then realized oh my goodness if I’m going to do this I’m going to need to learn a lot of other things too like lead pages and Facebook ads and you know there’s lots of interest in the puzzle. And so that’s when I started learning Facebook ads. And in July of last year I ran my first online course and I ran ads. This was my first go at Facebook and I ran $400 with Vance.

[00:07:07] What was the Course about. It was about using Facebook live. So casebook live launched Facebook Live launched in. So instead of networking I started using Facebook life to get clients call Facebook Live launched in April last year. I was like I’m on top of this thing. I love this thing. So I started using Facebook life networking instead of the face to face networking and created a course to help people because everyone was responding.

[00:07:34] When you’re making these videos how are you going live and what light are you using and what can you know. So I created a little course about using Facebook live. I called it the Facebook Live superstar and I ran $400 with Vance and I made $2000 with it. And I thought that was a terrible failure really. Looking back now yeah looking back and I was like 2000 Parks what are you actually going to get done in ads.

[00:08:00] Yeah.

[00:08:01] I didn’t know if they write anything. I was like what. Like. It was the biggest disappointment to me.

[00:08:08] And now I look back at it and I go wow what an incredible success because I know now you know. But back then I was like oh this didn’t go as well as I hoped. Yeah. So I put that on that like I shelved that and instead of running it again I started doing social media for other people so other people approached me and said Can you make videos for us. Can you do this for us. Can you do that. So then I started creating social media for other businesses and alongside with doing their social media also ran some ads for them. So it was sort of like Gamble doing all of your posts I’m doing videos and editing the videos and parsing it. And I was only charging $500 a month for this. So again I got into this I’m burnt out. I’m tired. I don’t know what I was going to do. So I ended up in in December last year I was like really tired exhausted it was Christmas holidays and I said I’m packing it in this business thing is not for me I’m not going to do it. I was just burnt out. And we went on holidays in January and I took the entire January off and decided to go back to my day job. And so early in the year so when we got back home I started looking for a job quickly got one got back into the day job and as soon as I got back into the day job I said to my husband this is going to kill me I cannot do this.

[00:09:29] It’s like I need to get back to my original Why that I had of making a difference and making a bigger impact in using my passions and my talents to do something. And I went OK. What am I. What ticks all those boxes for me. And it was Facebook. And that’s when you launched Facebook I’d managed her way and this is the business. This is the business this is going to be the business. You know I went OK this ticks all the boxes because I get to work with coaches. I have incredible clients who just inspire me. They make the biggest difference in the world day how people that teach people things they don’t make. They really do make people’s lives better. I get to be creative with the ads. I find ads are the perfect balance between live Brian and right Brian. So I just love doing it. Yes. And so that’s when I took your course I decided that’s what the business is going to be. So that’s the background. That’s the story.

[00:10:26] OK. And how did you as you were getting into that as you or as you decided like OK I’m going to focus my my efforts on building a business around ads management. You said these hard working with coaches. Were those the same people that you were working with just running their social media or were these new people that you were that you were trying to work with.

[00:10:48] Some of them were. The old thing the old people the people that I had worked with one or two of them I offered to run some more campaigns. So I stopped doing the social media for them. And then I offered to run some campaigns pro-bono for them. So I ran some campaigns pro-bono and I also worked my tail off to get other pro-bono clients which you know was a whole challenge in itself because I had to deal with a lot of rejection and had to make a lot of phone calls and have seen a lot of emails and had some good experiences and had some really terrible experiences with people as well.

[00:11:26] OK so I want to does I’m free go on there I want to dissect that a little bit. Yeah. Number one why why were you doing. You know the cop the pro-bono work like why did you feel like you had to do that.

[00:11:37] Because I didn’t have anyone who can say I did a job. You know especially early on some of the people that I did do ads for didn’t get great results because you know probably because I was still learning it as well but also because I didn’t realize that there needs to be a big enough budget. You know I was still kind of OK well if you’re just spending $100 a month let’s do it. And I you know one of one of my clients was a real estate agent and he had a budget of a hundred dollars a month trying to sell houses. And I said sure I’ll do it for you now. He didn’t give me a testimonial because he didn’t really get much results from I don’t you know he got likes on his page. And he got people to view the videos of his homes but no one bought a house of it. He didn’t give me a testimonial.

