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Why You Don’t Need To Be Great at Sales To Make Money, with Neill Williams

March 2, 2022

I love the topic we’re talking about today, because it’s something I struggled with early on in my business. We’re gonna be talking about creating offers, and why it is the one of the foundational skills you need as an online business owner.

Eight years ago I was burning through my savings.  I was 15 months removed from my corporate job, and I was getting pretty close to the point where I might have to go back to the corporate world, which is not what I wanted to do.

I met with a business coach and they said, “Why aren’t you making any money in your business?” I was like, “Well, if I knew the answer to that question I wouldn’t be here.” Then I thought about it further, and I was like, “Oh, wait, I’m not selling anything!”

I wasn’t selling anything. I didn’t have an offer.

The offer creation process is so fundamental to the success of your business. As soon as I created my first offer back in 2014, the business took off.

I had an offer, and I knew who I wanted to attract and how I wanted to help them.

There’s nothing better than creating an offer suited specifically for the needs and challenges of the audience you want to serve, or your existing audience that’s telling you, “Hey, we need help with this.”

Well, on today’s show I’m talking with Neill Williams. She created an offer called “10K in 10 hours.” Number one, that’s a brilliant name. I wish I had thought of it.

Second, she created the offer based on everything that you’re going to hear her talk about today. Neill tells us how she did it, how she came up with it, and why you don’t need to be great at sales to make money.

It really comes down to the offer creation process. That’s what we’re gonna be diving into today. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • A fundamental part of your business’ success
  • The crucial starting point many creators struggle with
  • Why creating a great offer beats having great sales skills
  • How to package your offer for maximum impact
  • Does your offer need to be perfect?
  • How to make your offer stand out from the rest and increase sales
  • The benefits and advantages of business coaching

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Neill:
One of the big objections is, “Oh, there’s already a coach doing this thing. I can’t compete with that person.”

We’re not competing with them. We’re creating a unique offer for a very specific niche that is not in competition with anybody else. There are a lot of coaches in my community that are doing business, but my niche is very specific.

That’s why my offer will work and why people will come to me, versus some of the other coaches who are super successful, making millions and millions of dollars doing what they’re doing.

[00:00:58] Rick:
Alright, welcome back to the show, my friends. How the heck are you today? Thanks so much for coming to hang out and tuning in today.

I love the topic that we’re talking about today, because this is something that I struggled with so much early on. We’re gonna be talking about creating offers and why it is the one of the foundational skills that you really need as an online business owner if you want to be successful.

It sounds so obvious, right? We need an offer in order to generate revenue in our business.

It reminds me of in January of 2014. Eight years ago I was 15 months removed from my corporate job and I was burning through my savings. I was getting pretty darn close to the point where I was going to have to do something. It meant I might have to go back to corporate, which is not what I wanted to do.

I met with my second business coach at the time and they said, “Why aren’t you making any money in your business?” I was like, “Well, if I knew the answer to that question I wouldn’t be here.” Then I thought about it further, and I was like, “I have no idea. Oh, wait, I’m not selling anything!”

I wasn’t selling anything. I didn’t have an offer.

The offer creation process is so, so fundamental to the success of your business. As soon as I created my first offer back in January, 2014—which at that time was called FB Advantage. It was my Facebook ads course for online business owners—the business took off.

I had an offer, and I knew who I wanted to attract and how I wanted to help them.

There’s nothing better than creating an offer that is suited specifically for the needs and challenges of the audience that you want to serve, or your existing audience that’s telling you, “Hey, we need help with this.”

Okay. Here you go. Here’s the offer I’ve created based on what you’re asking for and, Neill Williams in talking with her in this episode, we also talk about a case study of her own business or within her own business. She created an offer called 10 K in 10 hours. Number one, brilliant name. I wish I thought about that.

