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Why Launching Is Doing You (And Your Potential Customers) More Harm Than Good

October 15, 2021


You might be surprised to hear me say this as I created my business purely on launching.


That’s all I did for the first six years of my business…


It was successful. Yet, the more I launched, the more I began to dislike the process.


And it’s not just for me, I notice this every single week, whether it’s from my Accelerator members or people just reaching out in general.


You see, I wanted to help my younger sister sell her resources and lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers, which is a  site devoted to do just this.


The teacher entrepreneurs in my Accelerator program recommended a specific course.


But it turns out that the course wasn’t open yet…


That was a huge eye-opener for me and made me realize what past potential customers must have felt.


In this episode, I want to dive into these kinds of examples and why I think launching is doing more harm than good to you and your potential customers from a mental health and business standpoint.


But I want to clarify that the kind of launches I’m talking about are those that happen once or twice per year.


So if you’re counting on those launches as a major piece of the overall revenue of your business, then this episode is for you! What I’m sharing with you today is my truth from my years of launching (I used to do those types of launches) and my recommendations to make it better.


Hope you enjoy and learn something new from this episode… 


Discussion Points In Today’s Episode:

0:00 Introduction

1:51 What I experienced in looking for online courses 

10:30 How launches affect you and your customers’ mental health 

18:31 How launches affect your online business 

21:10 Have an evergreen process for your launching 


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