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Bonus: 3 eCommerce Strategies Working Right Now with Steve Chou

March 9, 2018

On today’s episode, I’m sharing more of what happened at last week’s Social Media Marketing World in San Diego. As mentioned in the previous episode, I recorded some live audio interviews as well as some Q&A from people who were at my session on Facebook ad custom audiences.  One person that I spoke with was my buddy Steve Chou, from He and his wife also have an e-commerce business selling handkerchiefs called Bumblebee Linens, and as well Steve was a past guest on The Art of Paid Traffic on Episode 140.  

In this impromptu interview with Steve, he shares three e-commerce strategies that are working very well for him right now. As you’ll hear, these strategies are practical, actionable and easy to implement!

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • How Steve is using chatbots on a free offer to get email and messenger subscribers
  • Ways to use live chat, FAQs and automated response to add people to your messenger subscriber list
  • Facebook’s broad match dynamic product ads can be an easy way to target audiences and get an ROI on autopilot – if you test what audiences it works with first
  • And much more!

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

#140: Facebook Ads Strategy for e-Commerce & Physical Products with Steve Chou

#179: How a Stock Market Trader Used an Unconventional Strategy to Grow His Online Business to $500K+ with Jason Brown

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Transcription of Today’s Episode:

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot. You’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so they can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right. Let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] All right. All right. All right what’s going on everyone. Welcome to a bonus episode of The Art of Paid Traffic podcast Rick Mulready here. Thank you so much for listening to the show today. Really appreciate it. All’s going well with whatever you’re up to today. So when I was at Social Media Marketing World last week here in San Diego as I mentioned in the previous episode I recorded some live audio interviews as well as some Q and A from people who are at my session they come up to me after the session and as they were asking questions I was recording them to share them with you here in the podcast. So that session I spoke about Facebook and custom audiences. Now one of the guys I ran into at the conference is my buddy Steve Chu from my wife quit her job. Dotcom Sieben his wife also have an e-commerce business selling handkerchiefs at bumblebee linens dot com. Now Steve was a guest here on the show back on episode number 140 so if you’ve not check that out deafly check it out. I got a ton of great feedback from that episode. Rick Mulready dot com forward slash 140. So when I ran into Steve at the at the conference I asked him if he’d be willing to do a little quick little impromptu interview with me where he shares three e-commerce strategies that are working right now and he was more than up for it. So that’s what you’re going to hear in this short episode 3 actionable strategies that you can go and implement in your business today.

[00:01:54] This is life it’s will not live today but it was live at the time. So it’s an edited lot of background noise but you can still hear us just perfectly. Also as you can to hear my buddy Jason Brown who is a guest here on episode number 179 comes up during the interview to say goodbye. He did no recording so I left that in there for you. Now before we jump in with Steve though. If you’re struggling trying to diagnose whether your Facebook ads are performing well or not so that you can quickly troubleshoot them then I put together a PDF checklist for you that you’re going to want to download. I call this the 60 second diagnosis checklist how to make quick sense of your Facebook ad stats so that you can quickly and smartly scale your ads. This is a free checklist which you can download by messaging the word troubleshoot and you want to message that to meet over on Facebook my messenger link is Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger. So when you go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash messenger that will pop your messenger and just simply message me the word troubleshoot and I will send you the checklist right there. OK. All right. I also posted on the Schoenaerts for today’s episode by the way. All right without further ado let’s go chat with Steve Chu.

[00:03:09] We ran into each other here at CNN marking World.

[00:03:12] And we got chatting here and I said let’s talk about what you’re working on right now as far as like what’s working in the business what things he says we talked last and talked about the ecommerce story on the blog.

[00:03:26] One thing that we’re doing now is we are using Chatterbox and one thing and this is what I call the trifecta. So we run an ad and we’re doing a flip free shipping offer. And so it goes in it goes to a messenger and says redeem the offer and it takes into a landing page where it shows you exactly what free offer you’re getting asked for an e-mail. So we get their e-mail we get a messenger subscriber and then we get the sale from the people souping offer.

[00:03:51] OK so let’s back up again. So say that again. So you are using messenger to do this. The NHS. Yes that’s correct. So it’s a j saw an ad. Yep. OK. OK. So Jason just to be clear with everybody that’s a special link in the ad when they click that link it pops their messenger. That’s correct. And that starts that triggers the conversation.

[00:04:09] Right. And so we get them to click a button to get them as a messenger scrubber and then we have them click on a link that takes into a landing page where I asked for an e-mail in order to redeem the offer. Interesting. OK cool. OK. And so once they redeem the offer they get the free offer in their car and then there’s an up sell. So you know of course and the people get the up so most of the people check out what the free offer and what ends up happening is that upswell ends up paying for the ad. And so we just you know we break even though we did. We’re doing about two weeks right now Notari that’s how much is that up so they do. They sell is forty five dollars and they get free shipping. OK.