And number two, she created this offer based on everything that you’re going to hear her talk about here today and how she did it, how she came up with it and how she sold seven spots in this coaching program. And she’d barely told two people. That’s how it that’s how cool it is. If you will, why you don’t need to be great at sales to be making money.

It really comes down to the offer creation process. And that’s what we’re gonna be diving in here today. this is for whether you’re early in your business or later in your business, more established, like. those online course creators coaches, teacher entrepreneurs that we serve in our Accelerator coaching program, which by the way, enrollment is open it’s application only.

So, if you want to learn more about our Accelerator coaching program, it’s one-on-one coaching group coaching and a mastermind experience all wrapped up into one program. Go to RickMulready.com/Accelerator.

So with that without further ado, let’s go hang back out with Neill Williams.

Neill. I have to ask you before we even dive into today’s episode where are you flying to you right now? It sounds like you’re on an airplane right now. Let’s just address it.

[00:04:37] Neill:
Well, someone so kindly pointed out to me that the mic that I’m using is apparently a piece of crap. So I will be quickly changing this out, but not in time to record this episode.

[00:04:49] Rick:
Oh, I was just, I was like, whoa, wait, I sound like you’re on an airplane right now, but it’s the heat in your building?

[00:04:55] Neill:
Building Yeah. Yeah. And I don’t get to control, unfortunately,

[00:05:00] Rick:
Secret Idaho. We’re recording this in February. Thus you need heat.

[00:05:06] Neill:
Yeah. Let’s literally like, we woke up to about eight degrees this morning. So like the heaters are going all day long, full on.

[00:05:13] Rick:
I’m embarrassed that I, that I was thought I was a little bit chilly this morning when I, was taking my at a preschool. And it was like 49 outside in San Diego. That’s cold for free. Yeah.

[00:05:22] Neill:

Yeah. Try eight

[00:05:25] Rick:
You’ve been, you’ve been, you could have the eight degrees, even even a guest on the podcast here before.

But for those people who have not yet heard a link, all the previous episodes where you’ve been on the show before in the show notes for today’s episode, What is it that you do? How do you help people? You’re, a very, very important coach in our Accelerator coaching program, but what do you like, how do you help people in your business?

What are you? What’s your special.

[00:05:53] Neill:

So really is, is time management kind of like as a big broad umbrella, but specifically right now I’m working with coaches who. Are building their businesses or trying to build businesses that already very full established life. So most coaches like myself, this is my journey as well. We come into coaching.

It changes our lives so radically that it been like the thing that we want to devote the rest of our lives to, but we often have a very full and established life already. Meaning we have a full-time job. We have. Children, we have a spouse or a partner, like we have this established life.

And then so many people fizzle out and just quit on trying to build their business because they think that they don’t have enough time because they don’t have that.

So called full-time schedule of like 40 hours to be able to do.

And so what I’m doing is I’m helping coaches who want to build their businesses, do it in a very short timeframe, 10 hours or less per week, and be able to create the foundation and the money-making machine inside their business in that amount of time.

[00:07:00] Rick:
And what type of coaches specifically, or is it any type of coach?

[00:07:05] Neill:
Right. It’s any type of coach, coach course creator. Yeah. Anybody along those lines, online business, typically.

[00:07:14] Rick:
Perfect. And in your, you created this amazing offer that you told me about recently

[00:07:22] Neill:

[00:07:23] Rick:
That I was like, wait a minute. So this brilliant. And so I, what I want to talk to you today about is creating offers, which we just kind of, you just kind of alluded to, and I want to talk more about this offer that you created and like where it came from, because this is going to be such a valuable lesson for, so.

Listeners of the show, whether they’re early in their business or even later on and want to add an additional offer to their business. But I want to start this with a quick, a very quick story. So I left the corporate world. Not that I remember exactly the date or anything, but September 30th, 2012, it was a Friday.

And, so for 15 months I fumbled around, I was like, yeah, I’m an online entrepreneur quote, unquote, really, truly having no idea what that actually meant. And I started with a coach in January of 2014 and I was making like no money when I. met with them and they said, well, why do you think you’re not making any money?

