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#73: YouTube Ad Strategies Working Right Now with Ryan Masters

On today’s episode of the Art of Paid Traffic, I welcome back my friend and previous guest, Ryan Masters, this time to talk about YouTube ads.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests to cover YouTube ads again because it’s been quite a while since we’ve covered it.

Ryan is all about keeping paid traffic simple and his expertise is in Google AdWords, which is what we talked about the last time I had him on (in episode #28).

Over the last few years as AdWords has gotten more expensive and competitive, though, he’s branched into other forms of paid traffic including Facebook and YouTube ads.

He’s also the traffic guy behind one of the grandfathers of PPC, Perry Marshall, who is also a previous guest here on the show (episode #27).

Today, Ryan covers 3 paid YouTube traffic strategies that are crushing it right now…

And we also start off with an interesting conversation about how to decide if paid traffic is right for where you’re at in your business.

Video Version Of My Interview with Ryan

Sample Proven Video Ad Script

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