How Jimmy Fallon Sucked Me Into U2’s Sales Funnel

On Saturday, a friend of mine shared a video on Facebook of a recent “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” segment.

The video shows the band U2 dressing up in disguises and playing a short impromptu concert in New York’s Grand Central subway station last week.

People just walked by, oblivious to the fact that one of the biggest rock bands of all time was playing right in front of them.

After a song or two, they took off their disguises and Jimmy Fallon, who was also in disguise, announced that it was U2 who was playing and to come gather around.

The band kept playing and within seconds the area was mobbed with people taking pictures and video with their phones.

Kinda Brilliant…A Little Biased?

The stunt went viral and I gotta say it was kinda brilliant.

I might be a little biased, I realize, because I’ll admit I’m a huge fan of the band.

Some might even say a borderline stalker-ish fan since I’ve seen them like 15 times, including a show in Dublin a few years ago when a buddy and I flew across the pond to see them.

But my geeky fandom doesn’t explain why I think what they did was smart.

It’s actually the marketing side of me that thinks it was.

Here’s why:

They were on “The Tonight Show” to announce the kickoff of their world tour that starts this week.

Before seeing this video, I didn’t even know they had a tour coming up.

Some super fan I am, I know.

You can bet after watching the video, though, that I went to to find out if there were any shows near San Diego this year.

This is exactly what U2 wanted people to do.

All Part of Their Sales Funnel

This stunt was all part of their sales funnel to get people to buy tickets to one (or, umm, several) of their upcoming concerts.

It’s such a basic sales funnel yet you don’t have to be a rock group like U2 to do something like this in your own business.

Let’s break it down (super simple)…

Funnel Step #1: U2 created awareness for their tour by going on The Tonight Show.

Ok, so we don’t all have access to be on a late night TV show, but we can all create awareness through simple Facebook ads, YouTube ads, posting videos to your YouTube channel, social media announcements, etc…

Funnel Step #2: They gave away free content in the form of playing music in Grand Central’s subway, which went viral on social medial.

Your free content could be in the form of a webinar training, a free video series, a special coupon, an ebook, cheat sheet, etc… Give people an option to share your giveaway on social media.

Funnel Step #3: U2 told people where they can buy tickets for their upcoming concert tour.

Based on your free giveaway, you send people to your sales page!

Strategic and Intentional

It’s all about being strategic and intentional with how you move your ideal target customers from fans > warm leads > paying customers.

Do you have a sales funnel set up yet in your own business?

If you do, there are things we can always be doing to improve it.

If you don’t yet, you should at least have a basic one in place, especially if you are running Facebook ads?

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