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#83: How to Create High Converting Instagram Ads

On the show today we're talking about a topic everyone's been asking about -- Instagram Ads.  And joining me to talk some IG ads is Ethan Sigmon from Social Insight. I ran a bunch of Instagram ads during my recent re-launch for The FB ADvantage and they actually performed well for me. And one thing I found interesting was the ads that performed better were from warm traffic.  Not that this was a super surprise but the cold traffic ads were really bad. I’ve heard about similar results from several people over the past few months but as you’ll hear today, Ethan shares his own results when it comes to targeting cold and warm traffic on Instagram. We also get into the size and types of images that are getting the best results with Instagram ads.

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How To Write Copy Like the Pros: 23 Copywriting Tips From Today’s Experts

Let's be honest… Copy isn’t easy. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. But here’s what I’ve come to realize: If you want to write great copy, you have to learn from great copywriters. When I was creating The Art Of Paid Traffic podcast, I selfishly went after today’s best copywriters to come on the show so that I could learn and bring you valuable content along the way. My biggest takeaway? Writing copy for ads is very different than writing copy for email, ads, and sales pages… … there’s an art for each one. In this article, you're going to get tips for making this a whole lot easier from some of today’s best copywriters.

4 Facebook Ad Mistakes that Are Losing You Money

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