[00:12:24] So I had to keep going with the pro boners and keep going with the pro bonus until I started getting some good testimonials.

[00:12:32] And so how long were those campaigns that you were offering to do for free.

[00:12:38] I think the longest one was three months.

[00:12:41] Oh wow OK. So you’re doing it. You do. Sure

[00:12:45] You’re going for them very smart at it. Yeah. Three months was what I kind of offered most people. OK.

[00:12:53] And so how many. How many of these free campaigns did you did you do before you were before you were like you know what. Ok cool. Number one I feel more comfortable doing ads because you know we’re just starting out. Number two I started to get some results from people and I have enough testimonials to kind of start charging for my services.

[00:13:14] I had I had about five testimonials before I started charging. So in order to get those five I probably worked with about 10 clients 10 different clients. OK. To get five testimonials. Yes.

[00:13:28] Over what time period. I’m just curious because people might be thinking like man I work like 10 clients. I get five like I want to do this right away like how long did that take you to get that.

[00:13:38] That would have been from about September last year when I just started with it until I think the last pro bono client I took on was in February March this year when I decided to really knuckle down and be serious about it.

[00:13:54] OK so we’re talking five six months over a five six month yeah yeah yeah.

[00:14:00] It was drawn out and it was like most of it wore me out.

[00:14:05] I would imagine. And as you were doing that. How were you finding these these people like you mentioned that some of the people you’re doing social media for you know are you able to you were able to parlay that into you know rank some ad campaigns but where did you find it. How did you go about identifying these other people that you want to work with.

[00:14:25] So the original bunch I kind of still got from my neck my local network just people who knew me in the community and people who were following my page and seeing what I was doing in my business. And then the other there were when I decided to just go with coaches most of them found me through Facebook groups where I’m just adding value and connecting with people and talking to them and sharing what I’m doing.

[00:14:54] I love it. I mean I really want to drill that point that point home for everybody listening right now is that you you were out there you were in Facebook groups that contained the type of people that you had identified as those you want to work with you want to work with coaches and I love the why behind that and I really don’t want to gloss over that I really want people to understand like you know the why for you is like I love working with coaches because they’re helping people also.

[00:15:20] So the ripple effect that you can have your health coaches who are help there as other people and those of people who are living better lives.

[00:15:27] I love that when when my clients send me the testimonials their clients saying them like I promise you I’ve been I’ve cried to read some of the things that those people share that these coaches have meant to them and have done for them and I really see it as an honor to work with. Mostly it’s mostly women with things that really are inspiring incredible women that I get to work with.

[00:15:53] Yeah I love that because again not only are you helping them as coaches live like had better businesses just live better less but that you’re helping them grow their business thus they’re helping other people. The more people that they can and there’s that big ripple effect. Now when you and when you once you identify that you went on Facebook. Yeah. And you were talking to these people adding value to them without having it coming out and you know selling your services at that point. And you know I get a lot of questions like well how do I find people that I can work with. Well there’s one perfect example that we have. We talk a lot about is once you’ve identified who you want to work with Facebook groups are an amazing way to have these people there like you know and there is there. That’s right. I don’t know the number of Facebook groups but there’s a lot of Facebook groups that you can find now. Yeah. Once you decided to tannish down I’m going to say nation and just as a funny side note this guy in Australia sent me a message on Instagram the other day and he made this he made this like a little Meem and it was like finally Rick has has figured out how to pass the word to anybody got in Australia in over in Europe and stuff.

[00:17:12] Yes I’m saying Neech right now but yes it is because it is funny. So once you are there other people who say it.

[00:17:19] Well I yeah I have a lot of friends who say niche a lot because that’s how we say that’s how a lot of. I mean I grew up seeing niche. You know like I don’t know I just think it’s kind of funny. It is funny. So once you identified that who you wanted to serve with your business and you’re like ok I’m done with the testimonials in the free. Not done with testimonials. When you’re done with free campaigns you’ve got five testimonials. Now kind of what. What was your next sort of step from there.