And I said, they were like, there was this long pause and I’m thinking, I’m like, that’s a great question. Oh yeah. I’m not selling anything. And it’s like, ding, ding, ding. Yeah. You’re not making any money because you don’t have enough. To actually sell.

And so that is just one piece of how you were helping your coaches in your business, create an offer, how to create this amazing, this amazing business for themselves in, you know, in not a lot of time, basically.

Well, you would argue that because it’s like well, what is a lot of time? Right? I know that you don’t, you’d argue with me on that. so what, like what goes into. Creating an offer. And what are you seeing with the students that you’re working with and in your business?

[00:09:20] Neill:

I think it’s, I’ve like systematize the process at this point and because. It’s not just the paid offer that you create inside your business. As I’m like looking at this, it’s like, literally you create offers all over the place. It’s like this one skill, this like this meta skill that you use for everything, for your lead magnets, for your sales funnels, for your Facebook ad, it’s like literally for everything, your email, copy your headlines, all of it. And so where We start is where so many coaches get hung up is picking their needs. It’s so interesting. It’s kind of like a joke in our community, honestly, about niche drama, like, because as coaches, what happens is we want to help all the people. With all the things like literally, that’s kind of where our brain gets stuck.

And so we’re up in this really big, vague place. And we don’t know how to talk to our people. We don’t know how to constrain our focus or our attention, and really learn about a certain person and a specific problem that they are struggling with or a specific dream that they want to achieve. And so number one is determining your niche.

And that’s actually a prerequisite to getting into my program as we have to have that decision made together before you come into my program. Because if you don’t know who you’re helping, like people will spend six months trying to make this decision, right. Can be made in

[00:10:46] Rick:
This isn’t. Yeah. I just want to add to this Neill, sorry to interrupt. I literally had this conversation today with Exxon Accelerator member coaching calls, they’re already doing six figures, but yet for a couple of them, it was like, it was drilling down on the exact niche of people within the segment of people that they thought that, that they want to serve.


[00:11:16] Neill:

[00:11:17] Rick:
Make sense?

[00:11:18] Neill:

[00:11:19] Rick:
And these are there already. It’s like, okay, how do we sell more of what you’re selling by being Uber specific in who you’re serving?

[00:11:27] Neill:
Right. And I think that’s the counterintuitive thing. We try to apply logic to this in our minds. If there’s more people we’re going to make more money, but it actually works the opposite. It’s like the fewer people, the more constrained that I am, the more money that I’m going to make, the easier my mid business is going to be.

And this is one of the reasons why I require an Asian side of my program, which is not required in all business. but inside of mind is because we’re working in a small timeframe to be able to do our business. We have to have a very specific, a very constrained, very simplified business model in order to do it in the 10 hours per week.

Can you be very vague in general? Yes. It just makes your business harder and you’re going to end up spending more time than what you really need to. Then if you have a very specific niche that you’re targeting.

[00:12:15] Rick:
Do people like, so they come in with a, they come in with a niche and T. When you start working with them, how often does that change though?

[00:12:27] Neill:
About 50 50.

[00:12:29] Rick:
This is not a loaded question. I really don’t. I

[00:12:31] Neill:
No it’s, it’s a great question because as we kind of get into. People will like, this is what we do. We like to side. And they were like, oh wait, this one’s better. And then we’re going to jump to this one and we’re like, wait, no, someone’s doing this. Oh, I should do that. I’m going to choose this and do something better. Right. And sometimes the niche we decided on was great, but then we realized that we can narrow it in this specific way, just as we’re going through the offer creation process. And we’re like, oh my gosh, that is brilliant. Let’s just narrow it down to that. We didn’t see. Didn’t see that ahead of time. So it happens for a multitude of different reasons.

