#164: (Case Study) How a Non-Profit Cooking School for Kids is Growing with Facebook Ads - Rick Mulready

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#164: (Case Study) How a Non-Profit Cooking School for Kids is Growing with Facebook Ads

November 10, 2017

For today’s episode, I’ve got another great conversation with a student of mine. Her name is Tiffany Cavegn, and she’s the founder of The Kids Cooking School, which is a non-profit cooking school for kids based in Minnesota.

Earlier this year, Tiffany was brand new to Facebook ads, and she’s been learning how to use them to grow her cooking school over the last several months.

I’ve been tracking her progress really carefully and I wanted to have her share her story because I feel so many of you will get a ton of values from the lessons that Tiffany has learned along the way when it comes to Facebook ads.  

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:

  • Why Tiffany felt so strongly that Facebook was the one platform to go “all in” on
  • Some of the different things she’s tested to get results – including what she did to make $1,600 in revenue from just a $25 ad spend
  • Why you don’t need fancy and expensive equipment to start marketing yourself online!
  • How she uses audience data to hone in on who she needs to be speaking to and targeting with her Facebook ads (and the big difference she’s noticing about how moms and dads interact online)
  • The ways she used Facebook, video and other strategies to build a community and create momentum for her business before it even opened
  • How Tiffany is now using her knowledge to create a membership site that will be available across the country for kids that want to learn how to audition for kid’s cooking shows on national TV!
  • An important lesson she learned in the benefits of outsourcing some tasks

The big takeaway you can get from this talk with Tiffany is her amazing mindset and approach to marketing her business on Facebook.  She admits that she learns something every single time she runs an ad, whether it’s successful or not, and I feel that it’s Tiffany’s willingness to keep testing different ideas that really sets her apart.

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Visit Tiffany’s website: KidsCookingSchool.org

Click here to get Tiffany’s 25% off coupon 

Click here for the “Get Cast On Food Network Baking Competitions” PDF

Private FB Group: The Kids Baking Network

Click here to learn more and register for FBA Live

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Transcription of Today’s Episode

[00:00:06] This is the show where I bring you the best tips tactics and strategies for using paid traffic to grow your business on autopilot you’ll also hear what’s working and not working right now from the top minds in online marketing so that you can get more leads and sales every day without having to empty your wallet in the process. All right. Let’s jump into it.

[00:00:28] You guys are in for a treat today. What’s up everyone. Welcome back to the art of patriotic podcasts Rick. I’m already here thank you so much for coming to help me today I really appreciate you for give me your time. This is episode number 164 and I am really excited to welcome another one of my students to the podcast. Her name is Tiffany cabin from the kids cooking school which is a nonprofit cooking school for kids in Lino Lakes Minnesota. I think I’m pronouncing that right. Earlier this year she was brand new to Facebook ads and she’s been learning how to use them to grow her cooking school. Over the last several months and I’ve been tracking her progress really carefully. And finally I was like you know what I would love to have you on the podcast here to share your story because I feel like so many of you will get a ton out of hearing from her and her journey. So today you’re going to hear her story how she is growing her cooking school with Facebook ads and even if you don’t have a local business this is going to help you regardless if you have a local business if you’re managing ads for other businesses. If you have an online business regardless of what you’re doing there are so many different things of what Tiffany is doing here that you’re going to hear about. That will be really helpful for you.

[00:01:40] So we’re going to dive into the Facebook ad campaigns that she’s run the challenges that she’s face and different things that she’s tested to get results including what she did to make $6500 in revenue from just a $25 Facebook ad spend. We talk about how she uses audience data to hone in on who she needs to be speaking to and targeting with her Facebook ads and she takes us through really deeply how she’s doing this to the point where we haven’t talked about this sort of thing in an interview here on the podcast in the in the depth that Tiffany does today a really good conversation around how she does her audience data research. We talk about what she does to reach her very geographically targeted audience how she use Facebook to build a community and momentum for her business months before it even opened. We talk about why as a business owner who’s wearing nine different hats why she still feels it’s important to be focusing on marketing her business with Facebook Ads herself. And she also shares how she’s also now working on a membership site for kids that want to learn how to audition for kids cooking shows on national TV. It’s super cool. One thing I really want you to listen for is Tiffany’s amazing mindset in her approach to marketing her business on Facebook. This mindset of willingness to test different things out and play around with different ideas. In my opinion is really what sets her apart. One of my favorite interviews in the podcast so far. Now before we jump into it with Tiffany I want to let you know that on Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th that’s this coming Monday and Tuesday. I’m doing three live online trainings.

