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Troubleshooting an Evergreen Webinar Funnel

February 25, 2022

On today’s quick tip episode, I want to take you behind the scenes and share a recent hot seat session from our Accelerator coaching program.

Our member is asking what she should do with her evergreen webinar funnel. Should it continue? Should she add to its budget? We break it all down here in this hot seat.

This is a very common question, “Hey, I’m not really sure what to do with X, with my funnel, with my team working too much, et cetera, et cetera.”

I ask a bunch of questions, and offer advice, insight, and feedback, as well as my thoughts and thoughts from other Accelerator members. This is what we do inside of our Accelerator coaching program.

By the end of the hot seat, our member has much more clarity on where to go from here. I’m sure you’ll learn a lot from this quick tip episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How long your webinar enrollment period should be
  • The data & metrics that will give you clarity in your funnel strategy
  • How to identify the friction points in your conversion process

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Rick:
What’s up, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. As always, thank you so much for tuning in today. Hope all is going well, whatever you’re up to right now.

This is another quick tip episode here on the show. It’s quick tip Friday, my friend. I don’t know why that voice comes out whenever I say quick tip Friday, but there you go.

On today’s quick tip episode I want to take you behind the scenes, and share with you a recent hot seat within our Accelerator coaching program. In this hot seat, our member is asking what she should do with her evergreen webinar funnel. She’s currently running an evergreen webinar funnel, and doesn’t really know what to do with it at this point. Meaning, should it continue? Ad budget to it? Whatever it might be, we break it all down here in this hot seat.

You’re going to hear me ask a whole bunch of questions, and offer advice, and insight, and feedback. Also my thoughts, as well as from other members, because this is what we do inside of our Accelerator coaching program.

By the end of the hot seat, you’re going to notice our member has a lot of clarity on where to go from here, based on how we were able to help her during that hot seat. The reason I want to share this particular hot seat with you is because this is super common. This is a very common type of hot seat question where it’s like, “Hey, I’m not really sure what to do with X, with my funnel, with my team working too much, et cetera, et cetera, my marketing.” Whatever it might be.

I love the clarity that our member walks away from this call with. The questions that you’re going to hear me ask our member, I want you to be able to answer. Think about those questions, and answer those for yourself and your business. For your funnel, for your business. Are you able to answer those questions?

As you’re going to hear, not surprisingly, a lot of this is very data-driven. Knowing your numbers.

Before I share that hot seat with you, with Accelerator—this is our Accelerator coaching program. This is for established online course creators, online coaches, and teacher entrepreneurs.

I’m getting a lot of questions lately where people didn’t realize, oh, enrollment is open. It’s rolling. Yeah, you can join. It’s application only. Go to By established online course creators and coaches, I mean you’re already doing at least 100K a year in revenue from your online business.

We help you create more. More impact with less hustle. That’s what this is all about. We help you optimize your sales and marketing, your systems and processes, and your mindset.

So, You can learn more and apply right there.

Ok, without further ado, let’s go here. The hot seat, with one of our Accelerator members, right now.

[00:03:28] Member:
I kind of forgot what my full question was. I know it was about ads. I know it was about lead costs because that’s where my head is at right now is leads and them not costing $5, which I know $5 is good, but my EPL is. Not supporting $5. So, then I started looking at the spreadsheet with all of my evergreen metrics and I was like, holy cow, I have only profited $3,000 off of this evergreen funnel since October 1st.

And it has just been like all consuming because of how much I’m spending on ads.

So I guess my question is my original question is about ads. And if I should perhaps test doing lead magnet to webinar or do tiny offer to like increase like LinkedIn the funnel so that my ad costs are cheaper. And if I do want to go that route, what should I do with my existing ads?

I don’t want them to compete against each other. I don’t want to turn them off. Like

[00:04:29] Rick:
How should I set that up? So the funnel right now is add to sign up for the webinar automated webinar. Yes. than the webinar. And then how long is cart open after that five days. Okay. So number one, I would say that’s too long for automated.