[00:17:50] Well my next step was charging five hundred dollars a month on I. So I. So I say it’s 500. I think 500 or 550 a month for a minimum of three months. So I wanted someone to commit for at least three months because I started with the pro bono. I saw that one month is not enough to get results so I went to five or five fifty a month for a minimum of three months. And at that pride I attracted some wonderful people and again some dogs. You know I had some friends that I at that price. I had one client that actually fundie’s money off after a month and a half because again it was a scenario where I was desperate for clients he was desperate for income. I said he can get me from Facebook. He was not a coach. And in hindsight I shouldn’t have taken him on for a bunch of reasons. But I after month want I say well OK we’re just you know building still the building warm audiences because he had no there was no world audiences. His Page had nothing on it. He had no business that we had to work with. And I as I said will get some leads and we didn’t and didn’t even have an opt in. So we just ran a lead at and after the first month I started doing videos for him. And when I started doing videos for him way I think this is getting a little bit out of hand.

[00:19:20] And I had to write that like give him a call and say look I was wrong I’m not an expert in your industry I shouldn’t have taken you on and get a refund your money and they glistened then they’re good for I mean good for you for doing that.

[00:19:33] I mean a lot of people would not do that because they’re like we know what I’m a month and a half into this campaign. They’ve paid the money. I need the money so I’m not going to give it back. And I think says a lot about you as a person who you know willing to willing to do that now as you were getting these these clients you know paying 500 or 550 a month. How were you getting those clients were you still or were you converting the ones who you were working with on the free basis in the paid. Or how did you go about getting those first paying clients.

[00:20:06] Yes so one of them was a free one that converted into a paid one. One of them was from I Facebook group that was actually from the FBI advantage group. I signed a client from that Agrippina. It was you know it was a coach who had signed up for a program to learn Facebook ads and then just waned. I didn’t want to do this myself. Can I just find someone to do this for me. Got it. So I signed up from that group.

[00:20:33] Well the other two were local local business owners who knew me from my networking guys. OK. So that’s how I got them.

[00:20:41] How long and how long did you stay. Let’s before we get to that. How many clients were you working with at that time who are paying you.

[00:20:48] You know the 500 to 550 a month for I had four clients that I worked with who were paying me five hundred.

[00:20:56] And did you feel like that was manageable or were you like Man I really wish I had more clients what was what. You know what was like for you at that point.

[00:21:04] Yes so it was it was manageable for me. And at that point I’d gone back to my day job as well. And I have two kids and I have two kids. So yes it was manageable. Sleep was not that manageable. Right. Nothing like exercise went out the door. I forgot what my husband looked like. But but I was I was managing it. Yeah yeah. But I was also very conscious at that time of not doing the same thing twice.

[00:21:35] So creating purpose systems and putting things in place so that I make it easier for myself so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time. I love it. So I put in. Yes. So I put some stuff in life that made it easier for me.

[00:21:49] Can you give me an example of the type of thing that you did put in place. And I want to kind of caveat it. It’s so much easier to do this when you knees down when you’re in the same when you’re working with the same types of clients. It’s you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every single time. And we’ve talked about a lot here on the podcast is that when you can reach down when you have you know when you have it when you’re within an industry working with similar types of clients that’s the easiest way to scale that only. Not only not only icing but also your time. So what were some of those things that you did put in place to kind of your systems and processes.

[00:22:25] So the biggest thing was the onboarding process because that takes a lot of time. And I think that I think that’s the thing that we always under estimate the amount of time it’s going to take because before you get to the back end of that clients Facebook ad you know their business manager or their X manager you just don’t know what you’re going to find there.

[00:22:47] So I really systematized my own boarding process and created some Google documents for the client to fill in when I sign up.

[00:22:56] So as soon as I signed up so I had a template of the email that I send out as soon as I signed up my team plaque had links it had links in it to my paypal account and also google forms where I had to fill out. You know it would have taken them if they did it proper.

[00:23:13] If they do it properly it would take them two hours to fill out all those forms so that I have you know for my background information on their ideal client background information on their funnel background information on what that you know what they want to achieve and how they believe that’s going to look like.