[00:03:20] If you are interested in creating a business around managing Facebook ads for other businesses then this training is going to be for you you’re going to learn the five steps to creating an awesome Facebook ads business what it takes to build a successful Facebook ads business from scratch. I’m going to be getting into things like a simple formula for attracting and closing a consistent stream of ideal clients with budget to spend and that won’t drain the life out of you that’s really important. We’re going to talk about how to have your Facebook ads business up and running with clients fast or massively scaling it. If you already have a Facebook guys business going to be sharing a bunch of case studies with you for example how one Facebook Ads manager went from a monthly retainer of just one hundred sixty five dollars per month per client to over two thousand dollars per month per client within a year. While raising three kids and a whole lot more. Again I’m doing three live trainings. This coming Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th and reserve your spot for a day and time that works best for you. Just go to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Ad Manager 3. That’s Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Ad Manager that’s a D M A N A. But number three add manager 3. Looking forward to seeing you there. All right my friends. Without further ado let’s go talk with Tiffany.

[00:04:47] Tiffany Welcome to the podcast. How are you. I’m super great thanks for having me.

[00:04:51] Absolutely. I was so excited to be talking to you because I’ve been watching your progress over the past few months here and you’ve been making some amazing progress with your Facebook ads and I want to dive into all of that. Here in this conversation with you. But I first want you to introduce yourself to AOT Peachi nation here and tell us who you are about your amazing cooking school business for kids. I want to hear all about that.

[00:05:18] Thank you. So I am the founder and chef at all nonprofit cooking school in Minnesota and we focus mainly on kids and so all of my classes are for kids mostly ages 8 to 13.

[00:05:34] But we take them a little bit younger and a little bit older depending on what their needs are. And we have a retail space that we built that’s where I’m standing right now and we have eight stations and we’re just about to launch an online program nationally at the beginning of November. And we’ve been open since February and it’s like the greatest thing I’ve ever done.

[00:05:57] So I didn’t I didn’t know that you just opened up in February. Yes. So what are you doing before that.

[00:06:04] I am a recovering marketing addict so I worked for a couple of brands I worked for Mirta shirt and the sales line and I was kind of his right hand person for about a year and before that I just had different marketing jobs through the years. And Marcus was really great. There was a point when he recognized that I was happy but I knew that I could do something more. And so he gently pushed me out of the nest and said I really want you to go do something that really fills your heart. And so I spent a year figuring out what that was. And this amazing cooking school is what came out of it.

[00:06:50] That is awesome. I didn’t know that backstory. I love that. I love that super cool. So you help it since February. What time you had this marketing background what type of marketing were you doing. I mean so we were here in the middle of October. So what. Eight months ago or so I’ve been doing this now.

[00:07:08] Did you come out of the gates do a marketing. What did that look like when when you first opened up.

[00:07:14] Sure. So when we started building the school it took about four months to physically build everything. And so during that time I was building my Facebook audience. I really felt like Facebook was one platform that I was going to focus on and just be all in moms and their kids and just their kids really are not. But moms are on Facebook. My demographic and I literally spent six weeks from Black Friday until early January which is when I was hoping to open air and I just tested things. I wanted to figure out what my demographics were what the age range was and were dads watching and I learned some very very interesting things that really allowed me to tailor my target audience so that I could start running ads for my classes.

[00:08:12] So you are doing this work prior to opening up in February you are building the momentum building the community at that point. What type of content were you putting on on the page there. I love that you are posting content.

[00:08:24] You are doing this from a strategic perspective you’re like I want to put content out there and then you know use analytics and so forth and insights to learn more about the audience that is engaging with that with the page what type of content were you putting out. Sure

[00:08:38] so every week I did an update on construction and just I literally stood in here.

[00:08:44] I keep saying I’m going to go do this. Timelapse of all the photos because every day I sit in the front door and took a picture but I didn’t update and I did a lot of video. And I also ran a give away so I gave away a stand mixer a professional kitchen stand mixer.

[00:09:03] OK. And I probably that took me. Well my friends and family that love me they were my first 50 subscribers. So I did that tactic which was I asked everybody I know please just watch me and share and somebody out there will notice right.

[00:09:22] And so I started with my 50 friends and family and then them just sharing took me to about 100. OK. And then the getaway took me from probably 100 to 500.

[00:09:35] OK. How did you do that. What what what what sort of process it is for that getaway.

[00:09:39] Sure. So I did a little video again. I put the actual box of the kitchen and stand mixer and I stood here in a construction zone and said we are opening and I really want to get the word out. And I want to thank you for that. And so I’m going to do this kitchen the give away that we just find that black Friday and it’s a $279 value. And it was an interesting learning experience because about half of the guest the opening date. That was part of the giveaway.