I don’t like to go beyond three days, like Mac. That the enrollment’s open. so that’s number one, because five days, like yes, for a live launch yes. For automated it’s they kind of like, they forget about it really quickly, even though you’re sending emails. Yes.

[00:05:09] Member:
Would you test a, I mean, I say it’s profitable.

It is profitable. It’s converting at 2%. would you, would you change that and shorten it or would you do something else first?

[00:05:20] Rick:
Well, that’s what we’re trying to paint that picture right now. Okay. So what is your conversion rate on the registration page? 23%. Okay. not bad. Not at all. Like to see a little bit higher, but not terrible.

What are the times that you’re off or is it like on the, on the thank you page? It’s

[00:05:44] Member:
Just a standalone page. That’s ready for them to go press, play

[00:05:47] Rick:
Whenever. Okay. Do they know that they, that it’s okay. That it’s out for a limited time.

[00:05:54] Member:
There’s a timer on that page.

[00:05:56] Rick:
Okay. And what is the timer signifying

[00:06:01] Member:
That the training is going away.

[00:06:04] Rick:
Okay. Like just that’s it. That’s all it says. Or,

[00:06:08] Member:
I mean, I can check, I think it says like the training expires in.

[00:06:12] Rick:
In like four days?

[00:06:14] Member:
No, no, no, no. Like, less than 48 hours. I think I have it set for today.

[00:06:19] Rick:
Oh, okay. is the buy button right on the page or does it appear at a certain time?

[00:06:24] Member:
It’s right on the page and there’s a little, there’s like testimonials and stuff, kind of at the bottom and a little bit about like, for them to press.


[00:06:34] Rick:
Do you have it? Oh, wait, it’s this full sales page? No, it’s not a full sale. Oh, okay. Okay. Do you, since you’re setting it up that way, do you have any data on how long people are watching it? No. Okay. how are you hosting the video? It’s a

[00:06:52] Member:
Kajabi page. So just on Kajabi landing

[00:06:56] Rick:
Page. but I mean, do you upload the video directly? I don’t know. Kajabi from the perspective of, can you, cause I’m thinking of what is it? Wistia Wistia allows you to, see how long people are watching. Okay.

[00:07:15] Member:
I’m pretty sure it’s

[00:07:17] Rick:
Okay. can you upload the, like a Wistia. Again, technical. I don’t know, like the link into the Kajabi page.

[00:07:27] Member:
Okay. Yeah. So maybe Kajabi is using YouTube. I can’t even remember what’s hosting it on Kajabi. Okay.

[00:07:33] Rick:
Because we do want some insight into like how long are people watching, right. Because if everyone’s dropping off after 10 minutes, we have a problem in the first 10 minutes. You know what I mean?

So, so that’s something to look into. Okay. how much is it again? 4

[00:07:56] Member:
97. Well, it’s 3 97 if they buy in this promo period. And then it goes up to 6 97. That’s the scarcity.

[00:08:03] Rick:
Okay. Do, and that’s very, that’s made very well aware. Yes. That’s the

[00:08:12] Member:
Scarcity and all the emails and yeah, I’m in the webinar. I’ll have to go back.

It’s been so long since I’ve watched the webinar. We’re live launching again in March, so I’m going to redo the webinar, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched it. but that was the scarcity. I can’t remember. That was the scarcity that or not.

[00:08:28] Rick:
I’ll have to check. Okay. so if you upload to Vimeo, she just wrote what I was trying to explain, upload to Vimeo and embed the word I was looking Kajabi. You’ll be able to go into Wistia and see that data.

[00:08:43] Member:
Okay. Perfect. Or Vimeo.