[00:04:45] So you’re giving them the discount that there are. Is it a discount. They’re opting in for their offering for a free handkerchief. OK so it’s really two dollars. Ok cool handkerchief fifteen dollars on that. After they opt in you’re then you’re offered them a forty five dollar right. And they get free shipping shipping is only for 95 God. OK. OK.

[00:05:04] And you’re two axing on that right now we’re taxing on that on its own. And meantime you know we’re sending out a blast to the messenger and we also have them on a new e-mail autoresponder sequence to get them introduced to some of our other products that they might be interested in.

[00:05:16] That’s awesome. Ok cool. Because that’s number one. OK that’s number one. That’s number one. It’s your body. So it really is events we’re live. It’s OK.

[00:05:30] So that’s number one and that’s working really well. Yeah. And so do you. Is there any kind. I mean it’s it’s too soon right now. Are you seeing or hearing any feedback on. Are you telling them that when they click the link it’s going to be messenger. We do. Say ad itself. That’s correct. OK so they know that. Ok cool.

[00:05:49] Yeah. Otherwise you know there’s been some confusion though so I will tell you this one thing that when I sent out a blast we do have a fairly high unsubscribe rate high single digits. Yes. And I think it’s on messenger messenger. That’s correct. OK. And I think it’s because people just are used to it. Yes. Just yet at least in my demographic which is age 55 and above. So are you blasting quote unquote them within 24 hours. No we have them often again. So when we say we have a new craft idea. Would you be interested in seeing it. Yes no unsubscribe. Ok. Ok. Ok cool. Strategy number two. Got it. OK. So I got a live chat going on the actual site. And once again we’re using many chat to do this. OK. So if anyone has a question about anything they instantly become a messenger subscriber. Got it. OK. And some of are most common ask questions like How long is the order going to take to arrive. Can you personalize your items. And can I check up on my order. All those are button items on the.

[00:06:45] OK. So you’ve taken. You know what your Efik cues are. Yes. And you put them into an automated response. Basically you’re letting them know hey these you know do you have this question. And then they clicked it it was a portrait. That’s correct. And you’re adding them to your messenger list.

[00:07:00] By doing that. That’s correct yes. Love it. Yeah. Cool. And then the final one which has just been starting to dabble with its broad match dynamic product ads. And this is where you just let Facebook do everything. Yep. And it’s it’s like a lazy me. I like it because you know what. You don’t do anything right. Rice live Facebook do anything. Right now we’re gaining about 2.5 x on our target demographic which is age 55 and above and that’s almost like set it and forget it right now. Yeah it’s pretty sweet so you upload your product catalogs. I have all the time. You have all the pixels and all the pages and products and stuff like that and you just letting Facebook do the matching and dynamically retarget people based on either what they’re looking at or what they’re bought Exactly. Yeah. And we just don’t show those ads to people who have purchased in the last 10 days. Otherwise we just let Facebook do it. And that’s working really well and it’s work to do enough for you if it’s profitable for scale it right. Right. And just you’re not having to be in there every single day. Yeah A.J. and stuff. I mean you’re keeping an eye on it but you’re not having to optimize all the time on the algorithm. It hasn’t worked out well for some of our other age groups though so we just tried three different age groups and locations and we found one that works well. So it’s definitely a trial and error type of thing. Yeah for sure.

[00:08:09] Always be testing as we say in the podcast. Awesome. I want thank you so much for doing this. I know I put you on the spot here. Let’s remind people where they can connect with you and learn more about the brand. Yeah. If you guys want to know more about how to start an e-commerce store head on over to my wife quit her job dot com for free six day mini course appearance and selling physical products. And once again if you guys are getting married or whatever hooked you guys up with some handkerchiefs at Bohle Milind in Stockholm. Awesome.

[00:08:33] And I’ll pick those up in the show notes for today’s episode. Steve thank you so much for this. Appreciate it. Thanks for having me.

[00:08:40] All right big face again to Steve for taking a few minutes to share what’s working with him right now. For all of us here on the podcast if you’re enjoying the show here if you’d like to support it I’d love it if you left a quick rading review for the show over on iTunes. This is the lifeblood of the show here my friends and I read each and every review and they always make my day. Every time I read them. So if you’ve not yet left reading and review for the show over an iTunes and you like to support the show please take a second to do it. It literally takes like 30 seconds to do it and it’s a big help because it allows us to help more people with the message I’m trying to share here with the show.

[00:09:18] All right. I’ve got more great simplified and actionable strategies coming your way in the next episode. So until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business. And then do more of what’s working and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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