[00:10:14] The opening date Yes the opening date of the school when the you would win the stand mixer got it. Because that’s what it was.

[00:10:23] What if you had multiple winners where are you going to have multiple mixers.

[00:10:27] But I said that I was going to do a drawing. OK had multiple people got the bottom OK.

[00:10:35] Now I will tell you that I learned so much about the fine details that from the questions that people were asking and that was one of them like what if there’s more than one winner. What if I don’t live in Minnesota. And then I went oh my gosh now I have three people that are on my list that don’t even live in Minnesota and are not coming to my school.

[00:10:56] Yeah so I had that kind of a learning experience. OK.

[00:11:00] I really need to focus on targeting my audience down to Minnesota. And then I realize actually people don’t drive more than 15 miles to take their kids anywhere. And I really started so that’s after that give away. Then I started doing just a little video of the ads and talking about the kinds of classes that we were going to had here once we opened.

[00:11:28] So short little 90 second clips. Yeah. And then I at the time all I did was because I didn’t know any better. So I would just boosted.

[00:11:37] So where were these videos that you were doing. I love the fact you do a 90 second clip updates about what’s what you’re going to be offering once you open it on your phone using your iPhone.

[00:11:47] Here they were with my iPad. Yeah I Pagliacci I bought a $15 attachment and $20 tripod from Target and I set it up and I knew a few things from working with Marcus.

[00:12:02] I knew some things about video and that Whiting was important and that sound was important. So you know I bought it. Good. You know last my that kind of stuff so that my sound was good.

[00:12:14] What kind of job do you. Did you buy. I’m just curious or people would ask me that all the time and there’s certain there’s all like the huge scale of lab mikes that you can buy right. You can buy a decent one that’s a wired Mike for like 30 dollars on Amazon. Or you can buy it like the Sennheiser wireless for $700 right.

[00:12:32] I when I first started I bought the $25 mobo and it was it’s got one ear bud and it plugs into my phone. And you know there’s so much technology to learn about. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and to use that as an excuse to not do your videos. Yes. And what I’m here to say is pull out your phone but use the you know we’re using just the iPhone iPad phones that might be attached. Yeah. Just do it. Just start recording.

[00:13:06] Love it. Love it. And so then you started you said he started boosting the post. Now you are boosting it to your fans but you also realize at that point that you are getting a mix of local and people outside of Minnesota which you really didn’t want to reach so you weren’t targeting those videos like when you boosted where are you targeting them geographically or would you just boosted them to the page.

[00:13:32] So I was targeting them geographically to the state of Minnesota. Got to get that feeling around Christmas.

[00:13:38] I hadn’t learned. You know I learned something every time I run an ad. Sure. And little side no. That was the last time you ran the Facebook ads or local.

[00:13:49] Yeah. And I decided I was going to wait until the next time because I was so busy with construction that I thought I can’t actually do the work. And then your poor support people come April had to answer every two weeks when I was going to open. When’s this going to open. When’s it going to open. So in hindsight I wish I had taken the class.

[00:14:10] Yeah because it was eight months before it came around again. And even though I’ve never spent more than $20 on an ad I’m not one of those that oh I wasted to $300 a month. I’ve never done that. You know I literally in the summer I ran for seven day ads with a max ad spend of $10 and I had two bowls I wanted to find out exactly what my age range was and I wanted to find out how much dads would interact interesting and what I found was that dads watched the movie about 15 percent of my views was from men. OK.

[00:14:53] But when it comes to link clicks moms only click on the links. Oh really interesting dads zero dads.

[00:15:03] Click on anything baby watch to take us through how you are figuring out that information because I think this is a really good lesson for people leveraging what you’re doing to learn more about who is taking the action and attracting your ideal audience.

[00:15:18] Absolutely.

[00:15:18] So there’s this great guy that has this Facebook that podcast that I listened was that was I was not said you know I know you were that you know you are but I and my friends laugh at me because I’m addicted to courses on Addicted to podcasts and I listen and I practice what you talk about so I don’t actually listen to another version of your podcast until I know the episode until I actually try what it is that you’re telling me about if that applies to me so I’m sure they just listen because it’s interesting to me. Yeah. And so I learned from the podcast How to look into the performance data. So it would drop down and so in the performance area it breaks it out by age and by gender. Yep. And so I was able to see so the first line I did literally open wide open.

[00:16:12] 1865 I wanted to see are there grandparents that are buying and I love to see are there like 12 year old kids on Facebook that are doing this. I didn’t you know at the time it was a real quandary for myself and my volunteer team I had this great group of friends around me that just loved to help me and I’m so grateful for that. And we really struggle with am I talking to the kids or am I talking to the parent. And so what I learned was that kids don’t use Facebook anymore.