So yeah, about 50 50, that that happens. Oftentimes it’s just because we’re going through the offer creation process and something in that process, kind of like trigger something in my mind, in our minds. We’re like, oh my gosh, actually, this was the better if I narrowed, or I talked specifically to this person that is like one layer down from the Nisha, I originally decided.

[00:13:26] Rick:
Yeah. I asked that and not knowing the answer, but I also was like, that’s very common for people to do is like they have a niece, they come in and they’re like, Ooh, but wait a minute. What about this one over here? This sounds better. now you mentioned that you, that you’ve kind of systematize this process of creating an offer and I’m so glad you brought up earlier about an offer can be something that you sell, but it also is.

An offer like this podcast, basically, when I’m talking about the podcast, I am making an offer. If you will, for people to listen to the podcast and offer, it could be a lead magnet. Like we’re making offer in our ads. If we doing a webinar, whatever it might be, what is this kind of, what are some of the things that kind of surprise people when they start working with you going through this.

[00:14:14] Neill:
Yeah. I think what they’re surprised about is the creative thought power that goes into this because in the process and the way that I take people through one of the big objections is, oh, there’s already a coach doing this thing. There’s a super successful coach doing weight loss. I can’t compete with that person.

And what I always say is, but we’re not competing with them. We’re creating a unique offer for a very specific niche that is not in competition with anybody else. Like there are a lot of coaches in, in my world, in my community that are doing business. But my niche is so very specific. Like the person that’s going to come to me as the person who is struggling with time and trying to create their business on the side in a very consolidated, constrained way.

That’s why my offer will work and why people will come to me versus maybe some of the other coaches who are super successful and like making millions and millions of dollars doing what they’re doing. So it’s a matter of understanding. Number one, the specific result that you’re offering. Provides. And I think this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that I see people say that they talk about is they want to tell me about, like, it’s a joke kind of in our group.

Now we like laugh at this, but the transformation or the change in relationship that we’re going to have with food, our bodies, like nobody’s paying for that. Maybe that’s what you’re delivering on the backend in your actual program. But the result has to be like tangible. Like I can grab onto it. And I like, I get it.

Right. Very specific. And that oftentimes creates a lot of discomfort for the person because they’re like, I don’t know, like, can I really deliver on that? And I think that’s how you know, that you have a money-making idea and it’s our job as entrepreneurs to work our way through the self-doubt to create something that will deliver it.

I think that’s, what’s different about what I teach then maybe some of the other things that are out in the world, like it’s okay to be freaked out by it. It’s just a matter of like, how do I create enough value? How do I go about as the business owner, this is my creative thought power that’s going into. It’s going to deliver on this.

[00:16:24] Rick:
So what, what is like, I know that this is multiple steps and it’s not like a snap of the fingers, like, oh, okay. We’ve released all doubt, right.

In being able to deliver on these results. But like, what is something that could help somebody who might be having doubt in their office?

[00:16:42] Neill:

[00:16:42] Rick:
They can deliver on this promise.

[00:16:44] Neill:
Right. I think it’s really like stepping out of our own mind and really focusing on our person. And that’s where I see the other mistake being made is like, we’re thinking about us instead of thinking about the person that we’re helping with this. And so constantly redirecting your mind to, but what about my client?

What about this? I like, think about like in my program, I love it so much. It is like Christmas for me, every time someone has a problem and I figure out a way to solve that problem for them, or like I can pre see the problems that they’re going to have and I create a solution for them. It is like, literally. Like Christmas morning and watching my kiddo open presents, I’m like so excited, so delighted that I can deliver this to them and help them in this way. And so I think it’s, that idea is like getting into and thinking about your person and what are they struggling with and how can you create solutions that aren’t currently available on the market that is going to help them overcome those obstacles.

And when they knock those obstacles down, the ultimately they’re going to get that result that they really want, whether it’s achieve the dream, solve the.

[00:17:48] Rick:
What about now? There’s two. Like, I want to unpack a couple of things. They’re like what, first of all, what exactly do you mean by people are thinking about themselves too much and not about the person that they want to serve.

