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#140: Facebook Ads Strategy for e-Commerce & Physical Products with Steve Chou

June 7, 2017

On today’s show we’re talking about e-commerce and marketing physical products online, and joining me to share his insight and experience is Steve Chew from mywifequitherjob.com. 

Steve runs an e-commerce site called Bumblebeelinens.com which he started with his wife back in 2007.  

I’ve known of Steve for a few years now, and whenever I’ve heard him speak I’ve always been impressed with him.  Then, at Social Media Marketing World in March, we finally met in person — and here we are today, I’m pumped to have him join us on the show.

Steve is an expert on customer acquisitions, elaborate Facebook ad strategies, Google Ad Words, content re-marketing, landing pages, carts and funnels to optimize e-commerce businesses.

We get into a TON of stuff today as we break down how he markets his e-commerce business.

On today’s episode we get into:

  • The content marketing strategy they use to attract ideal customers, including how they drove people to the content 10 years ago and the strategies they’re using today.
  • We break down Steve’s entire FB ads strategy, including:
    • His full retargeting strategy
    • How he uses dynamic product ads and why they’re the most successful ads in his strategy (he also gives advice on setting them up)
    • The offers he makes
    • How he pays for his Facebook ads before people have even left his thank you page
    • How he uses Facebook video ads
    • Why he loves lookalike audiences and his strategy for using them
    • Why he doesn’t max out scaling his FB ads
  • Why Steve focuses so heavily on building an email list and what his email marketing looks like, including when emails are sent
  • What their landing page looks like when sending people from ad to product page
  • What email marketing platform Steve uses that’s specific to e-commerce and why it’s key to his business
  • And What Steve would do if he were starting from scratch

With so much good stuff to talk about, it’s a safe bet that I’ll need to invite Steve back as a return guest of the show.

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Check out Steve’s website: MyWifeQuitHerJob.com





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