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Selling High Ticket Offers, Leading With Service & More w/ Madison Doubroff

April 1, 2020

Today I’m really excited to be introducing you to my friend and member of Accelerator, Madison Doubroff. Madison is a functional movement coach and connective exercise specialist, and he has really pivoted his business to deal with these uncertain times while achieving great success in the process. In fact, Madison has never been busier than he is right now in his business, and he has so many lessons to share that I knew I had to invite him to come on the podcast. 

When Madison joined Accelerator 6 months ago his big goal was to create a sales funnel to sell his higher-ticket offers. Recently he’s really dialed in his funnel by simplifying it, and he doesn’t do traditional “sales calls” to enroll new clients either. Madison leads with service and value, and it really shows with his 77% close rate – and he’s going to break it down for you here how he does this! 

You’ll hear the pricing strategies that Madison uses, the way that he over qualifies his leads, and the amazing things that can happen when you do this. If you’re wondering about pivoting your offer and messaging and really leading with value and service during these times, you’re going to get a lot from this episode! 

I’m starting a new 8-week group coaching program to offer support during these uncertain times, and you can register at (available to the first 50 people who sign up). 

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Madison’s thought process around his pricing and the tiers of offers available
  • The ways that his funnel has changed since joining Accelerator, and the steps we took to optimize and improve it
  • Why Madison doesn’t use the term “sales call” (and what he calls them instead)
  • The messaging he is using at this time, and the reason he feels it’s such an opportunity for businesses right now
  • What results he has seen by trusting his clients, and the process, and offering a “good faith policy”
  • How Madison spends his days now that business is booming like never before

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