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Why I Just Scrapped My Facebook Page & the Birth of RickMulready.com

There are a few hundred million searches on Google every day.

One of those searches on Saturday was mine, where I was researching a topic I needed to know more about.

As I scanned through the first page of the search results, I looked at the top three headlines and URLs of the sites.

The first headline was from a site name that looked to be completely relevant to what I was searching for.  Bingo.

I wasn’t sure about the second search result because I didn’t “get” the name of the site and couldn’t make a connection between it and the headline.  I quickly decided to eliminate this one and moved on.

The last headline was from a person’s site that is an expert on the topic I was searching for.  Awesome.

In a matter of seconds I’d just decided which articles to click on.

A matter of seconds.

As a creator of content, that’s all the time you have to hook someone and get him or her to read/watch/listen.

Because of this, it helps if people can quickly make the connection between your site name and the topic they are searching for.  Otherwise, they’re more likely to skip over it.

In the example I just gave, if you’re that person or company in the second search result, you’ve just lost a potential customer.

Not good.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I can relate to the person or company in that second search result.

Change is Good

I’ll be honest; allowing people to make the connection with my own brand has been a challenge.

When I first created I ROCK Paid Traffic, I focused on helping people with both Google AdWords and Facebook ads.  Thus, “paid traffic”…which I rock at.  🙂

But as time went on a few things happened.  For one, people didn’t always get what “paid traffic” means.

The other reason, and definitely the biggest, was that I stopped doing Google AdWords (I love how search marketing works but dislike running those campaigns) and I expanded beyond just Facebook ads to a more holistic Facebook marketing focus.

Because of this, I began feeling constrained by my brand name.  I ROCK Paid Traffic no longer aligned with what my business focuses on.

After all, I am my brand and I wanted to give people an easier opportunity to connect with me on that level.

RickMulready.com is Born

For all of these reasons, I’ve decided to re-brand I ROCK Paid Traffic to rickmulready.com.

It gives me more flexibility with my brand and doesn’t necessarily tie me to “paid traffic.”

Though I obviously still share info about and work with Facebook ads, the shift allows me to go cross-platform, meaning I can branch out into other forms of online media down the road if I want to.

It gives me freedom, which I’ll be discussing more in the coming weeks.

A spiffy new redesign of my site is also coming down the pike.  I can’t freakin’ wait to share it with you.

Finally, since we talk all things Facebook marketing here, you might also be wondering what’s going to happen to my Facebook page.

Well, maybe you’re not but it’s one of the first things I thought about!

Is Changing the Name of Your Facebook Page Even Possible?


There are a couple ways to change the name of your Facebook page.

If you have less than 200 fans, it’s easier to do.

Follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the top of your Facebook page and click the drop down next to “Edit Page”

2) Click on “Update Info”

3) Change the text in the “Name” field to what suits your fancy

If you have greater than 200 fans, it’s a bit more difficult to make a change.

Once you get above that threshold, Facebook gives you one opportunity to request a change to the name of your page.

I repeat:


So you better be ready to commit to what you’re changing it to.

In addition, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be allowed to change the name of your Page.  Your request goes through an approval process and as with anything on Facebook, they have the final say.

As you consider requesting a name change, know that you must be fully compliant with Facebook’s terms of service and there can’t be any chance for confusion to your fans.

A name change also isn’t available to “Public Figures.”  You need to change it to one of the other Categories like “Brands & Products” in order to get the “Request Change” option.

I was ready to commit to the change and I also thought I was being fully compliant.

Um…apparently not.

Why Facebook Denied My Request

When I completed my request form I was all excited because I thought it’d be a slam-dunk that Facebook would approve it.

After all, I was very cordial in my request and provided in great detail why I was asking for the change.  I also figured they’d like the fact I help people use their platform.  🙂

Two days later I got a reply from Facebook in my in-box and…gahhh!

My request was denied.

They said:

Unfortunately, we cannot approve this Page name change. We have determined the name change you requested may be misleading for the people who like the Page.

For example, the following types of changes are not permitted:

– removing or changing dates (Facebook Hackathon 2012 to Facebook Hackathon)

– changing from a personal name to personal name + activity or business name (John Smith to John Smith Photography or Candid Shots)

Please review our complete Page Terms and submit a new name change request. You can do so from the “Edit Page” section of your Page.  https://www.facebook.com/page_guidelines.php

Plan B

I then went to Plan B and reached out to a friend I have at Facebook to see if he could help me push it through.  He said he can help with a lot of things but they’re really strict about changes to Page names.

Strike 2.

Frustrating, but I get it.  Facebook is trying to protect its users.

I had a Plan C but it was far from ideal.  Unfortunately, if I wanted to change the name badly enough, it appeared to be the best option.

Scrapping my Page and Starting from Scratch

With my first two options out the window, I’ve decided to scrap the I ROCK Paid Traffic Facebook Page and create a brand new Page.

Here it is!  Facebook.com/rmulready

I had my assistant copy all of the content from the I ROCK Paid Traffic Page over to my new page, which, needless to say, was tedious.

Yes, I lose all of the Fans and comments but I feel strongly enough about the change that I’m ok with rebuilding.

In fact, it’s kind of liberating.

I knew from when I ran a Facebook ad campaign based on gaining Likes that I had several Fans on the page that were completely irrelevant to my target audience.  You can read all about how to avoid that yourself here in this case study.

Starting a new Page allows me to have a clean slate and NOT have those people who make it their hobby to click on ads as Fans of my Page.

So there you have it.

I ROCK Paid Traffic has been changed to “Rick Mulready” on Facebook and I’d be extremely appreciative if you came over and “LIKED” the page.


You’ll get tons of great info about how to explode your business through Facebook marketing on a daily basis.

Want to Request Your Own Name Change?  Here’s How:

1) Go to the top of your Facebook page and click the drop down next to “Edit Page”

2) Click on “Update Info”

3) Click on the “Request Change” link next to your current page name.

4) Once you’ve completed the form, click “Send.”

6) Patiently wait and hope Facebook approves your request!


As I mentioned, there are some exciting things on the horizon that I’ll be rolling out very shortly!

I’m stoked to tell you that the updated 2nd version of my book, “Explode Your Business through Facebook Ads – Your Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising,” is due to release in a few weeks with some really awesome bonuses.

I’m also currently working on a fully redesigned rickmulready.com that I couldn’t be happier to share with you.

Got a question for me? Don’t hesitate to post it on the Rick Mulready Facebook Page. Needless to say, I’m on there a lot. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Keep rockin,

….or should I say “Rickin’” now?  😉