[00:23:30] And then all the other bits and bobs their lead pages their Web site their you know everything else so that they can just so that they can go away and do the work once off and send it back to me and I sit down and do the work once off you know so that we’re not constantly going back and forth. And for me to go oh hang on Oh I also needed that and it was easy. So I was very conscious of having that onboarding process run smoothly from the start. And then another thing was yeah and then the other thing with that was reporting I quickly created a template for reporting and for creating you know just for sending something out to them on a weekly basis where I’d give them the numbers. But it also gives them a quick and quick interpretation of the numbers.

[00:24:11] I love it. And again this is another another reason that when you sit down like this you can it’s so much easier to do this because yeah everyone always. Everyone always asks me like well what what should that reporting look like. Well that’s hands on what kind of clients you’re working with. I’ve had numbers that you’re going to be wanting to see but when you’re working with the same types of clients that you are like you are selling out like that. That’s so much easier to do because you can get to put together. You know you can export the stats to as manager get him into a spreadsheet do a little analysis and boom you’re doing that off each week.

[00:24:46] Yeah. And as I grew you know questions I would say in the referral send the report out and clients would come back with questions. And so I started saying oh they got the same question so maybe I should add this little bit in there as well. Yeah. Because you know people are asking the same sort of questions. And that’s how it grows and it kind of changes in you know the tains lets the templates change as well as I gets louder and as I learn more about my ideal customer as well.

[00:25:15] I love it. I mean you’re taking their feedback you’re you’re seeing I’m getting the same types of questions from people. Ok cool. It’s time to address those. Those thing automatically in the process. So. So you’re doing. You’ve got five five or four. And at this point charging five to five hundred and fifty. Where do you go from here. Do you get more clients you’re already not even seeing your husband or are sleeping a whole lot. Do you get when you take more clients on or do you start raising your prices or both.

[00:25:47] I did both. Yeah. Yeah I did both. So I went to drop down said I’m going to take on fewer clients.

[00:25:54] So I you know I lead a couple of the $500 clients go one I had to refund the others and said OK this is the end of our agreement. Thank you very much. This has been lovely. And so I raise the prices to 15 and only took on fewer clients thing. I only took on two clients at that price.

[00:26:15] OK. So you draw. You were like No I want to drop down a number of clients but yet I’m going to take a little bit of a hit from a revenue standpoint but it’s going to be more manageable it’s not a you know on a big drop down and see how it works there.

[00:26:31] How did they work out for you. Yeah. Really good really really good. I ended up signing up some fabulous fabulous beautiful women.

[00:26:40] You know one teaches women how to create with price web sites which is just fantastic because I remember how I was in tears in the middle of the night trying to create my own web based Web site and I signed up a client who teaches nurses how to pass their nursing exams which is just incredible thing to do I think. And I just knew that from this point on I was just like going wow these clients are just incredible. I love what they do. And it became a lot easier because I already had things in place in their businesses that allowed for the success of the Facebook ads.

[00:27:16] I’m glad you bring that up because I was going to ask you about that. You know a lot of people a lot of people who hire ads managers will blame ads managers when they’re you know their launch or their funnel or whatever. They’re not getting sales. Yeah. What did that conversation and that’s unfair. It’s unfair to the ads manager and I’m not saying that as a as a Facebook Ads guy I’m saying that as a business owner as well like Facebook Ads person can get results can they they can bring in you know leads within a certain cost per lead range that you know that you agree with the business owner. But then once they become a lead you know if you’re if you’re only running ads now I’m not talking if you’re running the entire sales funnel. If the business owners responsible for once the lead comes in to convert that lead into a sale that the guys manager cannot be I mean not you. It happens but it’s unfair to you know hold that the Facebook Ads person accountable for the end sale. Right. So what did that conversation look like when you’re working with these these women business owners who are selling these programs. So you’re responsible for getting them leads but yet they have a sales funnel in place that’s converting what did that conversation look like with between you and the business owner.

