Why It Pays To Be Data-Driven In Online Marketing

Want to know the secret to scaling your business month over month?

Knowing your numbers.

That’s right, it sounds like such a simple thing but so many of us don’t know “the numbers” in our business.

When we know our numbers, we know exactly what things to focus on in our business (and where to scale back). We can make decisions based on data rather than guessing.

One guy who’s made it his focus to help online businesses take a more data-driven approach to our marketing is Zach Johnson.

I ran into Zach at one of James Wedmore’s recent masterminds.

Zach is the founder of Santa Barbara startup, FunnelDash. He’s a smart dude who gets the struggle surrounding big time sales funnel mistakes most of us make at some point or another in our online marketing.

I recently had him on The Art of Paid Traffic podcast which you can check out here.

A big reason that I was so excited to have Zach on the show is because I’m super interested in the problem Zach’s company is trying to solve. It directly relates to a big-time frustration I have in my own business. And that’s how I know you’ll likely relate to it too.

Let me explain.

One thing that kinda drives me crazy is when people play around with using paid traffic and then throw in the towel after one or two attempts that produce less than expected results.

It all comes down to numbers.

Here’s what I mean by that…

If you aren’t sure what you should be measuring in your paid ad campaigns and sales funnels, you never have any concrete reason to keep trying. You have nothing to base your decisions on — whether you’re ads are actually working to grow your business or not.

But when you’re paying attention to the right metrics, you can increase revenue with clarity, confidence and precision (and even allow yourself the margin to play around with a cool new funnel strategy you read in an email or heard on an awesome podcast like The Art of Paid Traffic. 😉

Here are some of Zach’s key reasons for being data-driven in your online marketing efforts:

Profits become more predictable

Paying attention to the right metrics will help you avoid what Zach calls “Marketing Blindness.”

If you’re looking to create consistent revenue streams and automate your marketing funnels, then you have to identify the numbers that truly matter — metrics like your cost per lead and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Hint: if you’re focused on monitoring social media vanity metrics or supplementary metrics like landing page conversions, there’s a chance you need to course-correct.

More results with less effort

Sometimes you have to take a step back to speed up your growth.

This is what you’ve got to do if you’re experiencing what Zach calls “Marketing Overload.”

If everytime you turn around you’re making yet another marketing decision, implementing yet another strategy or trying out the latest marketing automation tool, it’s time to take it down a notch.

Spend some time looking at the numbers to figure out what’s working (or at least what’s not not working). Then, focus your efforts there.

If you master a few strategies and keep an eye on your key performance indicators (KPIs), like cost per lead and CLV, you’ll start to see greater results in a shorter amount of time.

Get unstuck in record time

With so much info out there about how to improve your online marketing, it sometimes feels easier just to go into what Zach refers to as “Marketing Lockdown.”

This happens when you’re overwhelmed by all the tips, tricks and strategies — so you act on absolutely zero of them.

Good news though for those of you who need to get unstuck in your marketing: taking a look at past data can help you predict returns on future efforts.

Plus, metrics have the power to free you from marketing lockdown since you’ll know which tips, tricks and strategies actually apply to your situation.

If you want a way to visualize what Zach says are the Top 3 Marketing Blunders, I created an Action Sheet that also includes steps to avoid each of them.

Click the button below to download your free Action Sheet. It will give you the steps to become more data-driven in your online marketing efforts.

Do you know the numbers in your business? Are you making educated decisions about where to invest your efforts and energy?

If not, pick just one of the strategies listed in the Action Sheet to do this week. When you start taking a data-driven approach to your business it will start growing quickly and more predictably.