#87: How to Avoid 3 Sales Funnel Mistakes That are Killing Your Profits - Rick Mulready

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#87: How to Avoid 3 Sales Funnel Mistakes That are Killing Your Profits

June 1, 2016

Do you know the specific metrics you should be tracking in your sales funnels?

And if you’re aware of your numbers, are you using them to gain actionable insights about your business?

In this episode of The Art of Paid Traffic, FunnelDash founder Zach Johnson joins me to talk about how to avoid 3 sales funnel mistakes that are killing your profits.

Zach’s all about helping online marketers and entrepreneurs become more data-driven, taking the guesswork out of growing their business.

Our talk covers all the bases when it comes to tracking the right metrics in your funnels and how your numbers can make a world of difference when making your most important marketing decisions for your business.

Zach’s a super smart dude when it comes to all this as he’s been in the online marketing space for over 7 years. Before founding FunnelDash, he spent years optimizing sales funnels and customer acquisition efforts for companies like LeadPages and Ontraport.

I have no doubt that this episode will take your sales funnels to a whole new level and give you simple, actionable tips for strategically growing your business.

On Today’s Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How Zach saved a client who was wasting $25K per month tracking the wrong metrics
  • The data-driven marketing strategies that Zach says were the foundation for starting FunnelDash
  • The 3 biggest marketing blunders people make when it comes to evaluating actionable insights in their business
  • Which unexpected numbers are actually vanity metrics and why you might be spending too much time tracking them
  • Where you could be missing the mark when it comes to educated decision-making in your business
  • How doubling down on data can drive consistent, predictable results in your business
  • The ‘funnel stacking’ method for generating more revenue and increasing your CLV
  • What Brad Pitt and marketing attribution have in common
  • Zach’s take on why he believes dashboards are the future of online advertising
  • And a lot more…

Plus, you can get access to an exclusive action sheet I put together just for today’s episode.

This PDF takes you through immediate actions you can take to avoid the top 3 marketing blunders most businesses are making.

Taking these actions will help you experience more precision, clarity and confidence in your marketing decisions.

To download your Action Sheet just text AOPT87 to 44222.

Or, you can also download the action sheet by clicking the image below:


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