[00:16:45] We are old school. Facebook is old school to a 12 year old. They’re not on it at all. And yes they’re on snap chat but like I haven’t even gone there yet. I can’t wrap my head around. So it was.

[00:16:57] So I learned who I was talking to. It being the parents. And that first and then I was able through the age range I was able to narrow it down to a 35 to 55. OK. And no grandparents were not. It was strictly moms. Got

[00:17:17] it. And then I even tried to get it a little bit tighter to 45.

[00:17:23] And because that’s definitely the majority like 80 percent of my audience is 35 or 45. OK but I do my ads to 55. I don’t think it’s making that much of a difference in sure. Yeah and I’m still getting that 20 I mean 20 percent is 20 percent.

[00:17:39] Absolutely. So when you were doing this when you were starting off bride and you’re boosting to Minnesota are you doing any sort of broad So you’re doing 18 to 65. Is that it.

[00:17:53] Was there any other layer of targeting in there when you’re boosting or were you just shooting wide and just seeing where doing you know using the break down. So everybody listening what to be talking about here as far as how she’s determining these stats is that once you’re running your campaign you know you can check an ADS manager that’s actually next to the performance I’m blanking on what it is. But there is a break down option that you can choose like age and gender you can choose placement you can choose a location that sort of thing. That’s what Tiffany’s talking about here because then you can see a breakdown of you know where the results are coming from men women age range placement etc.. So when you were doing that when you started off was it just broad targeting or did you layer in additional targets.

[00:18:36] So one thing that I struggle with is trying to figure out too many things that were one time so my husband made a promise that we would do one thing and figure that out before we move on to the next and that has advice has suited me well in this entire year. So for the first ad I just wanted to look at age so I didn’t know about Minnesota. So I scaled down to the state of Minnesota and then I kept the age. Why then in week two I narrowed it down to the 35 to 55 using again.

[00:19:12] And no know not much code from came up from the first one. And then in the third week I tested I did a split test urban image and a video. OK. And I’ll be honest I had I did those tests and I had no idea how to compare them at this time I didn’t know anything about how to view the statistics so I couldn’t do that again for you for a long time like a month ago did I try.

[00:19:44] After taking the course Sure but then I looked at it and that’s when I was able to tell. Well for the videos they’re watching but they’re not clicking yet. And they’re certainly not they’re certainly not by at that point. OK. And so that’s what I thought. Well even though the video is great for awareness. But when I want them to click I need to give them an image OK. That is that really shaped my marketing in my videos that is awareness phase but anything image based on where you want them to click where I want them to click.

[00:20:23] I have you I forget. Have you. Are you leveraging. No engagement retargeting based on if you’re running those videos you can build those engagement audiences the people who are watching the videos and then retarget them based on how long they’re watching. You can target them with the offer you know in image based ad as you’re talking about here to get them to click over to to enroll. We tried that yet.

[00:20:47] I have not tried that yet because my audience is not big enough. Gotcha. The thing with the ability to do that. OK.

[00:20:55] I mean. Yes. I love that the fact that you have that awareness that that’s going on but also an awareness of you know what video is for branding for me right now. And if I want them to click it’s going to be image. So take in all this information here. Now you have a lot of data to say OK. Now I want to really start diving into you’re not spending a lot of money on your ass but I have classes to fill right you have classes to fill. So take. And I know that you as you started those campaigns to start to fill those classes. You hit a few roadblocks there and had some challenges and then I know that you made some tweaks and things started to work so kind of take us through sort of that first iteration of the campaign when you’re like all right now I want to surpass on some classes here.

[00:21:38] Absolutely. So before I took the course then I was experimenting with hosts and events and also experimenting with Boost versus actually going into the ads manager.

[00:21:54] So from the podcast in the spring I got brave and I thought OK so what’s the worst that can happen I put in $10 and I get nothing but a $10 learning experience.

[00:22:04] Every time I do an ad I go into it with a mindset is all I do is learn something about my audience and my people and what they respond to then that $10 was well spent. I’m not throwing dollars into it. Yup.

[00:22:20] And then when I took the course there was two big things that is leading up to this huge successful post that I had. And number one was I was creating a balance to my on my buy page essentially. And so I was starting right off with hi nice to meet you. Were you plunk down $100.

[00:22:44] Right. And even though in the beginning I was doing a lot of this lovely warm up stuff. It’s soon as classes started I got really busy and I was like oh my gosh I have to get this event out there and I wasn’t doing a great job of the basics and warming everybody up. Yeah. So the class reminded me of that but it also what I loved about it was I had some examples of copy that made me completely re write the heading the description. And you know all of those little pieces I use different words.

