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Big Update to Facebook Ads Website Custom Audiences

Website Custom Audiences Setup ScreenshotI’ve been hearing from a lot of you that when it comes to Facebook’s advanced ads targeting features, you’re a little fuzzy about what all you can do.  

And because targeting is THE most important part of profitable Facebook ads, I wanna make sure you understand the options you have available to really target your exact customer.

One of those ways is with Website Custom Audiences, or WCAs as the cool kids call it.  You may have heard me talk about this targeting option before because I love it.  

Well, Facebook has recently made an important update to how you create WCAs that I want to make sure you’re aware of.

To recap real quick, Website Custom Audiences allow you to target your ads on Facebook to people who have visited your website — could be one page on your site or multiple pages.  This is known as retargeting or remarketing

So if you have a website or are working with a client who gets regular traffic to their site and you haven’t yet set up a WCA, shame on you!  No, seriously though, you want to set it up as soon as possible.  It’s one of the best ways to pay the lowest cost-per-lead.

How you set up Website Custom Audiences is what’s recently changed so I recorded a short video for you that explains the new updates and how they affect you.

There’s one new option called “include past website traffic” that I didn’t even understand fully myself until I reached out to Facebook to ask them to clarify.

And what they shared with me kinda blew me away.  I explain it all in this short video:

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