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#63: Case Study: $2K+ Per Month In App Sales and 12 Cent Leads

November 20, 2015

I’ve got a really cool case study for you today on The Art of Paid Traffic.

Scott Dawson, who recently started creating apps in the hunting decoy space, joins me to talk about the success he’s having using Facebook ads to increase iOS and Android downloads of his apps.

He’s now making over $2K per month selling his two apps, which may not sound like a ton, but he’s grown that revenue quickly and his business has taken off so well that he just left his full-time job to focus on his decoy business full time.

He’s getting clicks for as little as 5 – 15 cents and he’s also set up a simple funnel to build his email list where his cost per lead is… ready for this? Around 12 cents.  Ha! Awesome…

In today’s episode, Scott breaks down everything he’s doing with his Facebook ads including his targeting and a smart strategy for where he sends his traffic after people click on the ad.

A really inspiring case study here today with Scott.

Here’s a screenshot of one his ads that we discuss today:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 2.45.45 PM

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Scott’s website: decoypro.com

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