[00:23:23] Yeah. And I paid attention to the words that my customers were using when they were asking questions so I started asking questions or posting questions about classes that I was thinking about.

[00:23:37] And then they would reply. And then I would use those words in in the act.

[00:23:42] I love it. Everyone always wants to know what the Emmy and literally people this morning commenting to me on on it.

[00:23:49] And one of the Facebook groups about I want more on copywriting I want more in copywriting. And like yes we can teach we can use copyright. We teach teach best practices for copywriting but it really comes down to. Exactly. Thank you so much for listening. In doing this it comes down to talking to your customers listening to the language that they’re using and using that in your ad copy. If you don’t have customers yet where can you go. What Facebook groups can you join where your ideal customers are hanging out. And look at the language that they’re using so that you can use that in your ad copy.

[00:24:25] I mean I like I’m so happy that you that you did that one question before you go on there is when you were running these ads and you know and like OK I’m doing an event.

[00:24:36] You created an event right to fold the class. Were you targeting just your fans or were were you going like what’s in Minnesota.

[00:24:45] Right. So by that time I learned to put in my address and do a 15 mile got it. OK. So I was just generally doing a 15 mile radius. I did for summer camp. People will drive a little bit further for something special. And so for summer camp I widened it up. But in general I’d choose either 15 miles or if I’m going to narrow down on one school district because I’m offering a class where only those kids are off of school then I choose the zip codes for that school district and I really narrow down so that I’m not knowing the people 10 miles over that you don’t have school that day because I was getting a lot of oh this is a bummer. This will be fun but my kids are in school so I didn’t want to have that kind of conversation. So I narrowed it down even further. For this school year.

[00:25:39] And so I was I was doing that with those ads. Then I got on a coaching call with you our general our weekly coaching call in to Austin about running multiple ads and that’s when I started doing segmenting them by school district job

[00:25:58] B I realize I don’t want to annoy those people right for the classes that are for all districts that are after school. I do the 15 miles. Yes I got two big ones that are bicycle district. Am I narrow that down even for an hour.

[00:26:14] I want to I mean guys listening. Everybody listening to this. This is a really important point that Tiffany is talking about here. He’s not talking about the quote unquote ideal audience size that I always talk about.

[00:26:25] You know if you can get 750 K plus a million plus on the audience size that the algorithm is a lot is a liking a lot more because it’s gotten so smart. We’re going to increase audience sizes. We’re not talking about that. You’re with each of these targeting a very local targeted area in Minnesota with you know 50 mile radius around her business but also by zip codes which are smart towns as you look you do in that research about school districts and so forth.

[00:26:52] I mean what on average how big are we talking about from and from an audience size.

[00:26:57] Sure. So when I’m doing my 15 mile radius it’s about 20000 women between the ages of 35 and 55 which blew me away.

[00:27:06] Yeah you know like I said Yeah I’ve thought that that was the case.

[00:27:12] You know in terms of impressions for that kind of a number it’s about 2000. Now I’m also side note. I take copious notes about all of this because when I launch my online product it will launch to the nation. And I don’t think that the age and the gender is going to change. The only thing that I will change when I move to a national audience in November will be and then I’ll open up my geography to the whole class. I’m figuring that out. Yeah. And I’ve done that all along. Read plans will fly. Yup.

[00:27:54] And that has been my process this whole entire time was take something small and inexpensive and do my testing there whether it’s what kind of class the way offer what are my Facebook ads. And then I grow a little bit every month. It’s not an overnight deal.

[00:28:11] Yeah. I love it. I love it so. Thank you for explaining that. By the way just as you said that I have to put as many of you guys might know that is a very good friend of mine.

[00:28:22] We live both here live here live here in San Diego. I have two copies right now on my bookcase of will it fly. So when this episode I’m going to take one person who’s watching live right now on the Facebook page first person the comment that I see I’m going to send you a connect with you or send you a book. And then when the episode comes live we’ll goes live. You know when we release the podcast episode the first person to message me over on the Facebook page I’m going to send you a copy of Pat’s book as well.

[00:28:52] Totally on the fly here. Note no pun intended as we’re talking about that. So it’s a great book. It is. It is a very good book here. I want to go back to that.

[00:29:01] When you say you’re running the events and you’ve got classes to fill that wasn’t working very well for you. It wasn’t. So what was like What. What did you determine why as to why and then what things do you do to kind of test some new things out.

