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#37: How to Create a Simple, Effective Social Media Sales Funnel for your Business with Amy Porterfield

Today I’ve got one of my closest friends joining me, Amy Porterfield, to talk about social media sales funnels. We’ve been talking a lot lately about sales funnels here on the podcast, like with Russell Brunson in episode 29 and Jody Underhill in episode 33, and I realize many of these conversations have been more advanced. So I wanted to take a step back and cover sales funnels more for the beginner. Amy’s been focusing much of her efforts on such strategies lately. So if you’re just starting out, maybe you’re just now getting your product together, this episode is for you.

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How Jimmy Fallon Sucked Me Into U2’s Sales Funnel

On Saturday, a friend of mine shared a video on Facebook of a recent “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” segment. The video shows the band U2 dressing up in disguises and playing a short impromptu concert in New York’s Grand Central subway station last week. People just walked by, oblivious to the fact that one of the biggest rock bands of all time was playing right in front of them. After a song or two, they took off their disguises and Jimmy Fallon, who was also in disguise, announced that it was U2 who was playing and to come gather around.

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