Behind-the-Scenes of Successful Facebook Ads

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#19: Behind-the-Scenes of Successful Facebook Ads with Curt Maly

March 5, 2015

In today’s episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, we’re continuing our discussion of Facebook ads compliance and policy and taking a behind-the-scenes look at successful Facebook ads.

I’ve invited on Curt Maly, who’s a fellow Facebook ads guy. He has a digital marketing agency and he also runs a website called Social Media Ad Genius where they run a lot of Facebook ads – about $5 million dollars worth of ads over the last few years. They work with businesses in all different kinds of niches, which you’ll hear more about in today’s episode.

Curt’s a great evangelist for doing Facebook ads the right way and recently visited with their ads compliance team. The visit is really timely because you may have heard about a lot of Facebook ad accounts getting shut down lately.

And, if you do find yourself with this issue, Facebook tends to be vague at best as to explaining why.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn: 

  • A great overview of the process that Facebook uses to review and approve or disapprove ads.
  • Reasons why accouts are getting shut down right now.
  • Best practices for creating Facebook ads that keep you out of trouble – copy in your ad to avoid!
  • How to leverage ads to help sell physical products.

Win a Free Personalized 10 Minute Facebook Ads Audit

I also want to let you know about something brand new I’m starting here on the podcast.

Every Friday I’m going to choose an iTunes review at random from that week and the winner will receive a free personalized 10-minute Facebook ads audit from me. This is where I review your Facebook ads and give honest feedback, ideas, and suggestions for improvement showing you exactly how to tweak and improve your ads so you can avoid wasting money while getting the best results possible.

I’ll give you recommendations on your ad copy, images, targeting, campaign set up, landing page, conversion tracking, pricing strategy, etc… I’ll troubleshoot why your cost-per-conversion is higher than you want or why you’re not getting many clicks on your ad. Any challenges you’re having with your ads, I’ll give you my recommendations for how to tweak and improve them. Maybe your ads are already doing well and you simply want to make them even better. I’ll share how I think you can do that.

This is a service that I normally charge $197 for so if you’d like to win one, head over to iTunes and leave an honest rating and review of the show and I’ll be selecting one at random every Friday.

Thanks so much, in advance.

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My next 1-day Live In-Person Facebook ads Intensive here in San Diego is coming up again on March 28th.

The Intensive is your opportunity to work with me in a very small group (limited to 5 people each month) for intimate coaching and training that will give you huge breakthroughs in your Facebook ads.

Regardless of where you’re at with your ads, you’ll leave the training having everything in place and running the RIGHT way, start to finish.

These Intensives are invite-only and first come, first served.

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Curt’s website –

Rick’s Facebook Ads flagship training: The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads Made Simple

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To ask a question to be answered on the podcast, click below and leave me a voicemail.  All you need is a microphone and Internet connection.

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