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#155: 3 Big Facebook Ads Updates (You Should Know About)

For most people, change can be hard! If you’re doing Facebook ads, you’ve got to be able to roll with the changes and on today’s episode, I’ll be talking about three big ones that came into effect recently. They are:
  • The merger of Ads Manager and Power Editor into one combined tool
  • New targeting updates -- no more Job Title and education targeting…
  • And I also give my perspective on what’s happening with all of the accounts being flagged and shut down…

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Strategy Sessions: Improving Facebook Ads Targeting, Relevance Score & More with Liat Siegel

This is another bonus Strategy Sessions episode where I’m going to take you inside a Facebook ads strategy call with one of my students. This is a call with Liat Siegel who is an interior designer working with local and residential design, commercial design, she also helps real estate agents with staging, and she’s also working towards working with boutique hotels on improving their interior design. This strategy call focuses on how she’s trying to use Facebook ads to reach real estate agents to give them value around staging homes that they have for sale.

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