[00:29:16] Sure. Well this is one of the things I brought to it a coaching call and what we were talking about at the time was warming up our audience you know not trying to get married on a first date. And so what I tried was a 15 percent off coupon and without the coupon when it was just an event that was linked directly to the sign up the registration page. I think I got maybe three clicks and I got no sales from it. Or is this an event that you’re running. It was still an event. OK. So I guess there was all of these pieces I’m a very black and white thinker and so I struggle with. OK is it a poster is it an event or do I run all of my my e-commerce Shopify. Do I Do. Do I do the product in it you know which I’ve done the product in it. GRATION I haven’t gotten great results on that. But I had narrowed it down to sometimes the posts were and sometimes the events were I haven’t figured out why one way or the other so I kind of alternate them.

[00:30:27] I read the posts I had figured out that or there’s about a two week window like last minute Sinar. So I do the events for those last minute sign ups are OK to the post from further out and you can build engagement audiences now of people interacting with your events.

[00:30:46] Oh that’s good to know. So yeah. So keep that in mind. And granted I mean going back to what we talked about in the video they might be smaller audiences on sort of one off cases that you’re doing but you could build those audiences over time to retarget to with you know to follow up with them again to just keep that keep that in mind. So you did a 15 percent discount. Did that start to work for you.

[00:31:10] So in I think nine days I get 97 clicks OK. So I remember the first one was three. Yes. And the second one.

[00:31:22] Same class Same exact same in a different class same class. The only game that was different was the offer the offer. OK.

[00:31:30] Can you tell it was an image with you know early registration. So this was in August so we had just launched our fall catalog. And so I launched it in my email. I launched it to my Facebook page. And then after this call that we had I did an ad with the coupon and the ad went not just to my followers to my targeted audience within 15 miles. Got it.

[00:32:01] And out of those 97 clicks about sixteen hundred dollars in orders.

[00:32:07] How much money do you spend. Yeah $25. The number I love it. An absolute no brainer. I love it so it was. So the first thing I want to call it a couple of things here. Number one is you didn’t give up after that first time it didn’t work. You know like Amandas didn’t this didn’t work. So you’re like all right. Well you know I think we I think we talk through it a little bit on on that particular call. It’s like the only thing I felt like was sort of not not the only opportunity but like the biggest opportunity for you at that time because you had dialed in your target was just a different offer here. You know so you said OK let’s we’ll do it at 15 percent off that worked I mean you got 90 seconds 97 clicks and you had sixteen hundred dollars in sales on a $25 Spads. Was that an event that you were that you had. Was that a post do you remember the post. It was a post. OK what type of. You obviously do really cool like videos and stuff like that. What do you do you call it that was an image or a video.

[00:33:11] It was an image of two kids actually at a cooking station making something.

[00:33:17] Got it. OK because going back to what you learned before it was the image that was working for you to drive traffic and to actually more of the you know the direct response type of you know what you were looking for as opposed to video being more of the branding. So you had an image to kids cooking. I love it. Fifteen percent off class. Six hundred dollars in sales on twenty five dollars. Are you jumping up and down with joy at this point or are all and what are you thinking at this point.

[00:33:46] Well absolutely and I think the way the universe works whoever it is that you you know believe in is that it’s my friend actually always says that she calls me the rainmaker that when I need it to rain it rains. Sometimes it feels like it’s a really cloudy day and I was nervous. And you know I in a retail space I pay $3000 in rent every month whether I feel cross or not. You know that came at a time that I really needed it. So to say that I was over the moon is really an understatement. Right. As a nonprofit Yeah every single dollar counts.

[00:34:27] Sure sure. Now so you saw success with that. Have we started to snowball that success into two other campaigns filling other classes filling other events that you’ve got going on where you sort of that. Because I do want to get to that. Like you’re launching this course and you know looking at that as a strategy but you know what are you doing now in terms of you know again putting kids in the classes there.

[00:34:52] Sure. So I would say that I have not had the success of that one. And since then because that would be because this is something I really I really want to make a point of. I fell off the wagon. OK. I got really busy and we started filming a TV show here in the city or in the kitchen and this and it’s really awesome. And we don’t have all of this material to use. Yeah but I was so inundated with that I fell off of the consistency. Right. And they got it and so I had not repeated that success because I didn’t do the work. And then you know so we had this October has 10 days in the month of October that kids had no school and 10 days of October 10 if I can. If you take all of the five school districts that I serve. Yeah. They don’t have the same days off. So we’re open our 10 school days. OK. And that 10 kids times a hundred dollars that’s a thousand dollars that’s ten thousand dollars in revenue that I really want to get. Sure. And I waited too late to send out the kids. Got it and I got rushed. Yeah. By just doing these you know quick little ads. Yes. And then when I literally getting ready for the podcast I was like oh my gosh I’m not doing what I knew right.

