ISM Episode 24: Social Media Success in 2 Months – A Small Business Case Study

Inside Social Media PodcastA special small business case study with Kris Damhorst of Damhorst Toys & Puzzles is my topic this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast, as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies continues.

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More About This Show

I changed things up a bit for this show and tried something new.  And I’m so excited to share this case study with you.

On today’s show you’re going to hear an interview with a small business owner who is a listener of this podcast and also someone I’ve consulted with to help set a more clear and efficient social media strategy.

This is a real-life social media case study of a small business that’s completely turned around its social media marketing in a matter of a couple of months — while spending very little money.

Kris Damhorst, of Damhorst Toys & Puzzles now realizes it’s “way more dangerous to sit still and do nothing with social media.”  He’s a smart guy who is just like you and me, but what sets him apart from his competitors is he takes massive action to get results.  Everything he has done over the last two months are things you can do too.

Up until a couple months ago, his social media efforts were scattered and ineffective.

As you’ll hear more about today, he’s come a LONG way.

In today’s show, you’ll learn how Kris has done the following:

  • He now has a clear understanding of who his customer is.  He’s even identified a whole new passionate customer segment that he really wasn’t aware of.
  • He has figured out exactly which social channels to focus his time on.  
  • He’s now adding value to his customers in the form of helpful content that’s a direct result of what they have told him. 
  • He’s measuring the effectiveness of his Facebook posts to directly correlate how what he’s doing translates into sales.
  • And, he’s now using social media to crowdsource, getting direct customer feedback on how some of his products should be made.

As you’ll hear Kris say during our chat, his efforts are finally moving his business forward.

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INSIDER SHOW NOTES: Social Media Case Study for Success 

  • Before Kris figured out which social channel to focus his efforts, he was on several different platforms.  His strategy was too broad-reaching.  He was overwhelmed and wasn’t getting the results he wanted.
  • Kris has realized it’s “way more dangerous to sit still and do nothing with social media”.  He feels that if he was not using social media to market his business, his revenue numbers “would be lower.”

Kris’ Business Objective…

  • Increase awareness of his business.  Grow new customer base and retain current customers.

On How He Found His Exact Target Audience…

  • Kris surveyed his existing email list.  He asked what they would like to see from him and where they hangout online.
  • Even though Kris’ business has an e-commerce site, he collects emails at the checkout process to build his list.
  • It turned out that most of his customers are on Facebook which allows him to focus his time on that single platform.  

On How Kris Now Creates Value for His Customers…

  • Kris decided to create compelling and valuable content for his primary audience of moms with kids 0-2 years old and grandmothers.  The content wasn’t necessarily directly related to toys and puzzles, but it served his customer.
  • Created Skype and Google Hangout video tutorials for grandparents so they can stay in touch with their grandchildren — based on the feedback they received from the survey.
  • Kris found that his customers wanted to engage with his business, they wanted the opportunity to give feedback.

On Kris’ Email Marketing Efforts…

  • He’s seen the effectiveness of his customer emails dwindle over the past few years so he knew he needed another avenue to communicate with his customers.
  • Rather than pushing sales messages and promos in every email, he started offering helpful tips and info which drove up his open and click rates.  
  • Give away powerful content that will allow your business to stick in someone’s mind or to think about you when they need a product you sell.

How Kris Is Now Succeeding on Facebook…

  • He went from posting things like what the weather was in Missouri that day to posting engaging content; content that asked questions and was fun for people.
  • Runs fun image-rich contests that people love to play.  This interaction with the business has been great for Kris.
  • Kris is also using Facebook to crowdsource ideas for his products.  He’s found that his fans love to give feedback.  It makes them feel that they’re directly contributing to the products.
  • The simpler the better when it comes to Facebook.
  • Kris is using Google Analytics to track traffic coming from Facebook. He’s set up goals to see how much of that traffic converts to a sale.