[00:08:46] Rick:
Oh, Vimeo, Vimeo. I think both of them will do it. I think it feels a little bit cheaper. Okay. Yeah. the key though is car clothes. So if I sign up for it today, so like I see your ad, I registered today. It’s a Tuesday and it’s available for me like this, the whole offers available to me for five more days. Yeah. I think it might actually

[00:09:09] Member:

[00:09:09] Rick:
Five and change. Okay. so are, is the data that you’re seeing the 3000, is that only data that you’re looking at in ads manager?

No. Okay. So you’re looking at other sources to kind of, yeah,

[00:09:25] Member:
Well, I mean, it’s just literally like what I made in Kajabi minus what I spent in Facebook ads equals that’s the profit that I made.

[00:09:32] Rick:
Okay. And a spreadsheet. one thing, and this is for everybody who’s running. Any kind of evergreen or anything like that.

I mean, for that matter, doing live stuff, I would incorporate. And I’m trying to get a, somebody who knows analytics really well to come chat with you all. it’s not as confusing as it sounds, but I would start using UTM tracking for your ads. And then looking at the data inside of Google analytics, you just set up a simple goal.

Like you you’ll set up two goals. One goal is, did they register another goal is that they purchase in analytics and it’s not like you have to have this spreadsheet. That’s like a hundred slides long. And it’s like a YouTube now. It’s nothing like that. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. It’s giving you another source of data to compare things to, because we know that Kajabi is not super reliable ads.

Manager’s not super reliable. And so we’re trying to get as many data points that we can to. I kind of call it like triangulate the data to like, can we hone in on the best possible guests now with that said, are you tracking the people? So I sign up for your webinar today. I get tagged. I assume I don’t purchase.

But then you launch in March and I do purchase. Are you tracking that sale? And attributing it back to the evergreen. Yes. Okay. So are you including that $3,000 in profit in that way as well?

[00:11:13] Member:
Yes. It’s literally every S every course that

[00:11:15] Rick:
We’ve sold. Okay. So have you looked at, okay. We brought in this many people in 2021 through evergreen of like a lead to sale conversion rate?

[00:11:29] Member:
Yeah. It’s average 2.05.

[00:11:32] Rick:
Okay. So

Did you look at how long people are on your list before they purchase?

[00:11:38] Member:
Yes. And I have that, I don’t have that number in front of me, but I keep a list of everybody that’s purchased and like, sort of where they found us and stuff like that.

[00:11:47] Rick:
So, What happens to them once they go through your funnel and they don’t purchase

[00:11:53] Member:
Right now, nothing, they go on my regular newsletter lists, but we just did like a FOMO promo thing that kind of flopped. but I was going to put it on a flotsam meaning there was one sale and there were 1200 people on the list.

So just to clarify flops, cause that’s an interpretation obviously. and sold one. So, I was going to stick that on the backend of that sequence and keep them in it and do that, you know, add that on there. But that was kind of my other thing was like, well, it didn’t convert very well. It’s not something I want to stick on the back of it or not, but that was my plan.

[00:12:27] Rick:
Okay. Let me ask you. Yeah. So before I ask you, can you answer, like what’s the urgency to sign up while they’re on the webinar? There’s not one,

[00:12:35] Member:
The urgency is you get, the discounted price, but there’s not one, there’s not urgency to sign up on

[00:12:41] Rick:
The webinar. Do you let them know at that time, like you’ve got four days or five days get that price?

No. Okay. when they, the sales page that you send them to from the webinar, is there a countdown timer on that page? Yes.

[00:13:03] Member:
And it’s a different one, cause it’s a different length of time.

[00:13:06] Rick:
What do you mean? Did you ask me if the

[00:13:08] Member:
Sales page has a countdown timer?

[00:13:10] Rick:
The page that they go to from the webinar versus in the first follow-up email,

[00:13:18] Member:
There’s not a page they go to from the webinar because it’s just on that page.

Like it’s not the button that they click just takes them down to the pricing options cause they can purchase and check out right there on that same page.

[00:13:31] Rick:
Mm gotcha. Okay.