[00:36:26] Let me fall back on line on our all bad habits the other and so last night in the morning I was you know canceling ads and putting them back up the way they were supposed to be. And I won’t make that mistake again.

[00:36:41] Well I’m so glad you bring that up though because that is something I wanted to ask you about. I mean here you are a business owner.

[00:36:47] I mean you’re you’ve got a lot going on you. You’re doing classic form if you’re creating a TV show. I love all you’re doing a you’re putting an online course to come out later this year. You got a lot going on and a lot of you know a lot of small business owners feel like they don’t have the time to run Facebook ads and you know my thinking on that and I really want to hear your viewpoint on this and if it differs from mine totally cool. But as a small business owner Yes. We all wear many hats. We have a ton going on. But I think you’re doing yourself a massive disservice if you’re not at least making yourself dangerous with fate when it comes to Facebook ads and learning them so that you understand what’s going on. Even running them yourself if you don’t intend to do it for a long time. Cool but at least learn them so that you know when you outsource it to somebody. You can at least look at what they are doing and know whether or not it’s working. I have unfortunately countless stories of business owners coming to me and saying I lost four five six seven eight thousand dollars because I outsourced it. I had no idea what I was looking at. I couldn’t check anybody’s work. And here I am I need to learn this. Where do you fall into that 70 as far as like you’re you’ve got a ton going on and you’re doing an amazing job with your ads like where do you follow that.

[00:38:17] Oh well I definitely feel like I’m juggling 9 balls in about seven of them are about to drop. I’m really fortunate in that the two people that are closest to me are my grounding wires right. I’m the dreamer. I take on more projects and they’re you know like a balloon right the. Right. And they are pulling the strings. And so both of them as we were going into summer camp.

[00:38:46] When we were running camp from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. four days a week with 10 kids so there was three hundred kids that came through here and summer camp it’s our busiest time of year. And my husband said we didn’t realize how much cleaning it was going to take.

[00:39:04] And so he had me invest in the tasks that would free me up to do this kind of work. Yup.

[00:39:16] And so I hired two college kids to you know 10 $12 an hour to be assistants and the cleaning assistants. So that for three or four even during summer camp for three or four hours a day. I was freed up in order to do this. He says remember that.

[00:39:38] You can provide more info if you if you clean for four hours and you put your marketing price tag on that.

[00:39:48] Absolutely what. What is your opportunity cost. That’s it. So we did a couple of things. This was your husband is my husband and my best friend Amy is sitting right next to me. You know shifting notes back and forth.

[00:40:02] And so they they both encourage me to focus on the things that grow the business and to bring the support in. And I’ll be honest I had to take a leap. I had no idea how I was going to pay for those employees.

[00:40:23] Three months down the road I had to just assume well if I can spend my time on advertising then the students will come up if I clean and I don’t advertise. The students aren’t going to come right. I’m not going to get any help and I’m going to be a professional housekeeper. Yeah that’s what I want yeah yeah. So you bring in that kind of help.

[00:40:45] I love it. I mean and I think we talked about it here in the podcast. I know. We talk about it in my courses as far as prioritizing your time in looking at all the tasks that you’re doing as a business owner and classifying them because Perry Marshall talks about this in the 80:20 sales a marketing book for anybody who has not read that book.

[00:41:05] One of my all time favorite business books 80 20 sales and marketing is a great book and in that book he talks about what we’re talking about here is looking at what are the $10 tasks for the hundred dollar task. Where are the thousand dollar task where the 10000 parts I’m and as a business owner trying to really keep your your effort in that you know a thousand $10000 or call on there and an example of you know kind of a $10 task or you’re talking about much it is like cleaning and sweeping the floor or that type of stuff. Whereas you know a 10000 might be setting the vision for your business and you know and that sort of thing and really trying to spend our time in that upper limit of I love that you did that exercise and I love that your that your husband collaborated with you on that.

[00:41:50] So you’ve recognized you know that OK I’m super busy but I still need to be doing this and then in the business because it’s super important. This is how other people are finding me finding you and everything like that. And now you’re coming into what I’m guessing is a really busy period of the year for you and the holiday season.

[00:42:09] So what’s like what’s on tap for you here as we as we dive into the holiday season.

[00:42:15] So we have all kinds of day classes.

