How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube Ads with Jake Larsen

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#8: How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube Ads with Jake Larsen

January 22, 2015


Jake Larsen YouTube

Today I’m talking YouTube ads with Jake Larsen. According to a lot of people I’ve talked to, Jake’s one of the foremost experts in the world when it comes to YouTube ads.

And after you hear him today, I’m sure you’ll agree.

In fact, when I was planning out this first mini-series on YouTube ads and I was asking around for who I should invite on, Jake’s name came up every time.  Jake is pretty much synonymous with YouTube advertising.  He’s the real deal and I’m stoked that he’s joining me on the show today.

Jake has had such great success advertising for companies on YouTube that Google asked him to become a YouTube Marketing Ambassador, an invitation that only 10 companies in the world received.

It was at that point he quit his day job to focus full time on YouTube advertising, starting his own video production and advertising agency called Video Power Marketing.

In this Episode With Jake, You’ll Learn

  • Tricks for how to create YouTube ads that drive targeted traffic and conversions for FREE
  • Best practices for landing pages to use for your YouTube ads
  • What to say in your YouTube ads so you can weed out and speak ONLY to your exact target customers
  • When being in front of the camera in your ad or talking over Powerpoint or Keynote slides is most effective

This episode is chock full of strategies that you can start testing as soon as you’re done listening.

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