[00:28:38] Yeah. So. So for some of them when you know when I had the original conversation from what we spoke about from their results they were getting just running their own ads. I could see that those results were good enough and then I could I could say to them you know these these are good results. So you’re already you know from what you’re putting in you’re already maybe getting twice out what you’re you know getting out what you’re putting in. So I could look at their business and go what you’ve got now is working. It’s great it’s really good. And I can say that if we scale it or if we taste something else or if we introduce another you know another type of ad because this is the thing with what I find is with these coaches who are running their own ads they’re running an image. You know they maybe they’re running one or two ads in the news feed. And so I help them then create a video ad and all of a sudden it blows it up or you know we could try an Instagram ad and all of a sudden it goes you know there’s just you put the money in and you see oh ok if I add to this other component to it and optimize. So you know some of them won. One of my clients were dating. She was getting good results for a webinars. But she was setting the campaign up for two to Web site. And I just simply just went in and changed that conversions and all of a sudden it got even you know why better.

[00:30:08] And it was already good. So it’s little things like that that I found that conversation with the client from when I had the original conversation with the crowd I could see that the moving parts are already producing the desired outcome. So I was then able to just say OK. So if you bring me on board then I can see that there is room for growth and I can see that there’s room for improvement but I also see that the right stuff is already in place.

[00:30:36] Yeah I love it. I love it. Now are you. Is that where you’re at right now. Are you out to two clients right now doing 750 per month.

[00:30:46] So I have yeah I’ve just pushed it up to nine ninety nine. Any new clients coming onboard. Now comes on board that 9:19 and I have I’ve gone through I’ve also introduced I once off launch price launch package of I’ve run one launch with a client for six weeks for two and a half thousand dollars. That’s also going up to $3000. Good

[00:31:11] for you. I love it. I love it. No you had to have the conversation with any potential client somebody that you are you know looking to work with around talking about the benefits of advertising on Facebook. You know someone who was a little bit skeptical or is or are the people you’re speaking to are they already you know sort of on board with Facebook.

[00:31:36] Most people or most of the people are already on board with Facebook and so they already know that they need Facebook ads.

[00:31:45] I think you know the marketers in general do a really good job of teaching people that how great Facebook are are but I had a conversation this week with someone who is thinking about going with youtube ads and yeah I’m having a conversation with her this week just helping her understand that you know YouTube ads are amazing and they can be really good but Facebook ads still you know in all of the tastes that everyone that you know the big marketers are running you know that you are running that. Other people we trust in the industry is running Facebook can still come up you know way more profitable than most of the other than you know Google or YouTube all of the others so yeah by all means doubling the others try the others out don’t let go of your Facebook that’s for sure for sure.

[00:32:37] What are you what would you say. I mean because what I think has really one thing one big thing I think for you in watching your growth you’re building your business is that it has super benefited you as your mind set like you. Number one you don’t give up. You try you you’re willing to try a lot of different things. I mean heck you took five to six months to get five testimonials. I mean most people would never want to do that. But here you are creating the you know the type of business that works best for you fits into your family life and allows you to spend time with your kids and so forth you know.

[00:33:21] What do you think from a mindset perspective would you say to somebody who is you know thinking about taking their Facebook Ads knowledge and creating a business around it and managing Facebook ads for for other businesses.

[00:33:37] Oh that’s a big question right.

[00:33:40] Gosh mindset is such an important piece of all of this.

[00:33:46] And I think it’s because I’ve been in business now almost like three years that I have learnt to really pay attention to mindstate I think well in terms of my own mindset tenacity is my middle line like I do not give up ever if I know why I’m doing something and my y is so big. Like I know for sure that I’m going to make it big with this. You know I’m go serve a lot of people and I’m going to impact a lot of people particularly women. And that’s why I love working with women coaches as well is because my wife I see you know I see moms at school who desperately wants to work but they don’t know that they can start a business or they don’t have the finances to put their kids in daycare. Yeah. And I want to scream I want to go. You can do this. You can totally do this. We can all do this. And you know I have two girls and for me to show them to be the example for them of mom can create anything she wants and she can make a living out of it. That drives me and that’s why I’m so passionate about you know female coaches and I’ve said it a million times but we need to get the message out there that we can do anything we want to die in 2017 with the Internet and social media. You can make a living doing what you’re passionate about and that’s that’s what keeps me going and that’s what just keeps me committed to this.