[00:17:59] Neill:
Yeah. So when we go into self-doubt like, I don’t know if I can deliver this It’s not the right question. The question is, I know my person wants this. How do I go about trying to figure out how to make sure that they get it? And I like to think about an offer, is like, I’m going to create the first 50%, like in the creation of the offer, I’m going to get it to like 50% level.

Cause I also think people think like it has to be perfect before they start telling people about it. And I don’t believe that to be true. I think the other half of it comes in when you’re going through the testing and the validation. So it’s like, okay, offered it to this one person. This is what came up.

Oh, I didn’t even think of it. Think about that part, but here’s how I could solve that inside of my program or tweak my offer to be able to solve that for them. So it’s almost like you’re getting the feedback that it helps you engineer to a hundred percent. If that makes sense.

[00:18:50] Rick:
Yeah, totally. And going back to kind of like within what you just mentioned, you use the example of say like online business or weight loss or the health, health, and wellness or whatever, which are really, really crowded. So someone has an idea. Someone has like, oh, I can help people in this. How do you help them differentiate what or how they can serve a niche within that niche and deliver on that promise?

Because so many people, as you know, like you’ve been saying like, they’re like, oh yeah, I can do this. But then there’s these other people over there who have massive businesses who are already doing it,

[00:19:32] Neill:

[00:19:33] Rick:
From them, or I couldn’t be different.

[00:19:35] Neill:
Right. Yeah. It’s like, I’m just going to use an example to try and help answer that question. It’s like thinking about, okay. Time management is like a billion dollar industry, right. So I go into the time management space, if I’m just like trying to sell like general time management, very challenging.

And you know, me, like, you’ve been a part of my business. That’s what I started out doing.

Like, it was so hard and I wasn’t making any traction or anything. Right. So now it’s so easy for me. And so clear for me to say. Different really like specialty boutique Nisha’s underneath of that. Like even right now, I’m thinking like time management for TPT entrepreneurs, like that is like a goldmine, right.

Because it’s so specific. Right. Or like somebody needs to do that. I have a whole collection of things, right? Yeah. So, but see how, like, that would be very, very specific niche. That group of entrepreneurs would have very specific time managers. Challenges. And it would be my job if that was my business, as the entrepreneur, to understand what those challenges are and to create strategies that are going to help them easily and quickly overcome them so that they can get what they want, which might be like a 20 hour work week or a 30 hour work week or whatever it might be.

The result that I’m delivering.

[00:20:54] Rick:
Now do we have to, by the way, for people who don’t know what TBT is, it’s teachers pay teachers. It’s this online marketplace for, like lesson plans and resources that help teachers. And, that like a lot of teacher entrepreneurs are in Accelerator and so forth. And Neill, you work with, with, teacher entrepreneurs and so forth too. What is your thought on.

Somebody wanting to serve a niche or there they’ve picked their niche. Do they, do they have to have experience in that niche? You know what I mean?

[00:21:26] Neill:
Yeah I totally know. Cause there’s like this thing, this imposter syndrome that sometimes comes along for some people who think like, and it is the easy way to build a business to just like teach someone else. But you’ve learned how to do, but it’s not the only way. And sometimes I think like I have a student in my own program right now who is doing a niche that she is not a part of, but what we’ve like figured out kind of, as we’ve gone through that, That’s why she’s going to be so brilliant at it is because she is looking from an outside perspective.

So sometimes it’s a matter of like when you’re drinking the water, that’s in your fish pool or you’re in that, like it’s so hard to see outside of. And so the fact that she is in the outside and she can see it from a different perspective is what’s creating so much value in her being the one to do that business.

So I think it depends. You know where you’re coming from. And like, she loves her people so much, like you were in the call the other day with her and she, like, you can tell the passion and the desire she has to help them. So in my mind it doesn’t even matter because I know she’s going to figure it out.

