ISM Episode 11: Christi McNeill, Southwest Airlines Social Media Strategy

christi mcneill

Christi McNeill

Christi McNeill, Southwest Airlines’ Social & Emerging Media Specialist is my guest this week on The Inside Social Media Podcast.

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With over 1.5M followers on Twitter and 3.8M fans on Facebook, Southwest is one of the largest and most strategic airlines when it comes to social media.

They’re active on many different platforms, using social media to proactively listen to their customers and create engaging content that tells stories visually.

Like other successful big brands, though, Southwest doesn’t spread themselves thin across every single platform.  Rather, they choose to “go deep” on the most relevant platforms to their consumers.

In my chat with Christi, we discuss the Southwest Airlines social media strategy and how you can model it in your business, including:

  • Simplifying content creation for social media since small business owners tend not to have the resources to create the level of content big brands do
  • The role that Southwest’s corporate blog plays in their social media efforts and why you may want to have a blog for your own business
  • Christi offers her 3 tips that she’d give to a small business trying to grow their business using social media?
  • And we talk about what Christi sees as the trends in social media over the next year and how they affect small business?

And we talk about a lot of other cool actionable things that you can take and immediately implement into your business.

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