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The online business basics you can't Google.

 The podcast that gives you actionable steps, practical tips, and simple strategy (and one too many dad stories). Saving you hours of late-night searching, “how to build a funnel.” 

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optimize your


optimize your


optimize your


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You follow all the gurus, buy all. the. courses, invest in the sexy software, read the 73 Habits of Highly Successful People during your Peloton ride every morning…

and STILL stay as stuck as the food stains in the back of your minivan. 

The world has changed & online marketing is no exception.

But if you don’t know what you don’t know, your only option is to cross your fingers & hope your cat videos go viral so you can finally have the internet fame you’ve been waiting for.

You’ve got no shortage of ideas when you’re trying to add more zeros to your revenue...

But ideas without a vision are just fun notes on a Trello card. 

No matter how successful your online business is, when you're scaling & making an impact in today’s market, the lather, rinse, repeat strategy leads to burnout...


Because more of what you did yesterday won’t get you more of what you want tomorrow.

You don’t need more FB Ads, more launches, more offers, more podcasts, more conferences, more followers, more funnels, more praying to Oprah, more firewalks, rain dances & sage burning…
(believe me, I’ve done them all)

of testing and scaling everything invented under the online marketing sun, I’ve learned:


Finding the 20% of things in your business that gives you 80% of your success 

verb op·​ti·​mize |

There’s no magic-wand-disguised-as-a-course that will scale your business for you if you haven’t taken the time to optimize it. 

I’m talking, a deep dive into your systems, sales & mindset, looking at your numbers, and using the data to SIMPLIFY. 

Because I’m all about helping you do less.

When you understand the fundamental principles of your business (your mindset, sales, and time) & dig into your numbers, you can scale the parts of your business that work, eliminate the things that don’t. And hit 7-figures while working 25-30 hours a week. 

I’ve made 7-figures working 130 hours a week.

And I’ve made 7-figures working 25 hours a week.

Believe me, the latter is so. much. better. (and leaves time for me to chase my toddler, Maya around the house.)

Getting your business off the struggle bus (which seems to have broken down in the middle of nowhere) and on the path to consistent 5 & 6 figure months takes less, not more.

- gloria chou

He really stands by his values and is actively investing in diversity - from the speakers he brings on, new members he's attracting, and the types of people he has on as podcast guest.

"Rick is someone that is actively trying to make the online space more inclusive and diverse."


When I started in the program I was making $5k, 10k on a really good month. We just wrapped up our launch and hit almost 6 figures from $7k in ads.

"I've made more money and impact than I ever thought was possible."

- Travis Albritton

If you are considering working from Rick, go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by working with Rick.

“I learned more in 90 minutes with Rick than I did in more than 2 years on my own.”

 - Ashley Shaw

It’s the difference between being amateurs and crossing our fingers hoping this online business thing would stick to actually going pro and month-over-month seeing improvements, and not just a one-hit-wonder.

"The growth that we’ve seen working with Rick is actually a little bit indescribable."

The one thing that saved my business (and my relationships, my health, and, oh yeah, my sanity) was SIMPLIFICATION. 

I’m the East Coast guy raising a family in San Diego who went from a total workaholic, depressed entrepreneur ready to give it ALL up (because what’s the point of the climb if you can’t enjoy it?)
...to the CEO of a small-but-mighty 7-figure online business that gives me the freedom to be the dad & husband I want to be.

Only 10 years ago I was doing the corporate hustle, which turned into the entrepreneur hustle, which turned into a 7-figure business in 4 years...which, ummmmmm...almost destroyed me.

I’ve taught thousands of online entrepreneurs to optimize the foundations of their business so they can run after their 6 and 7-figure goals through sustainable & profitable systems. Helping them live fully aligned with their values & priorities.

{Also, I have a thing for thrashy metal music, good coffee (two shots of espresso with a dash of water from James Coffee in my favorite mug from the Bozeman, Montana), and hockey – Go Caps!}

so you can make more & work less

I help you skyrocket your business to multiple 6, and 7, figures with direction, focus, & vision (and a whole lotta fun)

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