[00:22:38] Rick:

Yeah. I remember asking that. I know you were talking about it. I remember I remember asking that person, like, why is this important to you?

Like, why do you want to help them? And they were like, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And like the passion just came out and the care for this specific, the. Another person when I presented. So just quick context, are we listening? Like, so I, I did a, a Q a live Q and a for, for Neill’s group last week when I’m recording this. And I remember one person in there has this amazing idea. She, her offer is amazing and they lacked some confidence in that. I was like, wait, I want to buy.

You know, and you were like, I know I wouldn’t to buy it. And so you were, you said to them, you were like, see, you got two customers right here already.


[00:23:28] Neill:

[00:23:29] Rick:

And, and they were like, well, I don’t know how to get in front of my audience. And you were like, whoa, wait a minute. And then you rattled off like four different ways that this person could get in front of their exact audience.

Talk a little bit more about that because you bring this extra set of eyes. And again, it’s like the fish, like the fishbowl, like we’re in the water. We cannot, we can’t really see because we’re so close to stuff.

[00:23:57] Neill:

[00:23:58] Rick:
How do you pull that out for, for, for.

[00:24:01] Neill:

I think it’s really a matter of, like, I realize I’ve been doing this work for quite some time now. So for me, it’s so clear and so easy for me to see. Like how it would be easy to get in front of your people, whether it be organic traffic, which was what was very apparent to me, just understanding the niche that she was in. she literally has like a thousand customers, like at the ready, like at the fingertip. she just couldn’t see it because she was thinking about organic traffic is like, like I have a big social media following or something. She was like, I had a very narrow definition of what that was. And I, that’s why I think it’s so important to have a co.

That is able to deliver high level coaching because by just like what you said, you can’t see what you can’t see. And that’s the reason why you want to have a coach. Not only do you want to have like a system and a process and a framework that’s amazing, but also you want to have a coach that is going to challenge you and point out where like your limiting thoughts are to help you kind of like open up and see what is possible for you.

So I think that’s the other piece. That’s what I think is amazing about Accelerator as well. You get both right. Just at this very high level with these other entrepreneurs who are like killing it quite honestly in business. so yeah, I think that’s the other important piece.

[00:25:22] Rick:
So let’s use the example of like, we keep mentioning your, your group, right? This, your, your program, it’s called 10 K and 10 hours, which when I first heard that name, I was like, that’s brilliant. But I think. Your, your creating this offer and how you created this offer is a perfect sort of case study of exactly what you’re talking about here. So where did this, like, talk about that? Like, where did this come about? Because when, so if somebody is in sort of that phase in creating their business that you’re talking about, or even a little bit further along to they’ve chosen their, their niche and like trying to figure things out well, You had chosen your niche and then you created this offer as a result of the work that you’re teaching in the.

[00:26:12] Neill:
Yeah. I just have gotten really good at identifying, what people are struggling with. And I think that’s part of like my coach brain just goes out into the world and I kind of like see the world that way. And so, because I see it through that lens, it’s very easy for me to see. What someone wants, what dream they want to achieve, what problem they would like to solve.

And I just started, like, I had a couple of coaches in my community and I just had this really intense desire to help them create the businesses that they wanted. And I was like, okay, if I was going to do this. Like, what are they struggling with and how do I solve it for them? And I just came up with this whole idea and I just pitched it to them.

And then like, kind of like, I didn’t expect it to happen the way that it did, but I told like two of them, they told a couple of their friends, like automatically, I was like sold like seven spots in like two days with no email posts, no social media posts. Like nobody like literally didn’t market it at all.

I told like two people and they were so excited about. And I knew that they would be because I knew where they were at. I knew what their challenges were. I had already been there. I know the problems intimately. And I was like, okay, this is, I know exactly how to solve this for them. And that’s how I went about.

And I made that offer to them and I created it for them. It’s very specialized to the coach who is doing their business and a part-time.

