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#158: Gmail Ads! How to Get Targeted, Cost-Effective Traffic with this Little Known Strategy with Charles Kirkland

We’ve been talking a lot about Facebook ads on the podcast lately, so we’re going to change things up today and talk about another interesting traffic strategy: Gmail ads. And joining me to share his knowledge is Charles Kirkland who was a guest here on The Art of Paid Traffic way back on episode 21. Charles is the founder of and he’s a very smart dude when it comes to all things paid traffic.

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Strategy Sessions: Facebook Ads for a Security Company with Jeri De Martini

This is another bonus Strategy Sessions episode where I’m going to take you inside a Facebook ads strategy call with one of my students. This is a call with Jeri De Martini who owns a local commercial and residential security company, called JadTec Security Services. They’re in Southern California but serve clients all over the US. This strategy call focuses on how she can use Facebook ads to get more leads for her sales team so they can continue growing their business. We also talk about how they can leverage their existing client list to increase their business, offers to test, and also their ad copy.

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