[00:35:34] And that’s what you know I mean my mindset is not always right there. You know I have setbacks and I mean you’ve been there for some of my setbacks and I tell you my mindset is not there. When this hits the fan. But the bigger thing that drives me it’s always there and I’m getting better at getting up quicker shaking it off quicker and getting back on the horse quicker. And you know that and gratitude like just focusing on what I have and what I’ve built and who I’m helping rather than what I haven’t yet built or haven’t yet created or haven’t yet got in the bank you know that’s that’s the key I think.

[00:36:18] I love it. I wish so many more people approach their business from that mindset and from that thinking I have zero doubt zero doubt that that this business is going to continue to grow and you know be continue to be the model for your kids seeing that you can do whatever you want to do you know with the right mindset and with the right effort and just doing things because it’s what you want to do and creating a type of lifestyle that you want to have. And obviously helping helping the people that that you’re able to help. Yeah. What is there a specific type of coach who you’re working with. Like does she have to be in a specific needs or is it just any you know any women’s coach in the space.

[00:37:11] Yeah. No look I don’t think I haven’t finished down further than nine female coaches. I love doing web in our finals. I love launching programs. And those are the things that are sort of the short the short sprints they get me really excited because I’m I kind of have a short concentration spans. I love that like the web in our finals and the big launches and those things loves them.

[00:37:37] But you know if you’re a women and you’re a coach and you’re making a difference and you know I would I would love love love to to just grow more female coaches businesses.

[00:37:47] Awesome awesome. I will. We’ll talk about where people can connect with you in just a second. I want to kind of I want to finish up with two questions. Number Number one like in one. Like what’s one thing that you would say to somebody who is looking to manage ads for other businesses or maybe is actually already doing it and maybe struggling a little bit to grow their business. What’s one thing with one big lesson that you’d want to share that you learned from this experience and you’re learning now in your own business that you could you know you could let them know.

[00:38:22] Yeah I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned is to love where I’m at and that’s difficult sometimes because if we’re ambitious we want it we don’t want to be where we’re at. We want to be where we’re dreaming to be at. You know to just stop and smell the roses. Appreciate where you’re at to die because where you’re at to die you’re learning what you need to be where you’re going to be. So that’s like that’s the thing. And then again don’t take rejection personally. I think that’s the other piece is just don’t take rejection personally. I love it that that’s been the biggest thing here.

[00:39:04] Yeah. I mean and just talking about a lot of the things that a lot of the challenges that you had as far as getting the testimonials in for you know having clients that it didn’t work out with it’s not a personal thing. Just keep moving forward. Again it’s about having that right mindset and being happy with who you are with with that.

[00:39:26] And and I want to add to that if it does knock your confidence definitely go. And if you think if you like I don’t. We tend to think that people who have made it or who are successful achieved what we want to achieve. They don’t get their confidence knocked but they do just as much as I do. And just as much as someone just starting out will we all get our confidence like we like we. It takes a knock when we have a setback. But then you know the the thing that I always say is just focus on the fact that it’s a good quality problem. Like you know when I had to refund that client I went you know what. This is a first world problem. This is a good quality problem to have. This is a learning experience that I can use and put better things into place so that this doesn’t happen again. Yeah. And then you know I make sure it won’t happen again. And then you think OK now I’ve learned something now. Now I’m not going to have any setbacks again. But then another setback pops up and you go oh it’s not my confidence again. I mean you just got to get back up on it and you just kind of go. That’s OK. It’s like the what’s the expression like you go through that. What’s the expression to go through like like a birthing process.

[00:40:40] Sorry that’s not the best analogy but it’s like a birthing process you know we get the you got to go to the you got to go through these really painful moments. But that’s that’s the stuff that gives you the runs on the board. Yeah. And that’s what the people that we aspire to be like or achieve what they’ve achieved that’s what they’ve got. They’ve got those runs on the board.

[00:41:02] So it’s kind of like you know when a little boy has a scar and he wears his scar like a badge of honor that’s that’s what it is like wear it like a badge of honor. Get back up.

[00:41:11] Yeah. Yeah. I mean you know you mentioned like seeing what I was seeing other quote unquote successful people. And and looking at how like where they are you know it’s the whole iceberg analogy right.

[00:41:23] Like we only see or we don’t see like what’s below the water what’s going on in the background their business or or the background their life for all the things that they went through to get to where they are.