[00:42:18] We’re going to experiment with some classes for parents like a parent child and we have our first one last Friday and that was a hit and so you know out of six people that came keep the class. There were three sets of moms and daughters that came in and they made macaroons together nice which has turned into our signature dish for this year. So we are adding new one time classes so that people can come in and try the classes. And then we cover for the five school districts that we support. Geographically we cover every single day of school so that when parents have to work they have something fun and productive for their kids to do rather than just you know wallow in screentime because in Minnesota very quickly it’s going to be very cold very cold.

[00:43:11] Yes. So so we get really busy in the wintertime rain.

[00:43:15] Most of our students they love to bake which I love because that’s how kids get interested in making things from scratch. Sure. And then as they get older they want to start trying out dinners and making their own lunches and in their abilities and their interest grow from there. And so we’re starting to specialize in baking and then we also over the summer. We got this random Facebook message from the casting directors for the Food Network. And so the kids baking championship casting directors contacted me and said you have anybody.

[00:43:52] And my immediate answer was I don’t know. And then I started thinking about it. Yeah. And so I helped these four kids get ready and audition. And they they made it all the way to the finals.

[00:44:07] One of them was awesome.

[00:44:09] It was it was crazy insane. And we learned so much about that. Yeah. That now also instead of just having classes within the 15 miles Yeah we’re actually opening up a Facebook group and an online membership where parents across the country who are these kids that one of the Army’s baking championships but you don’t necessarily know all the things that they need to know yeah.

[00:44:39] In order to get past. And so that’s where where I’m going to specialize in order to support my income within the cooking school so that the nonprofit doesn’t just be about the classes.

[00:44:54] Gotcha is that the online program that you’re telegrapher into. OK. And that comes out in November in November.

[00:44:59] Yes. And I when it’s appropriate I have an offer or a special coupon for your audience for that.

[00:45:05] OK. Amazing. Tiffany I want to like bottle up your approach and your mindset set to you know for not only for not only for local business marketing but for Facebook advertising.

[00:45:19] In general I want to bottle that up and have everybody have this sort of mindset of testing and positivity and looking at the numbers to make decisions and all this stuff. I just want to acknowledge you like you’ve done an amazing job. I loved watching your progress and your success and I’m super excited to see where everything goes and continuing to be on this journey with you. So it’s been fun. Where can people connect with you because I end when the you know when the special whatever you put together here the offer for the audience I’ll have that on on the show knows page for the episode here today but I also want to make sure that people can connect with you to learn more about what you’re doing and connect with you in any way and you know and supports you with everything you’ve got going on.

[00:46:09] Sure. So if you’re local to Minnesota then our Web site is kids cooking school dance or just like it sounds.

[00:46:16] And if you’re not local to Minnesota and you want to learn a little bit more about the baking then we have a private Facebook group called the kids baking network. And if you go to a kid’s cooking school or slash get past C S T then you can download a PDA that talks all about it that’s free for everyone and then you go to the same web site slash Rick Mulready then that will give you a coupon code to take 25 percent off your first year of membership for all of your parents. Just say thank you for the opportunity.

[00:46:53] Oh very cool. Thank you for doing that I appreciate it. So I’m going to link everything up in the show not the page is the Rick Mordy link live now because we do our. Ok cool. I’m going to get the links from you. I’m going to post it in the comments below. Since we are Facebook liveing that’s on my Facebook page right now. We’ll get all these links in the comments there so people can check that out as well. Tiffy Thank you. I’ve had so much fun talking to you about this too.

[00:47:18] I’m so grateful for the time that you spend in order to teach all of us because we there’s so much to know when it comes to this. It’s really great to have somebody as authentic as yourself so I appreciate it. Thankful as well.

[00:47:34] I appreciate that. Thank you for saying that are right.

[00:47:37] Hope you enjoy this interview with Tiffany as much as I did. Quick reminder as I mentioned the beginning of the show if you are interested in creating a business around managing Facebook ads for other businesses. But I want to invite you to one of my upcoming three live online trainings I’m doing them on Monday and Tuesday November 13th and 14th that’s this coming Monday and Tuesday. I’m going to be teaching you the five steps to creating an awesome Facebook ads business we’re going to talk about what it takes to build a successful Facebook ads business from scratch so to reserve your spot for a day and time that works best for you. Go over to Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Ad Manager 3. That’s Rick Mulready dot com forward slash Adey. M A and a car. The number three. Also if you are finding value in the podcast here and you’ve not yet left an honest rating or review for the show over on iTunes I’d really appreciate it.

[00:48:30] A big help for the show only takes a quick second to do it. So thank you so much in advance for doing that. Coming up in the next episode I’ve got another great case study coming your way. So until then keep testing your paid traffic to find out what works for you and your business and then do more of what’s working. And I’ll see you in the next episode.

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