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ISM 040: Social Media Trends That Will Affect Small Businesses in 2014

In this episode of the Inside Social Media podcast, you’ll hear from 10 of the most successful brands and social media experts in the world as they share their answer to this one question:

“What’s one social media trend that you foresee affecting small businesses in 2014?”  

These are all guests I’ve had on the podcast this year and I invited them back specially to answer this one question.  Buckle up because a couple of these trends may not exactly be what you’re ready to hear…

…as my journey to connect with the biggest brands in the world and share with you how you can model and adapt their social media insights and strategies for your business continues.

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More About This Show

Whenever we hit this time of year people start talking about trends and predictions — specifically for what we can expect in the coming New Year.

And, with the landscape of social media changing so quickly, I thought it would be interesting to invite back some (ok, nine) former guests of the podcast to discuss the most important social media trends that are sure to affect small businesses in 2014.

That’s right, if you’re serious about building relationships with your customers and growing your business over the next 12 months, grab a notebook and your favorite hot beverage, take the dog for a walk or go for a run — this episode is a must listen.

As you’ll hear during the show, with each trend that my guests share, I suggest one action item you can do today to get ahead and prepare yourself for that respective trend.

We’re all about taking action here on the ISM Podcast, so let’s do this… 

Here’s who you’re going to hear from today as they answer the question: 

“What’s one social media trend that you foresee affecting small businesses in 2014?” 

  • Peter Stringer (from episode 39) the Boston Celtics’ Sr. Director of Digital Media
  • Lila King (episode 21) CNN’s Sr. Director for Social News
  • Chad Mitchell (episode 16) Walmart’s Sr. Director of Digital Communications
  • John Yembrick (episode 17) NASA’s head of social media
  • Matthew Shadbolt (episode 12) The Corcoran Group’s Director of Interactive Product & Marketing
  • Ted Rubin (episode 18) Author and Forbes Social Media power influencer
  • Tessa Barrera (episode 34) former global head of social at Red Bull
  • Julie Sun (episode 25) social media expert and former Sr. Director of Audience Development for Nickelodeon
  • And Brad Walters (episode 26) Lowe’s Director of Social Media & Emerging Technologies

Three trends were pretty consistent among this expert panel:

  1. We’ve reached the point where channels like Facebook have become “pay-to-play.”  Facebook has come out and said that if businesses want to reach more fans with their content, they’re going to need to pay to do so.  Facebook advertising is the way to do that and is something businesses are going to need to become more familiar with in 2014.
  2. Create great content that adds value to your audience and that people want to share.  Entertain while you’re interacting, make it fun — that’s what people want to share.  Ask yourself before putting content out, is this something I would find interesting and want to share?  If the answer’s no, how can you change it up.
  3. Evaluate which platforms you’re using.  Are they effective toward your business objectives?  Use the data that the social channels offer to make educated decisions.  Also, take time to understand other social platforms that are out there, specifically, how users are using those platforms.  Do those channels align with your objective and audience?  If so, you may want to jump in and focus.

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What trends in social media do you think will most affect small businesses in 2014?  Any new ones to add?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.