[00:27:35] Rick:
Yeah, I love that because yes, you’ve been in business for a little while at that point. For a couple of years at that point already doing well on your business. However, the principles of what you did in order to be successful in that are exactly what you teach in. We’re getting super meta right now and not Facebook in the program, right?

Like it’s like, oh, I was listening to the people that I want to serve, figuring out how I can help them based on what their needs are, what they’re struggling with and created this offer based on. What I was, what I knew that they needed help with created this offer you kind of like, you know, formulated the offer where you calling it 10 K and 10 hours at that

[00:28:23] Neill:
Yeah I was. Yeah. Like I came up with that name almost like in the shower. Listen to me. I like

[00:28:29] Rick:
Of course that’s where you come up with the best ideas.

[00:28:32] Neill:
Running the airplane. That’s where all my ideas come from.

[00:28:35] Rick:
So like that is like, I mean, it’s, it’s an amazing name because it’s so descriptive of what you help people do and what the offer is all about.

So created the offer, created the name right off the bat, and then you’re like, Hey, this is, you know, I have this now, this is how I want to help you. And this is the benefit.

This is the result that I’m going to help you.

And they’re like, holy cow and they sell, they tell other people, and then you tell two people and all of a sudden you have seven sales

[00:29:03] Neill:
It’s like what is happening

[00:29:05] Rick:
Offer creation.

[00:29:06] Neill:
It really is like, I’ve never had that experience before the. It was like so much value was created inside of that, because I was thinking about what they needed, what they really wanted and what was holding them back from getting what they wanted. And me just solving that for them, like so valuable.

Right. For someone to just hand you the solution to something you’re like, literally I’ve been struggling with this for like a year. I’ve been a coach certified for two years, gone nowhere with my. And here’s this thing that is like solving all the reasons why I wasn’t able to do that so much value in that. And I think that’s why it was so easy to sell.

[00:29:43] Rick:
Super relevant. Again, the lessons here super relevant for people who are just starting out or comes to mind. I was on a call yesterday with somebody who’s interested in Accelerator and. They were looking at their feeling like, oh, maybe I’ve tapped out my market. And we got super clear on that market based, you know, kind of like we’re talking about here, but then, you know, it’s that offer creation of asking the exact same questions that you just mentioned.

Neill is like knowing the target customer, what are their problems? Are there other things that I could be offering to them or creating offer around. That could solve this other problem that they have, or an additional problem.

So again, just starting out or somebody in this person was already doing a couple hundred thousand dollars of business in a year in their business.

So it works on both, you know, different levels of the, of the of the business.

[00:30:41] Neill:
Yeah And to speak to that, I actually took, I had been doing this process a little bit with some private one-on-one clients. cause I have a lot of entrepreneur clients and we did this inside of her business for, a launch that was coming up and. I knew inside my heart, like we had nailed it.

Like I knew for sure she was going to get amazing results from this, just because of like the way that we had crafted it and that we knew her person and exactly the problems they’re solving, what they wanted very intimately. And she messaged me on Instagram, on cart close day, and I think they sold 1,328 memberships and her previous one, they had sold eight.

So it was like this giant leap because of the work that we had done and really, really thinking about the offer and really having her person in mind, like, what is it that they actually want and how do I solve all the obstacles that are in their way of getting there?

[00:31:35] Rick:

I love it. 10 K 10 hours it’s cohort style, correct. Where people it’s cohort, meaning like you start at a certain time and the group goes through and end at a certain time.

You have a cohort starting in March and this month. Correct.

[00:31:53] Neill:
March, 2022.

[00:31:54] Rick:

So when, tell us more about that How can people like who’s specifically, you know, early stage, very early stage.

Again, knows their niche, but now looking to create a business out of this has a lot going on in their business, but you’re saying, Hey, you know what? I’m going to teach you how to do this. Create an amazing business for yourself in 10 hours.