[00:13:33] Member:
So as far as ads go,

[00:13:36] Rick:
Well, I mean, is that two points? So I don’t, I think I’d love to see the lead to sale conversion higher. Yeah.

Is it a result? Is it endemic related? I have no idea. You would know this year. It’s your. No

[00:13:52] Member:
People don’t cite that as an excuse very often. Cause I asked them why they didn’t buy and COVID is an option and it’s rare that people

[00:14:00] Rick:
Okay. So outside of time and money, because those are the top two, what are people saying that they’re too new?

[00:14:08] Member:
They think,

[00:14:09] Rick:
Oh, okay. So is that true?

[00:14:14] Member:
It’s not, I could overcome that. Objection better probably because we literally take you from the very beginning.

[00:14:20] Rick:
Okay. So do you, I mean, have you addressed that in your webinar and in your emails?

[00:14:26] Member:
Well enough now that you pointed out, I mean it’s there, but it probably knowing now that it’s such a huge objection, it could be, it could be

[00:14:32] Rick:
Pointed out.

So I would, I would do that right there because your numbers aren’t and by the way, is the lead to sale conversion. I’m sorry. Is the $3,000 profit including ad spend? Yes. Okay.

[00:14:49] Member:
The actual sales is like $12,000, but I spent 6,800 on ads.

[00:14:53] Rick:

[00:14:53] Member:
Me, cash it. Okay. So here’s the thing. That’s actually cash that I have in hands, not projected revenue.

So sales dollars is 12,000. Our ad spend is

[00:15:02] Rick:
6,000. Okay. This 12,000. Wait, this 12,000 include projected cash coming in. Yes. Okay. All right. Well. As long as you’re paying for your ads, right from that. And you’ve got this PR I mean, you like, you’re doing quite well, right? I’d like to see the two point, whatever it was higher, but it’s not, it’s not like red flag.

Oh my God. It’s terrible. Knowing that you can do a better job of addressing their number one. Objection. like I would focus, see, this is where it gets, like, I want to do all the things to make the change, but then if you do four things, you don’t know what moves the needle. Right. but with that, you do have some basic things that I think you could address urgency the length after the webinar.

And, I would say definitely address this objection.

Okay. So just leave ads on. Yup. Because you’re not getting crushed on, you’re making money. You’re not losing money. Yeah. You now know what the objection is that can help you in your live launch too. Right. and they’re also just getting dumped in after they go through your evergreen, they’re getting dumped into your weekly email.

Right. So it may that weekly email series that you’re sending may or may not be super relevant to them, or they might not feel like it’s super real. You know what I mean? So there’s different things here. Yeah.

[00:16:40] Member:
Yeah. I can totally make an, their own email sequence that they get until they get the phone with promo, like easily. I’ve got so much crap I could throw at them.

[00:16:47] Rick:
Okay. Yeah. Evergreen is a lot of work. People think it’s passive. I can set it and forget it. Yeah. If it’s working just let it go. But if there’s areas for improvement it’s a consistent effort.

[00:17:08] Member:
Yeah, it is, for sure. But it’s worth it. I mean, it’s still easier than live launching.

Thanks guys.

[00:17:12] Rick:
Alright. If you want to get my eyes, our coach’s eyes, and the eyes of a whole bunch of other amazingly talented online course creators, coaches, and also teacher entrepreneurs on your business. If you’d like us to help you create more. More impact with less hustle. Then I want to invite you to apply for our Accelerator coaching program.

This is for established course creators, coaches, or teacher entrepreneurs, and by established, you’re already doing at least 100K a year from your online business in revenue, or you’re just about there. You’re looking to scale, you want some help doing that, and you’re spinning your wheels.

Very likely you’re overwhelmed. You’re not really sure what next steps to be taking to create the kind of business that you want. To be what success looks like for you. It’s application only it’s open enrollment. I invite you to apply at

I realize I say that really fast.

Alright my friends. As always, thank you so much for tuning in today. Super appreciate you. Until next time, be well, and I’ll talk to you soon.

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