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#23: What Businesses Should & Shouldn’t Be Using YouTube Ads with Tommie Powers

March 24, 2015

Today we’re going to talk about YouTube ads again, this time about things like who should and shouldn’t be doing YouTube ads and best practices for what you should do right when you’re starting with YouTube ads.

You might have noticed that I’ve spent several episodes already on YouTube ads.  Well, it’s because they’re a huge opportunity that people are just now starting to take notice of.  I don’t know, maybe that means I shouldn’t be sharing things about them! 🙂

To talk to us today about YouTube ads I’ve asked Tommie Powers, who was my guest back on episode 11 where we talked about how to measure your ROI from your sales funnel, to join me again for today’s episode.

Tommie knows YouTube ads really well, he’s been doing them forever, and he was one of the small group of people who were recommended to me when I went looking for the world’s foremost experts on YouTube advertising to have on the show.

He’s affectionately known as “Tommie Traffic” because he specializes in online lead generation and conversion & optimization. He’s been in the digital marketing space for over 15 years and he REALLY knows his stuff.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • What types of people should be using YouTube ads and what people should NOT be.
  • Tommie shares one YouTube ads strategy that a lot of people might not know about.
  • How to get free clicks from your YouTube ads.
  • Should you be in front of the camera for your YouTube ads or are other formats OK?
  • How consistency of how you present your offer within your sales funnel can affect sales.
  • He talks about one of his clients who runs a video sales letter on YouTube that’s over an hour long and the video CRUSHES it (he even shares what makes it so effective).
  • How to get over what Tommie sees as the biggest obstacle to getting started with YouTube ads.
  • Best practices for testing your ads so it’s not an overwhelming experience when you’re first starting out.

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I also want to let you know about something brand new I’m starting here on the podcast.

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This is a service that I normally charge $197 for so if you’d like to win one, head over to iTunes, leave an honest rating and review of the show, and then email me at support@rickmulready.com with a screenshot of your review and I’ll be selecting one at random each week.

Thanks so much, in advance.

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Links & Resources Mentioned in this Episode

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Tommie’s website tommiepowers.com and fan page facebook.com/tommiepowersdotcom

Rick’s Facebook Ads flagship training: The FB ADvantage: Automated Facebook Ads Made Simple

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