[00:32:17] Neill:
Yeah. So you don’t have to have picked your niche yet. That is like one of the, so I offer a new strategy call

To make sure that you do have your niche. and one that I think, you know, makes sense that it will work. And it’s kind of like the prerequisite to get into 10 K and 10 hours is that you go through that new strategy call to make sure that I’m comfortable with the niche that you have that I think like, based on the knowledge that I have, that it will work or it’s at least a good starting place for us. so yeah, if, if you’re interested, that would be the first place to start would be to book that the strategy call.

And let’s dial that in and talk about your niche and we’ll also talk about your price and then the next piece is. In 10 K and 10 hours creating your offer, validating it and creating systems behind that.

[00:33:01] Rick:
And the right to sell it.

[00:33:04] Neill:
Yeah, totally. No, you’re for sure. Going to sell it. That’s the whole idea is getting the offer ready and it to be able to like get it to the point where it actually makes money for you.

[00:33:15] Rick:
Yeah. I love it. I love this offer. I love it so much.

I tell you when, when you first told me the name of it, I was like, oh, that’s brilliant. I wish I thought of that. where can people book a call? I get, what do you call it? A niche. the strategy call.

[00:33:36] Neill:
Trying to overcome that. Yeah

[00:33:38] Rick:
Where do they call? Where do they, or do they book a nice drama, a strategy call with you?

Where do you want them to go

[00:33:44] Neill:
So they can just go to my website, www.Neillwilliams.com and they can grab their call.

[00:33:51] Rick:
On there? Okay.

Cool. Neill is N E I L L. Williams. W I L L I a M s.com. I’ll link it up in the show notes for the episode here today. Now, if people are listening to this after March and they’re like, wait, wait, wait, I want this, but I

[00:34:09] Neill:

[00:34:10] Rick:
March. What would you, what can they.

[00:34:12] Neill:
So I would say book your new strategy call let’s get on the call and get that figured out and then we’ll make the plan to get. To get you into the next cohort and kind of what we can be doing to work together in the meantime, before that cohort starts to keep you moving forward so that you’re not stalling

[00:34:29] Rick:
Awesome. So regardless book the new strategy.

[00:34:33] Neill:

[00:34:34] Rick:
Awesome. Neillwilliams.com. I will link it up in the show notes for today’s episode.

By the way, for everybody listening, Neill’s going to be much more regular here on the show. because there’s a wealth of knowledge here. As you can tell, I go to her with stuff I need help with.

She’s a big part of our Accelerator coaching program as a coach. She coaches on everything, from the type of stuff that we’ve been talking about here today on a more advanced level, but also productivity, time management, business mindset, money mindset, all that stuff.

[00:35:10] Neill:

[00:35:12] Rick:
All the things.

Thank you. So good to see you. I appreciate you coming back.

[00:35:17] Neill:
Thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here.

[00:35:19] Rick:
Alright. I Hope you got a lot out of that episode with Neill Williams. She’s going to be on the show a lot more going forward, which I’m really excited about.

During the episode here today we talked about my Accelerator coaching program. We mentioned it a few times.

This is for established online course creators, or online coaches, or maybe you’re a teacher entrepreneur. By established, I mean you’re already generating at least 8 to 10K per month in revenue from your online business. You’re looking to scale. You’re looking to take things to the next level, but you’re not sure what to do in order to achieve the things that you’re really looking to achieve.

You’re likely feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you’re burnt out or heading towards burnout. You’re probably doing all the things. You want to build a team. You want to optimize your sales and marketing, your systems and processes, your mindset. Those are all things we help you do inside of Accelerator, so you can increase your profit, increase your impact, with less hustle.

If you want to learn more and apply—it’s application only—we’re having open enrollment right now. If you want to go over to RickMulready.com/Accelerator, that’s where you can learn more and apply right there.

Thank you, my friend, as always, for tuning in today. Super appreciate you. I’ll see you right back here for the next episode.

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