[00:41:35] Exactly. Exactly. It’s such that they’re feeling their feelings hurt just as much as ours do. When we get rejected you know. Right but you know you got to keep moving and keep moving.

[00:41:46] Exactly. So I mean this has been really really good. I want to ask you you know we’re talking about here in the podcast about I’m reopening my ad manager program here. Yeah very soon. What’s like what’s been the most beneficial or what is the most beneficial thing for you that you find in the program what’s what is the best help for you.

[00:42:10] Rick the thing that I loved most about you know both the programs I’ve taken of yours is you teach you know how to eat how to press the buttons because that’s one big piece of Facebook is where you know how to put the campaign in the ads and the ad stuff together. But the biggest piece is the strategy and that’s what I find a lot of the other programs that I’ve taken they don’t teach you the strategy and you teach the strategy and you go OK. Oh this is what a web in our frontal looks like. Oh this is how you really target people. Oh this is how you you know good warm traffic back into the final you know those are the sorts of things those are the things that make money on Facebook ads at the end of the day. It’s not knowing which button to erase.

[00:42:58] Yeah. And I think for a lot of people who are just starting out with Facebook they’re so worried about the bottles but they don’t have the strategy in place yet. And you need both of those pieces. And then specifically for the ads manager I think the thing that I loved most about the ads manager is just the confidence it gave me to know that like I have the backing of you know understanding your business works. Understanding how other people’s businesses works. Seeing that growing with other ads managers who are in the same place I’m not on building that relationship with them to be able to go oh I have this a stumbling block. How have you overcome this. And then they help me and I help them so. So that’s been that’s been one of the best things so the confidence I get from being around people who have walked the path before me and just being in a group with other people who are doing this I think is incredible.

[00:43:54] I love it. That’s the idea I appreciate. I appreciate you saying that. Well Solomon I want to make sure that that anybody who wants to get in touch with you especially a female coaches who are doing things in their business and helping other people through through their coaching that they can reach out to you if they want to chat with you about managing their Facebook ads. What’s the best way for people to connect with you.

[00:44:17] Rick the first try is go to shine and succeed dot com forward slash rake. Right. That is going to take you to an Instagram post that as your face on it and I say I don’t mean they’re you know I say hi. Tell me who you are. Tell me Rick. Same to you.

[00:44:35] So. So what you created get I’ll get it. You created it’s a great pose with my face on it.

[00:44:42] I’ve just taken a photo of our conversation and it’s going on insta Instagram now and then I’m creating the 20 links on my web site to link directly to that post. I love anybody who goes to anybody and goes to shine and succeeds which is like web site Scheinman succeed dot com forward slash rake. That’s going to redirect you back to my Instagram where there’s tons and tons and tons of Facebook ads tips out there. But what I really want you to do is comment on the post that has Rick’s face on it and say hi say Rick say me and tell me about your business.

[00:45:17] Tell me about what you need help with. Send me a direct message it’s like I’m there all the time to hang out there all day and come and hang out with.

[00:45:24] I love it. I love it. Shine and succeed Dotcom for Rick. I will link that up on the show. OK today’s episode so let me thank you so much for coming on this has been great to hear.

[00:45:34] Thank you. Thank you Rick. Thank you for everything you do for all of us in your community. You’re an inspirational leader to have.

[00:45:41] Thank you. Thank I appreciate that. All right. Hope this interview with Salome was really helpful for you.

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[00:47:13] So to go check out the details and reserve your spot just go visit Rick Mulready dot com forward slash FBA live. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash FBA live. I love doing these workshops when my favorite thing I do in the business all year hanging out with you for a few days and really helping you move your business and your Facebook ads. Can’t wait to see you here in San Diego in December. Now coming up in the next episode I’ve got one of my favorite interviews to date on the on the podcast. I know I said that about today’s episode. Also saying it about the next episode coming up for you. Tiffany Cavin from kids cooking school dot org which is a nonprofit cooking school for kids. Tiffany is going to join me to share how she she she’s new to Facebook ads. How she is using Facebook ads to grow her cooking school.

[00:48:04] You are going to love her story as we dive into everything that she’s doing to grow her school with Facebook and is really excited to share that one with you at Intel. So until then my friends keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then new more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next.